Imagine Project: Lorraine to visit

Imagine Project: Lorraine to visit at Pentecost 2011

You will no doubted to be delighted to hear that Lorraine, our dear friend from the Imagine project, will be coming to see us on Sunday, June 12th. She will have with her Rebekah, a young relative and volunteer with Imagine, and Celio, a Mozambiquan and long-time worker with the project. It will not only be a great pleasure to welcome them (and see Lorraine again), but this gives us a tremendous opportunity to introduce the work of Imagine to our ecumenical partners and neighbours.

The plan is for them to come to and evening service at St Mary’s, which is a North West churches combined service. The service will have an African feel and will focus on Imagine’s work.  We shall hear from our visitors at the service, and of course there will be a chance to chat and meet informally over drinks and refreshments afterwards.

The Second Sunday of June is usually designated as ‘Imagine Sunday’ by us, so it is truly fitting that Lorraine can visit us that day, albeit in the evening. Do please remember your ‘Dinner Money’ either in the morning, or the evening, but at the evening service we will make a special collection of Dinner Money envelopes and any other donations folk bring.

And of course, we must not forget that the 12th June is Pentecost – the day on which we celebrate the coming of the Spirit, who dwells with us still. Pentecost is often thought of as the Birthday of the Church, and so what better present could we have here than a visit from Lorraine, and what better excuse for a ‘Birthday’ party.

I look forward to seeing you there!