Christmas Eve ~ Christmas Tweets

The First Christmas CardChristmas Eve ~ Christmas TweetsLet me take you back to 1843, the year Christmas was invented…The first 2050 Christmas cards were landing on doormats. They had cost a shilling each, and had been sent using the Penny Post, introduced only three years earlier. Nowadays the stamp costs more than the card, but in 1843, the card was … Read More

St Mary Magdalene is Now on Twitter

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St Mary Magdalene’s is now on Twitter. In time for Christmas, we have signed up with Twitter. Sign up now! @stmarysenfield will bring you all the latest titbits and info.

2011 Toy Service

Our customary pre-Christmas Family Service took place on Sunday 11th December. The Cubs and beavers were out in force, and the Sunday School performed a Nativity Play – ‘A Christmas to Believe in’, put together by Katy Smart, Bella and Elise Horlick and Hannah Elphick. It was brilliantly done and much appreciated. Rory Thorndyke and Eleanor Pritchard co-ordinated the band … Read More

O Come, O come, Emmanuel!

‘O’ AntiphonsO Come, O come, Emmanuel!Got any ‘O’s? No, not ‘O’s, ‘O’s! So says Ronnie Barker in that immortal, voted funniest sketch ever from the Two Ronnies of 1976. Yes – 1976. And, yes actually, I have got some ‘O’s. Seven ‘O’s in fact. And great ‘O’s they are too. No, not two ‘O’s – seven ‘O’s. And yes, I … Read More