Open House Weekend

2012 OpenhouseWe opened our doors for ‘London Open House’ on the weekend of 22/23 September 2012.

137 people came to see us as we opened our doors for London’s Open House’ Weekend. Many came to see the newly restored chancel ceiling and walls, and they came from all over Essex and London. And some came from the past – people who had worshipped with us as children and moved away. So we not only showed some visitors part of our history, some of our visitors told us about ours!

2012 OpenhouseSouvenir pens, DVDs of the Restoration and guide books were on sale and tea and coffee was served throughout. Only a few people actually signed the guest book, but were very complimentary. About a dozen volunteers helped ‘man’ the day, providing a warm welcome in mixed weather (a lovely sunny day on Saturday, pouring with rain on Sunday!). It was very enjoyable for everyone, and lovely so see and meet do many interested and enthusiastic people.