Pilgrimage to Jordan

Here is a photo album from our pilgrimage to Jordan, led by The Rev’d Gordon Giles. Below is the itinerary of the Pilgrimage

A Spiritual Journey through Jordan with the Revd Gordon Giles

27th October – 3rd November 2012
“This pilgrimage to Jordan provides the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of Jordanian and Arab culture. We shall be able to reflect together on parts of the Biblical story from both the Old Testament and the ministry of Jesus. A highlight is Petra but we shall discover and experience so much more.

Jordan is McCabe’s favourite destination, not least because of the hospitality of its people. We look forward to sharing with you the pleasures of this marvellous country. We hope that you will join us!”

Daily Programme

Saturday, 27th October: Journey to Jordan
We fly from London Heathrow to Amman. Our British Midland flight BD9I3 leases London Heathrow at 12:50 hours and arrives into Amman at 20:15 hours. We then transfer to the Regency Palace Hotel in the city of Amman for a three-night stay.

Monday: Mount Nebo and Madaba
We drive to Mount Nebo to visit the Franciscan church and celebrate Holy Communion on the mountain where Moses viewed the Promised Land. If we have a clear day then we will have wonderful views over the Jordan Valley to Jericho and perhaps even see Jerusalem. We then drive south to see the mosaic map of the Holy Land on the floor of St George’s Church tn Madaba. We have a late lunch in the Haret Jdudnajh restaurant. We return to Amman (biblical Philadelphia) and spend time at the Citadel which offers views over the city. We also visit the amphitheatre and the Folklore Museum of Amman and the Museum of Popular Traditions.

Sunday: Cities of the Decapolis
We leave Amman and drive to the neighbouring village of Salt, where we call at the Anglican-run Holy Land Institute for the Deaf. We then continue north and to the Jabbok River, where we recall the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. Lunch is at the Lebanese Restaurant. In the afternoon we spend time at the spectacular Roman site of Jerash, the best preserved of all the Decapolis cities. We tour the ruins of the site including the oval forum, the colonnaded street and the theatre.

Tuesday: Machaerus, Umm el-Rassas and Kerak
We drive to Machaerus, a fortress of Herod the Great’s situated atop a steep mountain. We continue to Umm el-Rassas, including the Church of St Stephen. We then drive down the Desert Highway to Kerak Crusader castle where we have a late lunch at the King’s Castle restaurant. After visiting the castle, we journey on to Petra where we will stay for two nights at the Taybet Zaman hotel. Taybet Zaman is a former Bedouin village now converted into a boutique style hotel and an innovative concept in hotel accommodation.

Wednesday: The City of Petra
Petra’s fame is well deserved and you will be struck by the scale of the site and the extraordinary beauty of the rock-cut tombs and temples. At the time of Jesus, Petra was a magnificent Nabatean city of enormous wealth and its leaders controlled much of the trade that passed through the region. We enter Petra through the Siq on foot and then suddenly stand before the rock-cut Treasury, hewn out of the red sandstone. We spend the entire day here and visit many of the breathtaking monuments, including some of the Royal Tombs and the Roman amphitheatre. We lunch in the Basin Restaurant within the site. There will be an optional walk to the Monastery for the fit!

Thursday: Wadi Rhum
We drive south to visit Wadi Rhum which was made famous by its associations with Lawrence of Arabia. We take jeeps into the desert and enjoy a Bedouin style lunch. We then drive north to the Dead Sea for a two night stay on the Dead Sea shore at the Jordan Valley Marriott Hotel.

Friday: The Dead Sea
This morning we visit Bethany beyond the Jordan, a wonderfully evocative site on the banks of the River Jordan (Holy Communion). Here John baptised Jesus. We return to the hotel for lunch and the afternoon is free to enjoy a float in the Dead Sea.

Saturday 3rd November Homeward Bound
Leavinging the Dead Sea we return to Amman and the Queen Alia International Airport. We then take our onward flight to London Heathrow. British Midland flight BD9I2 departs at 0805 hours and arrives at 1200 hours.