Drama Group’s Macbeth

Macbeth ensemble DSC00251

A couple of weeks ago we had a triumphant performance of Handel’s Messiah – one of the greatest works of music ever written, and a great joy to hear it under our roof. And then, hot on its heels came another amazing achievement directed by Rachel Moon as the Drama Group presented Macbeth – one of the greatest plays ever written. It’s probably Shakespeare’s most famous and best known play, combining fact and fiction in a blend which raises questions about the supernatural, about witchcraft, about ambition, loyalty, honour, evil and betrayal. I must say I was very proud of our Drama Group that first weekend in July, and I’m sure you too were spellbound by the strong characterisations, the enthusiasm and authenticity of the acting and were filled with admiration for the energy and success of the whole venture.

Derek Parr as Macbeth and Chris Moon as Banquo, Colin Guthrie as Malcolm and Michael Appleby as Macduff, were worthy of a London stage. I shall never forget his chilling portrayal of Macduff on hearing that his family had been murdered. Our resident witches, Joan Yates, Rachel Moon and Jayne Buckland were terrifyingly realistic, and Alison Reeve as Lady Macbeth was utterly convincing as were the boozy, lecherous porter, Ivan Moody and Michael Dixon’s regal Duncan and Vic Harrington’s Thane of Ross. The attack on Banquo scene was a wonderful cameo for Maria Giles as Fleance and Colin Gibbens and Joy Heywood as murderous rogues, while David Bird and Sue Gooch and Cristyn Williams had gentler roles as doctor and servants. It was a performance to celebrate, remember and look back on with a great deal of satisfaction.

Gordon Giles