Magazine January 2016


Parish Magazine ~ January 2016

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

Happy New year! Christmas is not over though, indeed it has barely begun, and the month of January encompasses the Christmas Season, which evolves into Epiphanytide, taking us to Candlemas on February 2nd.

Perhaps you remember the Christmas adverts, some of which I talked about in my Christmas sermons this year. The John Lewis one was perhaps the most striking, in which there is a man on the moon separated from earth by a great distance. He is given a telescope, with which to bring the world nearer. You may be amused or interested to know that since that advert first aired in early December, John Lewis are reporting a 412% percent increase in telescope sales! Now you know as a well as I do, that that means for every one they sold before they have now sold four. So that’s four telescopes sold then! Statistics are all relative. But I doubt it was actually John Lewis’ intention to sell telescopes on the back of their advert. But remember that telescopes work in two directions, and it is vital that you look through them the right way. The wrong way round they put things further away, rather than closer. The obscure, but profound Second World war poet, Keith Douglas, who was killed in Normandy in 1943, wrote a poem entitled ‘Simplify me when I’m dead’ in which he writes:

Time’s wrong-way telescope will show
a minute man ten years hence
and by distance simplified.

This is what the reversed John Lewis telescope can do - it can focus on and increase distance and separation. But it can also give perspective on what is important and significant, helping us discern the truth behind the tinsel. Keith Douglas goes on to write:

Through that lens see if I seem
substance or nothing: of the world
deserving mention or charitable oblivion,

Distance gives perspective and perspective yields truth and honesty. But St John reminds us that in Christ God comes near, he is the same size as us, the same humanity as us, the same flesh and blood. Flesh made Word, and blood made wine. Or rather, turning the telescope the other way round, he is Word made flesh and wine made blood. We read him in Scripture, know him in our World and receive him in bread and wine. This is the perspective we need - the truth we need to be brought near to.

This is what Christmas really means. Incarnation - the Word made flesh, the Word that is light - light of the world - for God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all. And if you think about what a telescope really is, it is an instrument of light. All it does is let in light, amplify and magnify it. And that is what enables us to truly see. And we see that God is with us - we have seen him and beheld his glory. We don't need a telescope. All those folk who have bought telescopes have wasted their money! For in the Word made flesh, we have been given a great gift -Jesus Christ, Son of God and Saviour of the World, brought near, that he may dwell in us and we in him.


New Address…

Dear Friends, as from the 4th December our new address is:

Oaklands Rise
52 Waverley Road
Enfield EN2 7AQ

Our email addresses and telephone number will remain the same.

We would like to thank you all for your help, support and prayers especially over the last months and on the actual day of our ‘moving’; we have been overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, cards and kindness, it has been so much appreciated. We would also like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful New Year 2016.

Les and Jackie Fish

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

Festive Fair

An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to make the Festive Fair such a success this year. The huge investment of time, effort and enthusiasm from the small band of stall holders created a wonderful atmosphere of fun and fellowship. Thank you also to those who came and supported us over the weekend. Together we managed to raise a fantastic £970, which rose to £1000 a few days later!

Once again, THANK YOU for your generosity,

Alison Reeve

Carol Singing

Well done and thank you to everyone who helped sing carols this year. We were collecting for the Noah’s Ark Hospice in Barnet and raised money as follows:

Enfield Golf Club £421.80
Enfield Chase Station £285.32
Drama Group Singing (in the pouring rain!) £143
Amesbury Court £100
Forty Hall Carols £90.75
Enfield Market Square £97.13

Total £1138

Also we sang at Winchmore Hill Sainsbury’s and raised £400 for the local Night Shelter. Merryhills School raised £320.05 for Great Ormond Street Hospital in our church, and Simon Gilbert’s ‘Let the People Sing’ concert raised £216 for the North London Hospice.

So this was a tremendous fundraising for charity effort this year, meaning that in December we raised a grand total of £2074.05 for charity. WELL DONE!!!

Gordon Giles

Coffee Morning

We were glad to see so many of you at our coffee morning in November. This was the last effort for our friends in Mozambique and we are pleased to say it resulted in the grand total of £225 (not including gift aid). So thank you to everyone who came and also those who gave a donation.

We look forward to the next coffee morning for the Church organ fund.

June and Ron Carr

Rita’s Coffee Morning

Wow - what a fantastic turnout - it was so lovely to welcome 39 people to this event in aid of the church organ fund. We had mince pies, cake, coffee, sherry, huge raffle and we sang lovely carols accompanied by Eleanor on keyboard and Gordon on flute. We raised £350 and there will be an additional £65 tax rebate making £415 in all so a big thank you to everyone who came along and gave so generously.

I am in the process of arranging a new rota for monthly coffee mornings and hope this will be sorted out soon.

Happy New Year to all.

Rita Barker

Bell Ringers Required at St. Mary's

We practice Tuesday evenings 7.45pm - 9.00pm
We ring Sunday mornings for the service (main reason to learn)
We ring for Weddings, Funerals and special occasions and get paid for some.
We go on day outings and weekend outings to ring at other churches
It also helps to keep us fit and healthy, good exercise.


Can I ring a Church bell? Of course you can, with a little help. It takes a few weeks training to be "on your own" but, the pleasures you have, will be many.

For 400 years church bells have been ringing all over the world, well, the UK maybe, the rest of the world a little less. Why do I say this? Well once you can ring and control a bell, where ever you go and you hear bells ringing you would be very welcome to join in.

So, why learn to ring?

  • Maintain a traditional skill
  • A service to the church
  • Team activity … you make friends for life
  • Healthy light exercise … you don't need to be big and strong
  • A hobby for the whole families … 9 - 90
  • Lessons are free

If you are interested to ‘have a go’ just come up to the ringing chamber and see what is going on.

We practice Tuesday evenings 7.45pm - 9.00pm

Peter Rossiter (Tower captain)
Please use the contact form on our contact page to get in touch with Peter, thanks.

The next Traidcraft stall will be Sunday 10th January in the hall after 10:00 am service. All the usual essentials and treats will be there.

Come and see if there is anything new.

Alison Reeve


Comings and Goings

We conclude our discussions of the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany season on Monday 11th January at 8.15 at the Vicarage. Whether you have read the book or not, you are most welcome.

The Lent Course (yes - Lent is coming soon!) will run on Monday evenings from 15th February.

Gordon Giles

Remembering Holocaust Day Time With Corrie

Saturday, January 30th 2016 at 7:00 pm: £5.00 with refreshments at Enfield Baptist Church EN2 6TG

A one woman dramatisation of the Life of Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch Gentile, who saved Jews from the Holocaust but found herself in Ravensbruck Concentration Camp. Her family perished but she survived.

Performance starts at 7:30pm.

info: Dave Newby 07801706651 or Mandy 020 8363 4263

Northwest Group News

The Group’s next United Service is on Sunday 23 January 2016 when we have been invited to join with the Town Group LEP for the Service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The service is at Enfield Baptist Church on Sunday 17 January at 4.00 pm.

Michael Dixon


Lunchtime Recitals

Following the death of Brian Duke who should have played, Marina Erzog and Inez Cordiero kindly gave a concert in memory of their friend. His favourite composer had been Chopin, so they naturally included some of his music and also some enjoyable duets.

At 12:30 am on 12 January will be the first concert of the year when Gordon, our vicar, and Roddy, a good friend of our church, will play flute and piano to us. Come along and enjoy a relaxing time of listening to music and maybe also partake of the ploughman’s lunch including home-made soup.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.00, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards

Concert Programme For 2016

13 January
Gordon Giles and Roddy Elmer Flute and Piano

10 February
Highlands School Wind Band

9 March
Enfield Grammar School - Jazz Group

13 April
Nigel Blomily - Cello Guthri

11 May
Sandra Sinclair - Viola

8 June
St Monica’s Catholic Primary School Choir

13 July
Jonathan Newby - Piano

14 September
Serafini Ensemble

12 October
Catherine Leonard - Piano

9 November
Luca Luciano - Clarinet

14 December
Marion and Michael Smith - Piano and Organ

Imagine what we can do together

I’m sure most of you will have heard by now that the Imagine Charity, which we have loved and supported for so long, is finally coming to an end this month. Lorraine has been back to Mozambique recently to tie up all the loose ends and ensure the children in the family homes are to be properly cared for. She came home with the wonderful news that Imelda has been offered a permanent position as manager of the homes and, for the first time ever, will be paid a proper wage. We can therefore rest assured that all will be well!

When Ray and Rita and Michael and I, each in our turn, came back from Mozambique for the first time you took us at our word and took Imagine to your hearts. Over the years we have together raised over £60,000 and, believe me, that has done amazing work in Mozambique. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you all for your tremendous generosity, trust and hard work. You have been amazing. And hopefully, some time in the New Year, Lorraine will be here to thank you too and to tell you all the latest news.

In the meantime we need to look forward to a new chapter in our fund-raising and charitable giving. I doubt we will ever find a charity quite like Imagine, but we will keep looking. However, we do have big projects of our own and you will be hearing much more about them from Michael and the Stewardship Committee very soon. Let me just say that, wearing my new hats as Social Planning Coordinator and Charities Champion, I will be working closely with them and our social calendar will reflect this.

So we shall continue with our coffee mornings, which Rita will be organizing again this year, and following a similar format we are going to try two wine and cheese evenings later in the year to try and include those of you who work and cannot make mornings.

In September we are planning a sponsored London Bridges Walk, which we hope many of you will participate in and seek sponsorship from your family and friends. Add to that the usual quizzes, meals, concerts, Christmas and Spring Fayres and a repeat of the surprisingly successful Barn Dance and we have a full, varied and hopefully fun-packed year of activities, the proceeds from which will this year all go to the organ fund.

We will continue to support Christian Aid, the Food Bank and make one-off collections as needed and all the money we collect this Christmas will go to the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in Barnet.

I know you will enter into all these initiatives and activities with your usual enthusiasm and generosity and I look forward to seeing you at as many events as you can manage. If you feel there is something you can do to help, then I would love to hear from you.

Much love

Judy Smith

Launde Abbey 2016

We are planning to go back to Launde Abbey next year and have provisionally booked 8-11 August 2016. This is the same week that we went in 2013 and allows for children and young people to come during the school holidays.

When we were there last time there was general agreement that we should book for an extra day this time so that there was more time for rest and relaxation and the opportunity for people to do more of their own things and not feel constrained by the group dynamic. This does, of course, increase the cost and for next year the price is £81 a day, full board (£243 for the whole period). That includes a room with en suite facilities and 3 meals a day as well as mid morning coffee with biscuits and afternoon tea with cake. As those who have been before will know, you do not go hungry - Launde ministers to the stomach as well as the soul!

If you would like to come, or would like more information if you have not been before, then please speak to Judy or myself. If there are sufficient numbers we will run a separate children’s programme. And as always, children go free!

Michael Smith


Many thanks to Janet Whelpdale for a lovely Christmas Lunch last month - a thoroughly festive time was had by all!

On Wednesday January 20th Mo will be sharing thoughts on ‘Feasting for Festivals’. Usual place, usual time! (2pm, in the Hall, 3rd Wednesday).

As always all are very welcome. Details of later months to follow.

Gordon Giles

Magazine Stapling Rota 2016

6 February 2016
Ju (Yezi) Lan Zhen, Vale Hayes, Kate Bissett

5 March 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

2 April 2016
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

30 April 2016
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.

St Mary Magdalene Events 2016

10 Epiphany Sunday - Family Communion 10:00
23 Golf Club Dinner 19:30

10 Ash Wednesday Service 20:00
20 Quiz 19:30

6 Mothering Sunday - Family Communion 10:00
9-12 Mozart’s The Magic Flute 19:30
20 Palm Sunday Service 10:00
21 Stations of the Cross 20:00
22 Agape Supper 19:30
24 Maundy Thursday Communion and Vigil 20:00
25 Good Friday Service 17:00
27 Easter Day - Family Communion 10:00

10 Confirmation Service with Bishop Robert 10:00
23 Parish Concert 17:00

5 Ascension Day Service 10:30
15 Pentecost United Service 18:00
21 Spring Fair 10:00
26 - 28 Drama Production 20:00

7 Cheese and Wine at Judy and Michael’s 19:00
12 Enfield Town Walk 14:30
26 Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

9 Barbecue at Alison and Paul’s 16:00
17 Patronal Festival with Bishop Robert followed by reception in the hall 10:00
29 Day Trip to Frinton 9:00
31 Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

8 - 11 Launde Abbey Retreat
28 Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

6 Cheese and Wine at Alison and Paul’s 19:00
17 London Bridges sponsored walk 10:00

8 Barn Dance 18:30
9 Harvest Festival - Bring and Share Lunch afterwards 12:00
30 All Souls' Service of Remembrance 16:00

13 Remembrance Sunday 10:00
19 Quiz Night with Fish and Chip Supper 19:30
27 Advent Carol Service 18:30

10 Festive Fair 10:00
11 ‘Toy’ Service 10:00
24 Christmas Eve Crib and Christingle 15:00 & 16:30
24 Christmas Eve Midnight Service 23:30
25 Christmas Day Communion 10:00