Expectation, Revelation and Change


Expectation, Revelation and Change

Story of the wine order...

They couldn’t meet my expectation so changed the order. And I got more than I expected! So this experience of good luck gives me insight into today’s reading!


  • Bride and Groom - full of expectations - a lovely do
  • The wedding guests - a good party
  • The Host - enough wine
  • The Steward - he expected/guessed how much to order in... Expected to get into trouble.
  • Jesus - a quiet, uneventful time at a rowdy party (several days).
  • Mary - she expected Jesus to resolve the problem.


All of these expectations got changed... For the better.

  • bride and groom - full of expectations - the party went better than they could have imagined. The most famous wedding in history!
  • The wedding guests - a good party - exceeded their expectations (were expecting the wine to get worse).
  • The host - enough wine - there was plenty!
  • The steward - Expected to get into trouble, but got praised.
  • Mary - she expected Jesus to resolve the problem - which he did. But not how she expected. (Go down to the Off licence and get some more!)

But what did Jesus expect and get? Well, he had his cover blown.


Epiphany Season: Jesus having his cover blown - being exposed for what he us - Light of the world - Lamb of God - bringer of change. 3 miracles of revealing - changing expectations

Since Jesus is the one who changes expectations, he is therefore also the one from whom we expect change. This is what is revealed in the Epiphany season.

In Jesus therefore we must expect things to change. When you become a Christian, things change. When you follow Christ, things are different. And when you have been changed by the love of God, you come to expect different things. For change is not something we do - rather it is something that happens to us. That is why resisting it is so stressful and often pointless.

So the big question:

Is Jesus wanting to change you?
Are you resisting it?

Yet the Psalmist had the right idea, because through all the changes and chances, and expectations of this life, we can be sure of God’s love:

Through all the changing scenes of life,
in trouble and in joy,
the praises of my God shall still
my heart and tongue employ.


The Rev’d Dr Gordon Giles, St Mary Magdalene, Enfield 17/1/2016