Magazine May 2016

Spring Fair 2016

Parish Magazine ~ May 2016

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

2015 was in many senses a sad year for our parish family. We all know that, so I’ll start with it. Early in the year we buried Stan Mabey’s ashes, and then in April we had the first of several funerals of those from among our midst: Ian le Geyt. Then, soon after Easter we lost Dick Shone: Reader Emeritus and very much part of the furniture of the parish. Like Ray Barker who passed away a year ago tomorrow, between them these men had served and worshipped here for a hundred years, more or less. Theirs was a remarkable double loss so close together, so much service and kindness, and care for the people of St Mary Magdalene’s, and of course, so much of a loss as friends and fellow pilgrims. But it didn’t end there, for another blow was to come with the loss of Norman Gillibrand, only weeks away from his hundredth birthday. Sad times befell us last year – and of course continued into this as Jackie’s Les Fish also became very ill just before Christmas, and we lost him to the Lord in January. Yet we always rejoice in the resurrection hope into which we have lovingly sent them and into which they have been received, with whom we share still in communion week by week.

At the other end of life, we welcomed our churchwarden Dave’s grandchildren into the fold: Hugo Lodato and Elsie Vinton, and delighted with Caroline and Tony as Bailey and Alex James were baptized. And we only had one wedding, but what a lovely one it was as Lauren and Brooking tied the knot. And yes, he was named after the footballer! Such were the comings and goings of our common life last year, and indeed that was the title of the book I had written for our Advent Study Course in December.

And that book was in fact inspired by trips to Israel I had led, and the great highlight of our parish life last year was surely the pilgrimage deferred from the previous year. Obviously not everyone can go on such a trip, but those of us who did go took everyone else with us – parishioners with whom we rejoice on this and other shores, and I think it is fair to say that the whole experience was enlightening, moving, fascinating and certainly life-changing for some. As is characteristic of such trips, we took folk with us from outside our immediate congregation, and that too was a joy for us, and them, I believe. It won’t be long before we start planning our next trip!

Talking of great experiences, cast your minds back to the performance of Handel’s Messiah that took place under our roof last May. A long term hope of mine, it was a personally a great delight, but to have someone pay the orchestra outright and provide such an opportunity to perform and hear Handel’s great spiritual masterpiece in our beautiful church was a great gift. It also enabled us to raise a healthy sum for Parkinson’s UK in Enfield, our designated charity for part of last year. Meanwhile at Christmas our carol singing and concerts raised a staggering £1858 for Noah’s Ark Hospice, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Enfield Night Shelter. Still thinking of Christmas, we upped the ante on our annual carol service, employing an orchestra which went down very well. We did a similar thing for the patronal festival as we always do. We also provided a group of singers to sing a Carol concert at Forty Hall, and that too was a great success.

We have continued to benefit for the combined skills, enthusiasms and kindness of Keith Beniston and Jonathan Marten who ensure our choir sing every week, rehearsing, performing and leading our worship. A hearty thank you to all of them. Hopefully we shall soon see great progress on the restoration if the organ, which has become our great project for the next year or so.

From music, to drama, and another amazing achievement: Macbeth. Rachel Moon sweated blood and tears to produce a refined and accomplished production that bewitched us all. And we saw some of our number in a different light as the drama unfolded! Many congratulations to the Drama Group. We celebrate Shakespeare this year, and it is wonderful to recall our own production of such recent memory.

Some other events are worth a mention too: the Golf Club annual dinner in October, a quiz, Harvest Supper and all the activities of the Fellowship add to the rich social pattern, through which we grow together in fellowship and friendship to make the family that we are. We welcomed the Knights Templar to hold an investiture, an event at which our choir excelled amidst the pageantry and celebration of the sealing of Magna Carta 800 years previously.

The PCC Report shows that the attendance figures for last year are healthy, with an overall increase of 5% which is heartening for sure. There was no Confirmation service as such in 2015, there having been two in 2014. But we have already had our new Bishop Rob here, who started in September, and the future looks bright with his enthusiastic, affirming, friendly approach. So we are delighted with our new Bishop Rob.

Other things do not change: the value of the ministries of Jackie and Mo continues to be vital and delightful and I can never tire of thanking them for all that they do both on the large and small scale. This year Mo has grown in priesthood after last year’s ordination, and Jackie has celebrated ten years since her own. I passed my own twentieth anniversary too, so with Mo’s diaconal years thrown in, we have some forty odd years ministry experience to draw on in this parish. Hopefully not too odd!

We are, and have always been blessed with excellent churchwardens in this parish, and never more so than with David and Alison, both of whom have been a great delight to work with, a delight which I’m pleased to say will continue apace. Nevertheless, we say a huge thank you to them for loyal and effective service.

There are others without whom I – and we - would, frankly, be stuffed. Pam in the Sacristy, and Maureen in the Office, and Sally, in the Hall, as it were. It is a huge tribute to Ray, how healthily he established and left the Hall arrangements, and Sally has picked them up fantastically. The Hall remains a very viable, slick, streamlined outfit. With rent increases and two elections this year we anticipate a bumper year.

Nevertheless, stewardship remains a top priority and while we did not have a formal campaign last year, so it is that we have one in 2016. Michael Smith and his team continue to do remarkable admin behind the scenes and front the financial aspect of our fundraising and mission, marshalling talents and time alike.

Which brings me, now for about the 22nd year, to Vic Smith, whose contribution to our life is, even for him, incalculable. He simply gets on with what he does, so efficiently and thoroughly. In Vic and his diligence and skill we are truly blessed.

We have heard about fabric from David, and he and Vic and Michael Dixon and others have managed it very well, keeping close eyes on bits and bobs as well as more significant developments. Ken Cope looks after the virtual fabric of our lives, maintaining a splendid website and now producing bright and colourful posters for our new noticeboard.

As always, mention must be made of those various teams who enhance our corporate lives and grow in fellowship and skill simultaneously. The Care and Prayer Group and the Homegroup exercise vital ministries. The bellringers – out of sight perhaps but not earshot, they continue to call our community to prayer. Janet and her flower ladies continue to do beautiful work, and those who clean and make sure that everything is in order before, during and after services are also extremely important to us: servers, coffee makers, sidesmen. The stitchers have been quietly making hundreds of seat cushions and it seems have now completed this gargantuan task, from which our rear ends surely benefit. The chapel, choir stalls and clergy stalls have also been kitted out in the lovely Mary Magdalene home kit, which so enhances our décor. Many thanks to Judy for co-ordinating that and sewing it all together!

Judy has also served as as Charities Champion and Events Co-ordinator while Alison and Paul Reeve look after Christian Aid week. Paul has continued to look after the electoral roll, and it is good to see it quietly growing. The Sunday School is small and beautiful – and thrives under the leadership of Mo, and the Youth Club is beginning to get off the ground. Rita and the Memorial Garden Committee have continued in careful management of that serene place where so many of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ find their resting place.

Which brings me full circle in a way: for we are all a great comfort to one another, in sorrow and in joy. I’m reminded of that lovely hymn we sang this morning, and which we also sang as our pilgrimage ended in Israel, a central verse of which puts it:

I will weep when you are weeping;
when you laugh I’ll laugh with you;
I will share your joy and sorrow,
till we’ve seen this journey through.

That is, for me, what ministry is about, and why it remains such a privilege to serve as Vicar here. As we sail the seas of life in the great nave of our fine church, we remember that it is we who are the church – not the building, which is more like an Ark in which we navigate our pilgrimage. So it is that we strive not to park our ark, but to surge forward, with both caution and enthusiasm, collecting new passengers and feeding on the bread of life. As we pause to reflect on the 2015 leg of our journey, it may be a cause of both sorrow and joy, but most of all, may it be an encouragement to us all, as we travel together in faith, and hope and love.

Your friend and Vicar,


From the Parish Registers

10 April 2016
Michael Howard Hill

Confirmation by the Bishop of Edmonton
10 April 2016
Kiera Nugent
Saira Djas Weerashinha
Sarah Allridge
Edgar Nakimili
Michael Howard Hill

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

Parish Concert

7 May at 5:00 pm

If you can take part in any way please let me know so you can be on the programme. Do support the performers for this relaxed performance and stay for tea afterwards.

Eleanor Pritchard

Terrific Tenners And Tremendous Talent

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who took away a tenner a few weeks back and have now returned it. As a result of your wonderful and imaginative efforts we received £3715 to support our Lent appeal for the organ fund. Deducting the £920 we handed out as “pump priming” the net gain is £2795, a fantastic result. Thank you all very much.

Many of you also told your story as we asked you to do and they are proof positive of the ingenuity and talent of our congregation. It was also lovely to see people joining forces and resources, proving yet again that we are a real family.

We promised to share some of these stories with you so here is a just selection:

  • First of all a lot of baking went on but there were all sorts of clever ways of selling the cakes including a whole family effort which meant taking the cakes to work
  • There was also some lovely marmalade for sale
  • Several people nobly offered their services to family, friends and neighbours to do cleaning and ironing in return for a donation
  • A couple of people tried their luck at scratchcards!
  • There were several examples of people using their crafting skills to make things to sell, including cards, bracelets and cot quilts
  • Some people used their entrepreneurial talents to invest their tenners in stock to sell
  • One person even persuaded an organic vegetable company to donate some goods to sell
  • There were coffee mornings and supper parties
  • Manicures were on offer at one coffee morning
  • Two people donated their fees from country dance classes and guest speaking
  • One person had to give up golf for a month and donated all the money saved from not having lessons and not having to buy golf balls!
  • Of course there was also the wonderful evening of entertainment provided for us by Elise, Bella, Chris and their friends, which I know many of you enjoyed
  • Finally two people have been buying and selling on e-bay (and I understand that is on-going so there may be more to come)

It was truly wonderful to see you all getting into the spirit of what we wanted to achieve. It really was a proper demonstration of stewardship and goes to show what we can do together.

Judy & Michael Smith

PS And for those few of you who have still not returned your tenners, well it’s never too late so can we have them back soon please!


The next Traidcraft stall will be
Sunday 8th May
in the hall after 10:00 am service. All the usual essentials and treats will be there.

Come and see if there is anything new.

Alison Reeve


Christian Aid Week 2015 - 15th-21st May

It is now not that many weeks away and is time to start thinking about the ways in which you can contribute. If you are not a collector yet, maybe this is the year to become one. Maybe you feel you could just deliver envelopes but not collect. Maybe you feel you could not cover complete roads but just a few houses near where you live. Any additional collecting to what is already done could make a big difference.

If you have any concerns or queries or want to talk about how you can help do ask either of us.

Thank you.

Alison Reeve

Christian Aid Logo

Why Christian Aid?

We know Jesus challenges us to love our neighbour. At Christian Aid, we believe he meant our global neighbour too.

Because of God’s commitment to justice and love for the poor, we can't sit back and allow poverty to thrive. So together, as thousands of Christian Aid churches, supporters, partners and staff, we work hard to save lives now and inspire lasting hope for the future. We each bring what we have - our energy, our voices, our influence, our money, our time, our talents, our prayer and our worship - and use them to work towards a world that looks more like God’s Kingdom.

Coming together really works

We continually witness how giving, acting and praying brings about great transformation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. In emergency situations and committed, long-term development, we tackle the causes and the symptoms of poverty across the globe. We choose our partners on the ground carefully, working with all kinds of local groups who see great need, and are innovative and effective in helping communities to change their situations.

How we spend every pound

For every pound we raise, we put 86p directly into fighting poverty.

Another 13p goes back into fundraising, so we can raise the next pound. The last penny pays for our governance costs, associated with the general running of the charity, ensuring we can keep going to help more people out of poverty for good.

We want to help equip your church to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world today. With everything from small group discussions, sermon notes, prayers, and youth group sessions to trained speakers, we're ready to support you in any way possible as you seek to love your global neighbours as a church.


Programme for 2016

May ~ Julie Daniel, ‘Community Finance and Credit Union’

June ~ ‘Panacea Senior Care’

July ~ ‘Bring and Share Picnic Lunch’ in our church garden, weather permitting.

September ~ The Revd Dr Gordon Giles

October ~ The Revd Jackie Fish

November ~ The wonderful Padwick and Ball team return with new material.

December ~ A Pub Lunch locally.

Maureen Lunn

A Huge Thank You To Janet Whelpdale Who Has Handed Over The Flower Arranging Rota After 25 Years!

Coffee Morning

Many thanks to all those who came to our Coffee Morning on 19 April in aid of the organ fund. You brought the sunshine and warmth with you so that we were able to sit out in the garden! Including some generous donations from friends who could not come, and gift aid, between us we raised £250.

Thank you so much.

Kate and Bob Bissett

Stewardship 2016

You should by now have all received your letters about this year’s Stewardship campaign – if not please speak to me, I still have some spares.

Many of you will also have heard Gordon and me speak about the importance of Stewardship both in the giving of ourselves to each other and to the work of the church, but also in the giving of money to ensure the continuation of the work we do here at St Mary Magdalene. It is vital that we remain financially sound and as well as the routine bills which creep inexorably upwards, there are a number of projects we would like to start (apart from the organ) but for which we need to ensure we have an increased revenue stream. They are refurbishment or replacement of the hall heaters; replacement of the light fittings in the church; and an upgrade or replacement of the sound system in the church. None of these things is cheap of course and we receive no funding other than that which we ourselves give. There is no crock of gold that we can dip into, nor do we receive funding from the Diocese or the Government.

New pledges should be brought back to church on the 22nd of May. Can I ask you please to be as generous as possible.

Thank you.

Michael Smith

Fabulous Frinton

A much enjoyed event, by so many, in the past. Frinton is a lovely seaside spot having a large sandy beach with room for games and competitions including sand castle building. The date this year is Friday 29th July (first week of the school holidays) We would travel there and back by coach and the cost would be between £12 and £15 per seat, according to how many sign up - the more who come the cheaper it will be.

The coach cannot be booked until there is a clear idea of how many will be going. If you would like to be included please let Alison Reeve know. You can bring any of your friends and family - grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles… but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Launde Abbey 2016

A repeat of the notice about Launde Abbey which first appeared in the February magazine:

We are planning to go back to Launde Abbey next year and have provisionally booked 8-11 August 2016. This is the same week that we went in 2013 and allows for children and young people to come during the school holidays.

When we were there last time there was general agreement that we should book for an extra day this time so that there was more time for rest and relaxation and the opportunity for people to do more of their own things and not feel constrained by the group dynamic. This does, of course, increase the cost and for next year the price is £81 a day, full board (£243 for the whole period). That includes a room with en suite facilities and 3 meals a day as well as mid morning coffee with biscuits and afternoon tea with cake. As those who have been before will know, you do not go hungry - Launde ministers to the stomach as well as the soul!

If you would like to come, or would like more information if you have not been before, then please speak to Judy or myself. If there are sufficient numbers we will run a separate children’s programme. And as always, children go free!

Michael Smith

Please Note that the time of the Patronal Festival is now at 10:30 am
and will be followed by a reception with Bishop Rob.

Also, we hope to host a ‘Come and Sing’ Fauré Requiem
on Sunday September 25th at 6:30 pm.

Lunchtime Recitals

Nigel Blomily – cellist – with his friend Guthrie Luke – both professional musicians, entertained us at the April recital. They made beautiful music together.

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday, 11 May our friend Sandra Sinclair will play the viola with Caroline Soresby at the piano. Do come along and relax to half an hour of music. Ploughman’s lunch will as usual be available afterwards.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards

Concert Programme For 2016

11 May
Sandra Sinclair - Viola

8 June
St Monica’s Catholic Primary School Choir

13 July
Jonathan Newby - Piano

14 September
Serafini Ensemble

12 October
Catherine Leonard - Piano

9 November
Luca Luciano - Clarinet

14 December
Marion and Michael Smith - Piano and Organ

Spring Fair 21 May 10:00 - 12:00

Come and support this important fund raiser. This will be a bigger event from the annual plant and cake sale of the past.

Lilian will be selling ‘Father’s Day’ cards along with birthday cards.

Plant donations can be delivered on Friday evening or early Saturday morning. Cakes for the cake stall will be welcome Saturday morning.

Eleanor Pritchard

North West Group News

The Group has not really met since the United Service for the week of prayer for Christian Unity when we joined with the Town LEP for a service at Enfield Baptist Church. The Group’s Easter Eve Service was at St John’s, Clay Hill and we shall probably join with them again for a joint service for Pentecost.

Michael Dixon

Up And Coming Events For Your Diary

5 ~ Ascension Day Service 10:30
7 ~ Parish Concert 17:00
15 ~ Pentecost United Service 18:00
21 ~ Spring Fair 10:00
26 - 28 ~ Drama Production 20:00

7 ~ Cheese and Wine at Judy and Michael’s 19:00
12 ~ Enfield Town Walk 14:30
26 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

9 ~ Barbecue at Alison and Paul’s 16:00
17 ~ Patronal Festival with Bishop Robert followed by reception in the hall 10:30
29 ~ Day Trip to Frinton 9:00
31 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

8 - 11 ~ Launde Abbey Retreat
28 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

6 ~ Cheese and Wine at Paul and Alison’s – 7:00 pm
7 ~ London Bridges Sponsored Walk
25 ~ Fauré Requiem or Choral Evensong – 6:30pm

8 ~ Barn Dance – 6:30 pm
9 ~ Bring and Share Lunch – 12 noon

19 ~ Quiz Night and Fish & Chip Supper – 7:30 pm

11 ~ Festive Fayre – 10:00 am

Dates for your diary - Coffee Mornings/Evenings

As I expect you all know throughout this year we will be raising money for St Mary’s Organ Fund and it would be good if you will please put the following dates in your diary - they are all third Tuesday in the month & are coffee mornings unless otherwise stated.

17th May ~ Janet & Keith Whelpdale - (this is a Friday)

21st June ~ Judy & Michael Smith - Cheese/wine 7:00 pm

19th July ~ Carol & Peter Lamb

16th August ~ Bernard Quinn

20th Sept ~ Alison & Paul Reeve - Cheese/wine 7:00 pm

18th October ~ Lilian & Colin Gibbens

15th Nov ~ Pam & Vic Harrington

20th Dec ~ Rita Barker

Hope to see you at all or some of these events.

Rita Barker

Magazine Stapling Rota 2016

4 June 2016
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

2 July 2016
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Val Hayes, Kate Bissett

6 August 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

3 September 2016
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

1 October 2016
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

5 November 2016
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Val Hayes, Kate Bissett

3 December 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

7 January 2017
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

4 February 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.