Magazine June 2016

Her Magesty the Queen's 90th birthday celebration

Parish Magazine ~ June 2016

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

I sometimes joke that we love democracy at St Mary Magdalene’s… This is not so much a political statement as a financial and community one… We love to welcome so many from our neighbourhood to the hall to exercise their democratic right and cast their vote, and of course we do get a tidy fee for hosting elections. The playgroup also get a day off! So this season produces a bumper crop of two polling days barely six weeks apart. We have seen the London Mayoral and Assembly election come and go, and we now have a new Mayor accordingly, whose predecessor bowed out of that world to enter the fray of the next burning issue, the referendum on Europe, now imminent and coming to your local church hall on June 23rd. We watched the Scots have a referendum on their future last year and now it is our turn – we are not spectators, but players in our own small way. Each of us has a vote (and we should never forget what some of our cousins in other countries would remind us about what a privilege that is), and it is important to use it. It is also important to vote sensibly – that is to say, to not vote insensibly – without thinking.

The Europe issue is very complex and very important. It is about the past and the future, which merge with this present – this gift - of having a say. There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of prejudice and a lot of misinformation on both sides of the debate, and there are many stakeholders. As someone who teaches leadership to others, I find the traits of classical styles of leadership exhibited by the key players fascinating to behold, not leastly because, unlike with general elections, this is not about who wins a seat but rather about a decision to be made which is not (or shouldn’t be) about any of the personalities involved. For many people it is the first kind of voting occasion like this they will have experienced, and those who can remember previous ones will have to peer a fair way into the past to do so. Perhaps you remember though, casting a vote on whether we should have proportional representation, a little while ago? That vote came and went and is now largely forgotten. This vote is bigger and better than that, of course. The implications of the final result – which seems too close to call – are potentially huge – or perhaps not.

I’m reminded of a story in the Bible where Jesus is asked a question about the contentious issue of his day: ‘should we pay taxes to Caesar, or not?’. He is asked by those who are both out to get him, and who are stuck on the horns of that dilemma. I suppose that was the equivalent question of that day to ‘should we stay in the EU or not?’. It’s a question not to answer, if you are the kind of person whose opinions are to be misinterpreted, or, as well, if you are the kind of public figure who is going to be criticized whatever you say. In the famous Biblical example, Jesus can’t say ‘yes’ because then he will look like a Roman sympathizer, and he can’t say ‘no’ because that would be illegal. It’s not quite the same today, although there have been some moral jibes thrown about at those who nail their colours to one or other of the referendum masts. It’s all par for the course, as it was then.

What Jesus did, of course, back then, when asked an awkward question, was ask one in return. ‘Whose head is this?’ he asked them, holding a coin. ‘Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s’. It was a brilliant answer, which has entered our culture as a kind of mantra for both honouring and separating matters secular and sacred. That was not quite what Jesus meant (separating them is not the same as not confusing them).

For sure, whether to stay in Europe or not is a very awkward question. We like to have all the facts before us, and that is simply not possible inasmuch as we cannot fully know the future outcome of either result. So, we might remember that ‘faith is the assurance of things hoped for’, and while the EU referendum is not generally considered to be a matter of faith, it is, actually all about hope. For we put our faith in a democratic system to give us the assurance of a good and right outcome, and in that outcome lies the fulfillment of our hopes for ourselves and our children.

So, if I may be so bold as to suggest, about this very awkward question now upon us: vote not with despondency, fear or despair, nor ground your thoughts on personality or prejudice, but rather vote with, and for, and in hope. Let hope be your guide.

“Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and through grace gave us eternal comfort and good hope, comfort your hearts and strengthen them in every good work and word” (2 Thess. 2:16)


From the Parish Registers

18 May 2016
Mabel White

Interment Of Ashes In The Memorial Garden
8 May 2016
Leslie Raymond Fish

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

Spring Fair

Although the weather was disappointing and we were unable to go outside, apart from the brave plant sellers of course, I hope the Spring Fair was enjoyed by everyone. There was certainly a buzz of people enjoying themselves, having a chat with friends and trying their hand at silly games.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making the Spring Fair such a success – those who organized stalls, those who ran the games, the tea and coffee makers and, of course, those of you who came along, enjoyed the fun and spent your money!

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that we raised a magnificent £522.35, of which I had to deduct £50 towards the cost of the new games and the prizes. A good result! Thank you.

Judy Smith

Fabulous Frinton

A much enjoyed event, by so many, in the past. Frinton is a lovely seaside spot having a large sandy beach with room for games and competitions including sand castle building. The date this year is Friday 29th July (first week of the school holidays) We would travel there and back by coach and the cost would be between £12 and £15 per seat, according to how many sign up - the more who come the cheaper it will be.

The coach cannot be booked until there is a clear idea of how many will be going. If you would like to be included please let Alison Reeve know. You can bring any of your friends and family - grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles… but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Judy And Michael’s Wine And Cheese Evening

Tuesday 7th June at 7.00pm

Cheese and wineWhen planning this year’s coffee mornings we were very aware that many of you are automatically excluded from these monthly gatherings because you work or have other commitments on a Tuesday morning. So this is an attempt to offer an alternative that might suit you better.

You are invited to join us for wine and cheese, a chat and a bit of fun. Of course the purpose of this, and of our coffee mornings is to raise money for the Organ Fund, so there will be a charge of £5.00 which will include a glass of wine and whatever you would like from the cheese and nibbles table. Any further glasses of wine will be £2.00.

There will also be a raffle and if you would like to bring a prize (which is what normally happens at coffee mornings) then that would be wonderful. But there will be no bring and buy.

So do try and join us. We would be very pleased to see you.

Judy and Michael Smith


Programme for 2016

June ~ ‘Panacea Senior Care’

July ~ ‘Bring and Share Picnic Lunch’ in our church garden, weather permitting.

September ~ The Revd Dr Gordon Giles

October ~ The Revd Jackie Fish

November ~ The wonderful Padwick and Ball team return with new material.

December ~ A Pub Lunch locally.

Maureen Lunn

North West Group News

St Mary Magdalene hosted a hastily arranged United Service for Pentecost. Probably due to a breakdown in communication it was not as well supported as it could be and hopefully a meeting of the committee will be called shortly to discuss our future.

It was a simple service of hymn singing, bible readings and intercessions very much enjoyed by the congregation who were able to enjoy a cup of tea and fellowship after the service.

Michael Dixon

Please Note that the time of the Patronal Festival is now at 10:30 am
and will be followed by a reception with Bishop Rob.

Also, we hope to host a ‘Come and Sing’ Fauré Requiem
on Sunday September 25th at 6:30 pm.

Lunchtime Recitals

Sandra Sinclair playing Viola with Caroline Soresby playing the piano entertained us at the May recital. They played variety of music including a piece by Britten of which Sandra asked the audience’s opinion. Their reactions were mixed.

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday 8 June St Monica’s Primary School Choir will sing to us. Ploughman’s lunch with salad will be available following the concert. All are welcome.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards

Concert Programme For 2016

8 June
St Monica’s Catholic Primary School Choir

13 July
Jonathan Newby - Piano

14 September
Serafini Ensemble

12 October
Catherine Leonard - Piano

9 November
Luca Luciano - Clarinet

14 December
Marion and Michael Smith - Piano and Organ

Parish Concert

This happened in April and as usual had a great variety of acts and ages of performers. There was a good audience and afterwards we were able to enjoy a good tea thanks to Amanda and Lech who prepared it. Thank you to all who took part.

Eleanor Pritchard

The Rambling Group

The Group has been inactive for long enough! So we will re-convene on Sunday 10 July.

Michael Dixon

Up And Coming Events For Your Diary

7 ~ Cheese and Wine at Judy and Michael’s 19:00
12 ~ Enfield Town Walk 14:30
26 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

9 ~ Barbecue at Alison and Paul’s 16:00
17 ~ Patronal Festival with Bishop Robert followed by reception in the hall 10:30
29 ~ Day Trip to Frinton 9:00
31 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

8 - 11 ~ Launde Abbey Retreat
28 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

6 ~ Cheese and Wine at Paul and Alison’s – 7:00 pm
7 ~ London Bridges Sponsored Walk
25 ~ Fauré Requiem or Choral Evensong – 6:30pm

8 ~ Barn Dance – 6:30 pm
9 ~ Bring and Share Lunch – 12 noon

19 ~ Quiz Night and Fish & Chip Supper – 7:30 pm

11 ~ Festive Fayre – 10:00 am

Dates for your diary - Coffee Mornings/Evenings

As I expect you all know throughout this year we will be raising money for St Mary’s Organ Fund and it would be good if you will please put the following dates in your diary - they are all third Tuesday in the month & are coffee mornings unless otherwise stated.

21st June ~ Judy & Michael Smith - Cheese/wine 7:00 pm

19th July ~ Carol & Peter Lamb

16th August ~ Bernard Quinn

20th Sept ~ Alison & Paul Reeve - Cheese/wine 7:00 pm

18th October ~ Lilian & Colin Gibbens

15th Nov ~ Pam & Vic Harrington

20th Dec ~ Rita Barker

Hope to see you at all or some of these events.

Rita Barker

Magazine Stapling Rota 2016

2 July 2016
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Val Hayes, Kate Bissett

6 August 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

3 September 2016
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

1 October 2016
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

5 November 2016
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Val Hayes, Kate Bissett

3 December 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

7 January 2017
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

4 February 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.