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Launde Abbey

Parish Magazine ~ July 2016

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

The Greek philosopher Aristotle helped us to understand, over 2000 years ago, that courage is not the opposite of cowardice; that ugliness is not the opposite of beauty; that hate is not the opposite of love. We may think it natural to suppose that these pairs are opposites, but they are not. The opposite of courage is rashness; of beauty, plainness; and the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Love and hate both involve conviction, strong feeling and have mental and physical actions associated with them. You can love someone passionately, or hate them passionately, but you cannot be passionately indifferent about someone or something. Hate and love are heated words, whereas indifference is chilling, and in some senses more disturbing. Some people love ice cream, others hate it, while some people don’t care either way: they are indifferent. Neither the lovers not the haters understand them.

Yet hatred, it seems is the current buzzword - there seems to a lot of it about at the moment, and quite a few people who would rouse us to hatred if they can. When terrorists drive a bus into a crowd, or murder a priest at Mass, one of the key motivations is not just the horror and the terror, but the attempt to move public opinion from indifference to hatred. So it is that to end up hating Islam because of the actions of some followers of a distorted version of it, is actually to succumb to their methods and be defeated by them. For hatred and anger lead to violence and aggression, and that fuels an escalation of both. The road of hate is paved with bad intentions.

This is not to say that we should meet or respond to terrorist atrocities with indifference (although it is worth noting that some French media are now refusing to name the perpetrators of such horrors in order to stifle their ‘success’). That would be rash and wrong. The truly courageous response is to attempt to respond to stimuli to hatred with love, not indifference, and certainly not hate. For very few people have watched the news in recent weeks and responded with indifference. We respond to these horrors with pain, pity and sorrow. Sometimes righteous anger too. Yet close at hand lies hatred. And while indifference is the negative opposite of love, it is also the counter to hatred. People who love, or hate marmite, can't fathom how anyone can be indifferent to it. Indifference may be dangerous, but hatred is deadly.

So the only response to hatred that has any positive dimension at all, is love. For love, casts out fear. This is why the French church spoke of three victims of the attack in Rouen, rather than one. The alternative, hatred, is ugly indeed.

So let us be courageous in faith, and loving in thought and deed, and pray for grace in not being indifferent to the sufferings of others, nor hateful of those who terrorise us, so that the love of Christ and the hope of humankind may dwell in us and shine forth in our lives.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers and sisters, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt 5:43-48).

May God guard and protect us all,


From the Parish Registers

10 July 2016
Kye Charleston Soliriou
Parker Mark Parva
Poppie-Belle Parva

4 July 2016
Arthur Hosford

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

Deanery Synod Meeting: ‘Church Planting’

Held 30 June 2016 at Grace Church in Highlands School

The evening began with a drinks and food reception, and much intermingling between members of the various churches. The meeting opened with prayers and an Introduction to Grace Church then followed.

The Church meets on Sundays in Highlands School in one of the Halls. A crèche and an English Language Club meet in Classrooms. Although Highlands School is situated in the parish of St Peter, Grange Park, permission was gained from that parish for members of Christ Church, Cockfosters to ‘plant’ a church there, about ten years ago, and a Bishop’s Mission Order was obtained to minister to Highlands Village, Elaine, a member of the launch team, then explained that those who were designated to ‘plant’ a new church had to come to terms with fact that they were leaving a church building and that it was difficult to gain recognition as a ‘proper’ church from those in the surrounding community. It was acknowledged that it is people who make a church, not buildings. It was necessary for them all to work together. Community events were set up, such as a football club and the English Language Club. A community café will be held on Sunday 7 August, from 2-4 pm, in Highlands Village Hall and free coffee, cake and crafts will be available. All are welcome. Richard, who was Jewish by birth thought the launch team to be very brave. He attended, with his wife, for six months, eventually became a Christian after his wife’s faith was restored. He was baptised in 2010. He felt new churches could change lives.

Bishop Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington, who formerly served at St Paul, Shadwell, was then introduced. He was consecrated in 2015. One of his jobs is to go to Chapter Meetings. Bishop Ric explained that he was commissioned by the Bishop of London to start new churches to cater to those who do not go to Church. Nine percent of people in the UK do go to church. His aim was to start Churches in areas where people do not attend Church and there is no church building eg on new estates. The attendees then had to tell each who had started their church and why.

A map of the Borough was then spread upon the floor and we had to mark on it: - a) our own churches; (b) where ‘network’ churches had been set up; and (c) where they could be set up, for examples in schools, in workplaces, in new church buildings, in areas of other language, in missional communities such as occupational groups for example artists and musicians, on new estates and in care homes.

Capital Vision: Please pray for others to come to faith. There will be special days of prayer.

News: Bishop Rob is visiting many groups.

Stephen Gallagher has been appointed to St Peter and St Paul; there will be new ordinands in Enfield Churches.

The Rev. Edward Dowler will be leaving the deanery to become Archdeacon on Hastings.

There are vacancies for School Governors at St Matthew’s School, Ponders End and at other schools in the Deanery.

Common Fund – people have been very generous but realistic.

Psalm: helping Seniors – thirty workshops available in various formats.

Your Prayers are asked for General Synod meetings. Thanks given to our Area Dean for his work. The new Area Dean is Stuart Owen. Some assistant Deans have been appointed.

Next Meeting; 4 October 2016 – ‘Capital Mass’

Report by Lilian Gibbens


Programme for 2016

September ~ The Revd Dr Gordon Giles

October ~ The Revd Jackie Fish

November ~ The wonderful Padwick and Ball team return with new material.

December ~ A Pub Lunch locally.

Maureen Lunn

The Rambling Group

Unfortunately due to the weather and various other circumstances the anticipated walk had to be cancelled.

For our August walk we will go to Upshire and after a shortish walk will avail ourselves of the tea and excellent selection of cakes available there. We will meet at the Vicarage on Sunday 14 August at 2:30 pm.

Michael Dixon

Up And Coming Events For Your Diary

8 - 11 ~ Launde Abbey Retreat
28 ~ Parish Picnic in Hall Garden 12:00

6 ~ Cheese and Wine at Paul and Alison’s – 7:00 pm
7 ~ London Bridges Sponsored Walk
25 ~ Fauré Requiem or Choral Evensong – 6:30pm

8 ~ Barn Dance – 6:30 pm
9 ~ Bring and Share Lunch – 12 noon

19 ~ Quiz Night and Fish & Chip Supper – 7:30 pm

11 ~ Festive Fayre – 10:00 am


The next Traidcraft stall will be
Sunday 11th September
in the hall after 10:00 am service. All the usual essentials and treats will be there.

Come and see if there is anything new.

Alison Reeve


News From The Home Group

Our Concept:

We extend a warm, open invitation to share prayer and fellowship; encouraging one another’s walk of faith, to know God more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly, day by day.

Ken, bless him, has dusted off his electric guitar and Dawn and I have been enjoying listening to him practice! We’re looking forward to his accompaniment to some contemporary praise beginning this month.

We have so much to be thankful for and to give thanks to God for including the Home Group’s enjoyable and successful June Celebration picnic BBQ bring and share. Both the bunting and the garden recovered from their drenching in the heavy morning rain and we were blessed with good company, good fun and a beautiful sunny evening Praise God!

God bless. Love

Laura, Ken and Dawn Cope

Meeting on Mondays, from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Furé Requiem Come and Sing

Lunchtime Recitals

Jonathan Newby played for us on Wednesday 13 July, light hearted and entertaining programme, just what we needed in these dark days of gloom and strife.

There are no Concerts in August but they will return on 14 September with the Serafini Ensemble. The concert starts as 12:30 pm followed by a Ploughman’s Lunch.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards

Concert Programme For 2016

14 September
Serafini Ensemble

12 October
Catherine Leonard - Piano

9 November
Luca Luciano - Clarinet

14 December
Marion and Michael Smith - Piano and Organ

Dates for your diary - Coffee Mornings/Evenings

As I expect you all know throughout this year we will be raising money for St Mary’s Organ Fund and it would be good if you will please put the following dates in your diary - they are all third Tuesday in the month & are coffee mornings unless otherwise stated.

16th August ~ Bernard Quinn

20th Sept ~ Alison & Paul Reeve - Cheese/wine 7:00 pm

18th October ~ Lilian & Colin Gibbens

15th Nov ~ Pam & Vic Harrington

20th Dec ~ Rita Barker

Hope to see you at all or some of these events.

Rita Barker

Magazine Stapling Rota 2016-17

3 September 2016
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

1 October 2016
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

5 November 2016
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Val Hayes, Kate Bissett

3 December 2016
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

7 January 2017
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

4 February 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

5 March 2017
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

2 April 2017
Peter and Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

30 April 2017
Ken and Laura Cope, Gill Bird

4 June 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.

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