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St Mary Magdalene Spring Fair 2017

Parish Magazine ~ May 2017

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

As you read this, I shall be a very long way away, in the USA, beginning a period of study leave which Bishop Rob and the Diocese have kindly granted me. This becomes possible every ten years or so, in fact it is ten years since I last had a sabbatical in 2007. So I send very warm greetings to the APCM and, knowing that Jackie and Mo will hold the fort excellently, so ably supported by serving, former and new churchwardens, I wish you a happy summer term.

Last year, in 2016, we looked back on what had been a rather sad 2015, in which we lost some dear friends from our fellowship. This year too, and remembering that we are considering the calendar year 2016, we look back in sorrow at the passing of Les Fish and Ron Carr, and we continue to reassure Jackie and June of our prayers and fond memories of two fine men, both of whom, although having lost their battles with long-term illness, have now gone to the greater victory which we celebrate at this Eastertide. Both lie interred in our Memorial Garden.

We did six baptisms and two weddings in 2016, and we welcomed Bishop Rob twice, firstly in April to confirm adults and children, and then to a super Patronal service followed by festival buffet. Another highlight of the year was the trip to Launde Abbey, a welcome return, or a new experience for people, and much enjoyed. With a focus on Richard III we enjoyed a pilgrimage to his tomb In Leicester Cathedral and the fascinating visitor centre where we learned about him and the discovery of his body so long after the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485. We shall return to Launde in 2018, as attempts to have a pilgrimage to either Luther's Germany in this his anniversary year, or Assisi, have proved prohibitively expensive. It’s worth mentioning that Oberammergau in 2020 is hoving into view too, and that one travel company have already been in touch about that!

Our designated charities for last year were the Noah's Ark Hospice and Alzheimers’ Society, for which we raised healthy sums. As usual Carol Singing raised a lot of money too, and we added a Carols For All event which raised over £500 too. The Carol Service was attended by Mayor Bernadette Lappage, and was a true showpiece of what our choir and friends can do. We also had a splendid orchestral ‘Come and Sing’ rendition of Fauré’s Requiem. Thanks are very much due to Keith Beniston and Jonathan Marten for their treats work with us, for their ambitions, creativity, enthusiasm and ability. Meanwhile the organ project continues at a slow but steady pace. Thousands have been raised, thanks to coffee mornings and other initiatives, and I am delighted to report that the Faculty application is in, and the process of a bid to the HLF now begun. Anyone with any great ideas, do please speak up!

From music, to drama, and the amazing achievement of Macbeth was revived and repeated in Cuffley in 2016. I was very proud to go and see it again! As usual the Drama Group provide a thespian backbone to the Palm Sunday Service, and Christmas Crib services, the biggest events we do, and their contribution is vital and vibrant, as again, hundreds saw their slick presentation of the nativity story. We look forward to T S Eliot’s Murder In the Cathedral, an ambitious but extremely edifying project.

Some other events are worth a mention too: the Golf Club annual dinner, a quiz, a ‘London Bridges’ walk, the Harvest Barn Dance and all the activities of the Fellowship add to the rich social pattern, through which we grow together in fellowship and friendship to make the family that we are.

We are a very stable community, and the value of the ministries of Jackie and Mo continues to be vital and delightful and I can never tire of thanking them for all that they do both on the large and small scale. Jackie continues a long-standing ministry to Springview, where we all join now at Christmas, Easter and at Harvest too. Mo has been doing a similarly thing at Woodberry Manor, and both have been exercising priestly ministry at the altar and pastoral care, aided by the Care and Prayer group.

We are, and have always been blessed with excellent churchwardens in this parish, and never more so than with David and Alison, both of whom have been a great delight to work with, a delight which I’m sorry to say now ceases. David hangs up his boots after four exemplary years in which he has been a great support, true friend and encourager of not only me, but us all. We look forward to a continued involvement on the PCC! Meanwhile to Alison, once again, huge thanks and, 'carry on'! Our new churchwarden will be learning alongside someone of graceful and generous experience and diligence.

There are others who must be thanked and who keep our spiritual journeys very much on track. Pam remains a stalwart, faithful and committed sacrist, who, with Vic’s help and Chris, and Jackie, Elizabeth, Janet, Elise, Michael and others oils the wheels of our worship wonderfully. Others assist with the chalice, arrange the flowers, clean the church. Gill Bird has taken on the mantle of flowers, so it is very much time to pay tribute to Janet Whelpdale who has co-ordinated flowers for longer than I can remember. Aided by Dot and Connie and Sue and Catherine, our flowers continue to look beautiful at festivals time.

As always, mention must be made of those various teams who enhance our corporate lives and grow in fellowship and skill simultaneously. The Care and Prayer Group and the Homegroup exercise vital ministries. The bellringers – out of sight perhaps but not earshot, they continue to call our community to prayer. Coffee makers serve a vital purpose and our faithful sidsesmen and women provide a vital ministry of welcome.

Judy Smith has served as as Charities Champion and Events Co-ordinator while Alison and Paul Reeve look after Christian Aid week. Paul has continued to look after the electoral roll. The Sunday School is small and beautiful – and thrives under the leadership of Mo, and it is good to report that we won our claim to have equal access to school places at St Michael's School from now on. Rita and the Memorial Garden Committee have continued in careful management of that serene place where so many of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ find their resting place.

Sally Elphick has now thoroughly mastered the Hall, which continues to be a very viable, slick, streamlined outfit, the finances of which very much keep us all afloat. With another General Election pending, we can affirm again how much we love and benefit from democracy at St Mary Magdalene’s!

Nevertheless, stewardship remains a top priority and Michael and his team have spearheaded a campaign in 2016. We can never lose sight of this fundamental dimension of our mission and ministry. We are not a rich parish, but we are blessed by your generosity, which together we rely on and are grateful for. Which brings me, for another year, to Vic Smith, whose contribution to our life is, even for him, incalculable. He simply gets on with what he does, so efficiently and thoroughly. In Vic and his diligence and skill we are truly blessed. We cannot thank him enough for his vigilance and service which we benefit from one daily basis.

You will have heard about Fabric from David, and he and Vic Harrington and Michael Dixon and others have managed it very well, particularly in respect of the Hall Tower emergency repair at the end of last year. Ken Cope continues to administer the virtual fabric of our lives, maintaining a splendid website and designing bright and colourful posters and fliers. We must now give some more attention as to how we get these works of art into the community for more to be drawn in. For this must increasingly become a priority for us going forward: the gradual growth of our worshipping community, and we all have a part to play. It was sad to see how many Easter fliers languished at the back of church when they could have been on the doormats of our community!

For it is our local community we serve and welcome under our roof in so many ways, and it remains a huge privilege to lead and serve alongside you all in the name of Christ. As pilgrims together on our journey from font to grave, we walk together as the family of God in this part of the world, looking out for those around us; supporting and praying for those in need worldwide; and striving always to show forth the love of Jesus and make new disciples, by the grace of the Holy Spirit. With some changes upon us, some great hopes and exciting plans afoot, let us always step forward surrounded and inspired by those three great Christian virtues: faith, hope and love.

Your friend and Vicar,


From the Parish Registers

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

For a PDF file of the Parish Magazine for this month please click here.

Regular Weekly Events

Sunday8:00 amHoly Communion
10:00 amEucharist (Second Sunday in month Family Service)
6:30 pmEvensong (or other ‘special’ service)
Please see the Google calendar for any further information regarding Sunday Services
Monday10:00 amMattins (BCP)
Tuesday7:45-9:00 pmBell Ringing Practice
Wednesday8:30 pmDrama Group
Thursday10:30 amHoly Communion (BCP)
7:30 pmChoir Practice

Christian Aid Week 2017 - 14th-20th May

Christian Aid LogoWe are now beginning to prepare for Christian Aid Week away and collectors envelopes will soon be ready to collect at the back of the church. A huge thank you to all those who are on the team already. It is not too late to join us and there are a lot of roads in our area that are not yet covered. By getting involved you contribute to helping those in need, take part in a huge national act of Christian witness and show the community how much good the church is doing.

If you feel you can give a few hours to help please speak to Alison Reeve, thank you,

Alison Reeve

Coffee Morning
Change of Venue

Our next fund raising coffee morning will now be held by Jackie Fish at her lovely apartment 52 Waverley Road on Tuesday 16th May from 10:45 a.m.

This is the first time Jackie has held a coffee morning since she moved into her new abode so do hope lots of you will come along and support her. Maybe if you are unable to come a small donation would be lovely.

Look forward to seeing you there

Rita Barker

Spring Fair 10:00 am, Saturday 20 May

As usual there will be cakes and plants etc for sale. Please bring plant contributions on Friday evening to the hall or church or early on Saturday morning. Cakes will also be welcomed by Alison and Janet.

Please leave room in your gardens for some of our plants and in your tummies for some of the delicious cakes.

Eleanor Pritchard

Fairtrade logo

The next Traidcraft stall will be
Sunday 14th May
in the hall after 10:00 am service. All the usual essentials and treats will be there.

Come and see if there is anything new.

Alison Reeve

Traidcraft logo

News From The Home Group

Not only did we hear from Donna Lazenby during the final session of the “Find Your Voice” course, but also from Bishop Rob, sponsor of Ambassadors within Capital Vision 2020. In his foreword to the booklet “Right Where You Are”, Bishop Rob explains:

“Each day is a brand new opportunity to share something of God’s love, to join in with the work of the Holy Spirit, and to be good news to those around you. Whether you are a nurse, teacher, street cleaner, builder, beauty therapist or even a Bishop, whether you go to school, college, or meet others in the community centre, because of God’s unconditional love, you will make that difference to others around you. Your prayers and your confidence in Jesus Christ mean that London will change.”

Or put another way by Debbie Clinton author of articles for the Diocese of London:

St Paul writes to the Corinthians:
“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors as though God were making his appeal through us.”

An ambassador is a person who serves as a representative or envoy of a ruler. An ambassador of Jesus Christ is any person who has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and seeks to live and work to His praise and glory in daily life. As part of Capital Vision 2020, we are seeking to equip and commission 100,000 such ambassadors. Any one of us are called to represent Jesus Christ in our daily lives. So it’s for everyone whether we live in London, or spend much of our waking hours here.

In this spirit we were commissioned thus:

Bishop Rob:
As a disciple of Jesus Christ here in London where I study, worship, live or work, I commit to being a prayerful and intentional ambassador for the Gospel. Will you strive to maintain a life of regular Bible reading, prayer and worship?

With the help of God and with the encouragement of my church, I will.

Bishop Rob:
Will you reflect what it means to be a follower of Christ in all your relationships?

With the help of God and with the encouragement of my church, I will

Bishop Rob:
Will you be available during the week through listening, sharing and encouraging in the spirit of the Gospel to bring light, hope and peace?

With the help of God and with the encouragement of my church, I will

Bishop Rob:
Will you be attuned to the needs of others who feature in your week – to pray for and share with them the story of your faith?

With the help of God and with the encouragement of my church, I will

Bishop Rob:
Will you live in such a way that others will want to know what Christ means to you and, when appropriate, invite others to acknowledge Christ as Lord?

With the help of God and with the encouragement of my church, I will

Bishop Rob:
On behalf of the Diocese of London, I commission you as ambassadors for Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen you; that in this and in all things you may do God’s will to the service of Jesus Christ. Amen

Gracious God, send us out in the power of your Spirit to live and work to your praise and glory. Amen

Support for this incentive continues through the Ambassadors 2020 website,, featuring future events and resources available, alongside monthly emails.

The sessions from these four weeks were recorded in the hope of producing a resource for people to do the “Find Your Voice” course in their own churches and small groups.

Our forthcoming line up:

May 1st:
Please be aware that we won’t be meeting on this Bank Holiday.

May 8th:
Listening Prayer.

May 15th:
The Bible” miniseries, certificate 12. The story of God's creation of the Earth and the landmark events leading up to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. We appreciated watching this 10 hour epic series when it aired in the U.K. on Channel Five in November 2013, after being watched by 13 million U.S. viewers on The History Channel. Episode 1: “Beginnings”.

May 22nd:
The Provocative Church”, chapter 4.

May 29th:
Film Night: “Risen”, certificate 12 with a running time of 1hr 47m. Billed as the most important manhunt in history, set in 33 AD, this 2016 American biblical drama film follows a Roman Tribune in Judea tasked to find the missing body of an executed Jew, rumoured to have risen from the dead.

God bless.

Love Laura, Ken and Dawn.

Coffee Dates for your diary - 2017

Here is the rota for the monthly coffee mornings all Tuesdays except 20th November which is a Monday

May 16 ~ Jackie Fish

June 20 ~ Carol & Peter Lamb

July 18 ~ Maureen & Keith Rew

August 15 ~ Laura & Ken Cope

September 19 ~ Gordon & Jessica Giles

October 17 ~ Betty Buck

November 20* ~ Janet & Keith Whelpdale

December 19 ~ Rita Barker

* Please note this is a Monday

Fellowship Programme 2017

May 17th - Padwick and Ball (a collection for Cancer Research)

June 21 - The Reverend Ian Gallagher will talk about his former career in Musical Theatre.

July 19th - A possible visit and picnic at Middleton House Gardens or Forty Hall. (Transport by car TBA)

September 20th - Gordon Giles

October 18th - The Nightingale Hospice will give us an update on their work in Enfield and surrounding area.

November 15th - Speaker to be arranged

December 20th - Christmas Lunch

Lunchtime Recitals

It was lovely to hear the viola played by Sandra Sinclair together with Caroline Soresby at the piano, for the April recital. They played music from the last three centuries. Malcolm Arnold’s piece was surprising, because it showed a marked jazz influence.

At 12:30 pm on Wednesday 10 May Nigel Blomily – the cellist, who has so well supported us on many occasions, will play with the Anern Trio. Do come along and hear music of a high quality and partake of the lunch available afterwards if you wish.

Lunch will as usual be available afterwards.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards
Do come along if you are free. Ploughman’s lunch with hot soup will be available afterwards at the very reasonable price of £3.50.

Concert Programme For 2017

10th May The Anern String Trio

14th June Margaret Green and Roddy Elmer ~ voice and piano

12th July Catherine Leonard ~ piano

August No Concert

13th September Susannah Knight, Michael Lovejoy and Roddy Elmer
(oboe, violin and piano)

11th October Serafini Trio

8th November Olive Murray ~ voice

13th December Michael and Marion Smith ~ Organ & Piano

Rambling Group

We have been inactive for too long! – so we will take a walk and explore the awakening countryside – we are too late for the daffodils in Trent Park, they looked truly splendid this year as witnessed by a picture in the local press. Hopefully bluebells are no getting into their stride and we should see plenty of these.

Meet at the Vicarage at 2:30 pm on Sunday 14 May when we shall seek out somewhere interesting to walk.

Michael Dixon

Fabulous Frinton

The date this year is Thursday 27th July (first week of the school holidays).

We will travel there and back by coach and the cost will be £18 per seat which includes a tip for the driver.

If you would like to be included please let Alison Reeve know. You can bring any of your friends and family – grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles…

but children must be accompanied by an adult.

Magazine Stapling Rota 2017

4 June 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

29 July 2017
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Fal Hayes

26 August 2017
Ken & Laura Cope, Gill Bird

23 September 2017
Peter & Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

21 October 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.

St Mary Magdalene Wine and Cheese evening