Magazine July 2017

Parish barbecue

Parish Magazine ~ July 2017

Dear friends,

So many of you have asked about our recent holiday in the North of Cyprus I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our experience with you here. Little did we realise when our daughter Miranda married a young Turkish Cypriot man, that we would be incorporated, not only into his family, but also into his culture. As our grandsons are now speaking Turkish we have begun to learn a little too and this was the year we decided to try it out solo.

We flew into Larnaca Airport situated on the Greek side of Cyprus. Through a neighbour of the Turkish family we were met by a taxi and driven north across the border to the beautiful little town of Iskela on the eastern coast of the island. During the drive it was quite a surprise to see how advanced the harvest was. The flat landscape stretched out with field after field peppered by those tub shaped hay bales wrapped in various coloured plastic. This was, of course, in the middle of May when the wheat fields of England were barely eighteen inches high, they would need a further three months of good weather to ripen the grain before our harvest time.

During our stay we had some very interesting conversations about the partition of Cyprus in 1974, and how it affected Cypriot people. For example we were told that after the border was drawn and the Greek majority of farmers had moved south, local people had little idea of how to keep the land productive. It became necessary to encourage main land Turkish farmers to come and settle, and to teach the indigenous population how to grow wheat for bread; they had to grow farmers as well as the crops.

Approximately 99% of the population are Muslim and mainly follow the Sunni tradition. There is still a small group of about 0.5% of Orthodox Christians and Maronite population. I had been told several years ago that in the aftermath of partition, churches in the north were preserved, and there were very many traditional Orthodox Church buildings. Many of those churches seemed to be suffering from neglect, and it was only scaffolding holding them together. In this Secular State, there were a few that had been set-aside as museums with collected icons to show visitors, but there were no worshiping communities.

We discovered two Anglican churches that served the small number of mainly British ex-pats. Saint Andrew in Kyrenia now called Girne, but services are only held twice each month, and sadly not whilst we were there. The second Anglican Church, Saint Mark, is in Famagusta, Mulsa, and we were unable to find it on our visit.

What we did find was a small church in Iskela, the 1346 Notre Dame de Tyre in Nicosia, and Saint Barnabus near Famagusta, all full of the most beautiful icons. Salamis was well preserved and it was great to feel we were walking where Saint Paul had been. On a trip up into the mountains we found the monastery Bella Paise, that too, full of the most wonderful icons I have seen, at least six were of Saint George and the Dragon.

On our first weekend we travelled to the furthest North Eastern tip of the island, to the National Park and donkey sanctuary and found the Apastolas Andreas monastery in the midst of some serious renovation work. It will be top of my list to visit when we next travel to Cyprus to see the results. Yes we had a great holiday and got to know our son in law’s family after they kidnapped us for a typical Cypriot family meal, only sixteen of us around the table!

Mo and Malcolm.

From the Parish Registers

20 May 2017
Thomas and Christine

23 May 2017
Stella Sheila Masters

5 June 2017
Raymond Greenaway

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

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Regular Weekly Events

Sunday8:00 amHoly Communion
10:00 amEucharist (Second Sunday in month Family Service)
6:30 pmEvensong (or other ‘special’ service)
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Monday10:00 amMattins (BCP)
Tuesday7:45-9:00 pmBell Ringing Practice
Wednesday8:30 pmDrama Group
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7:30 pmChoir Practice

Murder in the Cathedral

The Drama Group are presenting ‘Murder in the Cathedral’ by T S Eliot on 15, 16, 17 September in St Thomas-a-Becket church Northaw (Friday), St. Luke’s church in Browning Road (Saturday) and at St. Mary Magdalene church on Sunday evening.

Rehearsals are under way and there will be some new faces as well as familiar ones.

The ‘touring’ will be great fun and the performance will also include some choral accompaniment. If you would like to take part in the production as one of the chorus or help in any other way, or simply know more about what we are doing, please contact Chris or any member of the company.

Book the dates - it’s going to be good!

Chris Moon

Social Events

The wine and cheese party was blessed with a beautiful evening and a very good turn out. Everyone seemed to have a good time with hopefully plenty to eat and drink. This was only ever planned as a social event so it was a real bonus to be able to pay £194 into the church account!

I am sorry if you were unable to come and join in but do not worry. There’s plenty more in the offing with the Parish BBQ at Paul and Alison’s and a trip to Frinton all planned for July. You need to speak to Alison if you are interested in either of these events.

In September we are planning another sponsored event to try and raise money for the organ. I will tell you more in the next magazine so be sure to look out for it. In the meantime please start collecting any balls of DK wool you might have!! Hope you're intrigued.

Judy Smith

Coffee Dates for your diary - 2017

Here is the rota for the monthly coffee mornings all Tuesdays except 20th November which is a Monday

July 18 ~ Maureen & Keith Rew

August 15 ~ Laura & Ken Cope

September 19 ~ Gordon & Jessica Giles

October 17 ~ Betty Buck

November 20* ~ Janet & Keith Whelpdale

December 19 ~ Rita Barker

* Please note this is a Monday

News from the Home Group

We were having a heatwave, briefly, and as June follows the end of May heat surges associated with Spanish pluming are forecast for our upcoming summer, though it will not be entirely settled. Some mixed and cooler weather, vigorous and widespread thunderstorms, hefty hail showers and the risk of newsworthy flood events are all possible, mirroring our political climate then.

Having kept a keen eye on local predictions as Ascension Day’s temperature climbed to 75 degrees Fahrenheit around 24 Celsius, I dressed appropriately for both heat and something befitting a momentous occasion I was looking forward to.

Seated amongst other guests, looking down from the front row of the public gallery I was prompted to consider some wonderful, tragic and very moving history of recent years that God’s blessed me with the opportunity, privilege and honour to witness and be a small part of. Just a pair, amongst others, of willing and available hands employed by God to assist in achieving His good works. Reminding me of an Uncle’s phrase “When those that can, do, it’s a great day!” A sweeping dramatic tale of love and devotion, a heart wrenching story stretched across time and continents. To further witness, that with God all things are possible and to be humbled by the culmination of such a numerous chain of hurdles and events leading to this morning, Thursday May 25th 2017.

Corrie Ten Boom’s “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”, has often been of comfort to me. However, should mine and Yezi’s roles have been reversed and it was I who had married a Chinese citizen and upon emigrating nursed my dying husband. Following the tragedy of becoming a widow so early into the marriage, having to arrange a funeral in a strange land with an unfamiliar tongue and surrender our home for alternative living accommodation. With only a visa, yet a desire to remain, requiring numerous criteria to be met for permanent residency. Whereupon further understandable requirements to become naturalised, how would I have fared? What a feat of endurance and tenacity of God and Yezi.

The occasion of Yezi’s British Citizenship Ceremony was indeed something to celebrate! Praise God!

The welcome and introduction from the Citizenship Ceremony Programme read as follows:

“We are delighted to welcome all our new citizens and their guests to the Enfield Civic Centre today for this very special occasion. Congratulations to those of you who will be becoming British Citizens today. We officially welcome you to Enfield and thank you for choosing to live, work and contribute to our community.

We hope that you enjoy your ceremony today and that it marks the beginning of a long and happy association with this country and the people of Enfield. For all of our guests, thank you for attending this unique ceremony to witness this special occasion.”

Following a friendly welcome and informative introduction from Enfield’s Superintendent Registrar, we stood for our Mayor’s entrance. Just a couple of weeks into her new office Counsellor Christine Hamilton, resplendent in ceremonial robes and the chain of office, gave a brief speech before the proceedings began.

Regarding said proceedings:

“The final step on the journey to becoming a British citizen, for most people, is to swear or affirm an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen at a citizenship ceremony. If you decide to swear the oath you will be swearing to God, while affirming the oath does not have any religious context.
In 2003, the government introduced the requirement that all persons over 18 years of age applying for naturalisation or registration as a British citizen must take a citizenship oath and pledge at a citizenship ceremony.
The ceremonies are a time for celebration and provide an opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of their local community and to this nation.”

During this sincere and solemn affair, I enjoyed a clear and uninterrupted view from my vantage point and observed that approximately half of the 57 candidates including Yezi chose to swear the oath thus:

I (your full name) swear by Almighty God that on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors according to law.

Whilst the others affirmed thus:

I (your full name) do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that on becoming a British Citizen...

The candidates included twins, a family of four and two husband and wife couples. In a borough where 100 languages are spoken several nationalities were represented, nonetheless culturally and uniquely Yezi was the only Chinese.

All who had sworn or affirmed then made the pledge of commitment:

I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a British citizen.

Each were then individually presented by the Mayor with their certificate of British citizenship accompanied by sporadic and spontaneous polite applause.

At the end of the ceremony all new citizens, as well as guests, sang our national anthem, the first verse of God Save The Queen. Particularly poignant as Her Majesty is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Interestingly, The British National Anthem dates back even further to the eighteenth century. ‘God Save The King’ was a patriotic song first publicly performed in London theatres in 1745. The words being anonymous and the author of the tune unknown, its origins may be plainchant and a 1619 John Bull attribution is sometimes made.

To enhance and complement our anticipated enjoyment of The Drama Group’s presentation of “Murder In The Cathedral”, we’re going to consider some of the event and play’s history including “Becket”, 1964 with Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, for this month’s Film Night on the 31st.

God bless. Love

Laura, Ken and Dawn Cope.

Fellowship Programme 2017

July 19th - A possible visit and picnic at Middleton House Gardens or Forty Hall. (Transport by car TBA)

September 20th - Gordon Giles

October 18th - The Nightingale Hospice will give us an update on their work in Enfield and surrounding area.

November 15th - Speaker to be arranged

December 20th - Christmas Lunch

Magazine Stapling Rota 2017

29 July 2017
Ju(Yezi) Lan Zhen, Fal Hayes

26 August 2017
Ken & Laura Cope, Gill Bird

23 September 2017
Peter & Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

21 October 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.

The Annual Church BBQ

Parish barbecue

A “mustn’t miss” date for your diary …

to be held at
44 Ridge Crest
(home of Alison & Paul Reeve)

Saturday 8th July 4:00 onwards

Salads, bread and desserts will be provided as well as plates and cutlery.

You just bring whatever you want to cook, your favourite tipple and a garden chair if you have one.

If you don’t like BBQ - bring a picnic.

There is lots of space for games and for sitting enjoying the sunshine.
Something for everyone, however young.

Ask Alison or Paul for any more information.

North Enfield Food Bank

Week by week we make regular donations to the food bank and obviously their requirements change with the passage of time. Below please find details of their latest needs:-

Urgently Needed Items:

Tinned Fruit (400 g), crisps, UHT milk (litre), juice, sweets, tinned meat, pot noodle, breakfast cereals, washing powder, deodorants, shampoo.

We’ve got plenty of:

Beans, soup, tea, sugar, beans/pulses (kidney, black-eyed peas and lentils), sugar.

North West News

For their Pentecost Service the group was invited to join with Lancaster Road URC’s ‘Messy Church’ worship for that afternoon. This was in interesting new experience for some of us and saw us painting, making windmills and airplanes etc. and how these various forms of wind use could be used to illustrate the happenings at Pentecost.

The Committee will next meet on Tuesday 4 July at Lancaster Road URC at 8.00 pm.

Michael Dixon

Lunchtime Recitals

June’s lunch time concert was given by Margaret Green – soprano and Roddy Elmer – piano. They gave a polished and enjoyable performance of songs from Purcell from the 17th century to Britten in the 20th. Added to this was Walz Rondo composed by Roddy and played by him.

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday 12 July, Catherine Leonard, a very accomplished young pianist, who has played for us in the past four years, will present her concert.

May I recommend the ploughman’s lunch of cheese or pate and salad with plenty of bread, tea or coffee and chocolate biscuits available afterwards for £3.50. A sociable chat with other like-minded people is also available.

Lunch will as usual be available afterwards.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards
Do come along if you are free. Ploughman’s lunch with hot soup will be available afterwards at the very reasonable price of £3.50.

Concert Programme For 2017

12th July Catherine Leonard ~ piano

August No Concert

13th September Susannah Knight, Michael Lovejoy and Roddy Elmer
(oboe, violin and piano)

11th October Serafini Trio

8th November Olive Murray ~ voice

13th December Michael and Marion Smith ~ Organ & Piano

Fabulous Frinton

The date this year is Thursday 27th July (first week of the school holidays).

We will travel there and back by coach and the cost will be £18 per seat which includes a tip for the driver.

If you would like to be included please let Alison Reeve know. You can bring any of your friends and family – grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles…

but children must be accompanied by an adult.

AB’S Conducting Decade

Southgate Symphony Orchestra’s summer concert will be at our church at 7:30 pm on Sunday 9 July. It has this title because our conductor, Adrian Brown is celebrating 10 years conducting us. He has improved our playing and pleasure remarkably in those years.

The programme will include Elgar’s beautiful ‘Sea Pictures’ which will be sung by Janice Watson, a renowned mezzo soprano, who has sung at the London Promenade Concerts and major opera houses. We are fortunate to have attracted her but Adrian encouraged her when she was a young flautist in his youth orchestra.

There will be a world premiere of Roddy Elmer’s ‘Seven for a Secret’, a very attractive piece of programme music. Finally, we will play Sibelius 2nd symphony which is very beautiful and parts of which you might recognise.

Tickets costing £14 for adults, £12 for concessions and £5 for children will be on sale at the door, but save £2 on each ticket bought beforehand from me.

Eleanor Pritchard

St Mary Magdalene Sponsored Event