Magazine October 2017

Parish Magazine ~ October 2017

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear friends,

When we hear that around 50% of the population say they do not believe in God, we should not dismiss it as lies, or mere statistics. But perspective is useful. Can you think of any other belief, activity, philosophy, or pastime that more than 50% of the population engage in?

Football: 502,000 people (half million) hold season tickets for the Premier League club (2016). Around 750,000 go to C of E services every Sunday. Three quarters of a million. That’s 50% more…

Shopping: 53% of people regularly shop on a Sunday. Slightly more than believe in God apparently - although not exclusive! Shopping is more popular than church - no surprise there. But what does that say about our nation? No wonder we have financial crises…

Golf: 225,000 people belonged to golf clubs in 2013. That’s a quarter of those who go to church. If we think the Church is in trouble, talk to the golf clubs. Or the Women’s Institute, or almost any club or organisation in fact.

Charities: National Trust – 3.4 million members. RSPB 1.1 million.

Scouts: 550,000 Scouts and 100,000 adults involved – very good!

Gyms: The rise of Gyms. Pathetic. 9 million people are members of gyms. Only 9 million. a mere 14%. And yet the health Club industry boast about this. 4 times as many people believe in God. Perhaps caring for body is now more popular than caring for soul, but Churchgoing gives even health clubs a run for their money.

TV: Average person watches 24 hours a week. That’s a day a week watching telly. Those hours have to come from somewhere. Church has provided some of them, for sure. TV is an activity - sort of - not a belief or club. We spend more time on technology than asleep now. We have so much leisure time, but we also waste so much of it. In 2017 94% of the population watch TV. 2% less than last year.

The point is - church attendance figures and figures about belief in our country have become a statistical stick with which the media can beat us. Oh isn’t it terrible, no-one goes to church and no-one believes is God any more. Only half the country believe. Well, apart from shopping and watching TV, there is nothing else that half the country do. There may be decline, but there is decline in everything, and as a nation we are becoming less committed to anything and everything. And remember that if 14% are atheists, then there are more than three people of faith for every card-carrying atheist.

Christians live differently. We gather together - less often than we used to - (because of TV and shopping perhaps). We cross age barriers, cultural barriers, race barriers, language barriers. What other group does that? We have different standards of behaviour when we fall out with people - we try to live honourably, as St Paul put it. We adhere to the 10 Commandments and try to follow Jesus Christ. But as a pastime, an activity, a club, we are in decline, because of other competing activities, many of which require less mental or physical effort, or don’t cause us to have to question, think about or reflect upon what is going on around us.

But let us be encouraged, not discouraged. It doesn’t matter what the polls say, no matter how accurate or inaccurate they may be. And if we want to see the trend reversed, then we must all see what we can do, with God’s grace and help. Here’s an obvious, indisputable statistical fact: If each one of us here brought another person to church with us next week, then there would be twice as many people next week!

Think about it. Do it. Don’t be shy. We have nothing to lose except our market-leading position. So let’s now encourage our neighbours and friends to come with us. To come with us into our wonderful building to hear the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ, who came that we might live life to the full, and have the fullness of eternal life in the hereafter. It’s a no brainer. What are you afraid of? Statistics? Nah - let’s do it.


From the Parish Registers

26 August 2017
Natasha Camila Barrett to Robert James Dickens

15 August 2017
Cynthia Firmin

5 September 2017
The Reverend Barry Wyndham Oakley

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

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Sunday8:00 amHoly Communion
10:00 amEucharist (Second Sunday in month Family Service)
6:30 pmEvensong (or other ‘special’ service)
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Monday10:00 amMattins (BCP)
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Thank you

Margaret, Jenny and Chris would like to thank you all – and especially the family of St Mary Magdalene – for your cards, support and generosity to us in memory of Barry. He clearly touched very many lives during his ministry and we have learnt a lot about him when reading the tributes which we have received. In preparation for his funeral I found that he wished the theme to be ‘thanksgiving in all things’. I feel that this was achieved in abundance.

Thank you all,

Margaret and family

St Mary Magdalene Parish Concert

Parish Concert

This will be at 5:00 pm on Saturday 7 October followed by tea.

Please contact me if you can contribute a party piece whatever your age and also come along and support your fellow parishioners for about an hour.

Eleanor Pritchard


Anneliese and Ray Fenwick have grandchild number 10 – Alfred Werner born 8 September 2017 to Kim and Martin.

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The next Traidcraft stall will be
Sunday 1 October
in the hall after 10:00 am service. All the usual essentials and treats will be there.

All the usual essentials and treats will be there and the opportunity to review and order Christmas cards and gifts. Come and see if there is anything new.

Alison Reeve

Traidcraft logo
Confirmation at St Paul's Cathedral

Sponsored Event ~ 9 September 2017

I should like to offer huge thanks to everyone who participated in our sponsorship day in any way - whether you had a go at putting, knitted a square, helped run the cafe, made cakes, donated wool, sponsored someone or just turned up on the day for coffee or lunch - you all helped make it such a lovely day. In fact, it turned out to be really special, full of fellowship, fun, chat, food and music and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Between 20 and 30 people helped knit squares and together we produced over 400 - enough for about 6 blankets and the result of about 300 hours of knitting!

About the same number of people had a go at putting and, amazingly, we more than doubled our target of 2,000 putts, achieving 4,042 and managing to putt continuously through the day. Those helping in the cafe were kept busy all day, especially at lunchtime. I think we served between 35 and 40 lunches, which is fantastic, and meant that the cafe made a healthy profit. And of course it was a real bonus to have the Old School Assembly jazz band come and play for us. They made the day go with a swing and I am most grateful to them. Of course the purpose of the day was to raise money for the organ fund and we have most certainly done that. As yet I do not have a final figure as many people are still busy collecting in their sponsor money but I already have over £800 so I am hoping we will make over a £1,000, which is absolutely wonderful. Watch this space.

There are one or two people I should like to thank in particular because without them I could not have managed - Michael who helped me fetch and carry enormous amounts of stuff and then spent the day at the back-breaking task of running the putting; Wendy who was there all day and undoubtedly did more washing and tidying up than anyone; and Janet who not only volunteered to sew up the blankets but has probably done more knitting than anyone else too.

So now we’re on to the next! On Sunday 8th October it is our Harvest Festival. Last year we had a bring and share lunch after the service which proved very popular so I propose to do it again. I will be round with my list very soon now to see who's coming. You have been warned!

Judy Smith

Fellowship Programme 2017

October 18th - The Nightingale Hospice will give us an update on their work in Enfield and surrounding area.

November 15th - Jessica Giles

December 20th - Christmas Lunch to be arranged.

Hope to see you there

Mo Lunn

Coffee Dates for your diary - 2017

Here is the rota for the monthly coffee mornings all Tuesdays except 20th November which is a Monday

October 17 ~ Betty Buck

November 20* ~ Janet & Keith Whelpdale

December 19 ~ Rita Barker

* Please note this is a Monday

St Mary Magdalene Quiz Night

Lunchtime Recitals

The September recital was by an exceptional group, Susannah Knight is a very good oboist, our friend Roddy Elmer played the piano and Michael Lovejoy, who has played in the English National Opera Orchestra for 40 years, played the violin. They played a varied programme of music from Telemann to Ibert and were much appreciated by quite a large audience.

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday 11 October the Serafini Trio will entertain us – another group worth listening to. All welcome.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards
Do come along if you are free. Ploughman’s lunch with hot soup will be available afterwards at the very reasonable price of £3.50.

Concert Programme For 2017

11th October Serafini Trio

8th November Olive Murray ~ voice

13th December Michael and Marion Smith ~ Organ & Piano

North Enfield Food Bank

Week by week we make regular donations to the food bank and obviously their requirements change with the passage of time. Below please find details of their latest needs:-

Urgently Needed Items:

Tinned veg (400 g), UHT milk (1 litre), tinned meat, pot noodle, tinned tomatoes, meat soup, custard, rice pudding, jam, squash, coffee, juice, shampoo, baby toiletries.

We’ve got plenty of:

Beans, pasta, cereal tea, sugar, beans/pulses (kidney, black-eyed peas and lentils).

Please make an extra effort this Harvest Festival

Magazine Stapling Rota 2017

21 October 2017
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.


The next United Service for One World Week is on Sunday 15 October at 6:00 pm and will be hosted by the Clay Hill Parish when we can welcome their new vicar, The Rev’d Peter Godden to North Enfield.

The Christmas Fair
9 December 2017

Yes, it really is time to start thinking about it!

We are looking for donations of:

Cakes and preserves,
New or second hand jewellery,
raffle prizes.

Any suggestions for new stalls and volunteers to run them always welcome.
Talk to Alison Reeve about your ideas.

Please don’t forget to put the date in your diary.

Remembrance Sunday