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2018 Jazz Evening

Parish Magazine ~ June 2018

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Suddenly summer is upon us, after what can only be described as a bumpy ride in!  Which means we can turn our attention to the summer of 2020 – only 2 years away. Casting our minds back 8 years, we went with 50 others to Oberammergau, the Bavarian town where the famous Passion Play is enacted every decade, and we had a fantastic time of fellowship and fun, culminating with the powerful passion play. We stayed in Fuschl, Austria, near Salzburg, and finished with the Drama at the Festspielhaus. Now, it is time to launch our next trip, which will be August 5th-12th, 2020. We will be staying in the Tyrol in Austria and making a trip from there for one night, midway through, for the play, for which we will have premium tickets. The cost is £1565, which includes flights, B and B, dinners and excursions. It seems a lot and it seems a long time away, but if we sign up now and pay gradually, the time will fly and the cost will be found (-: If you would like to know more, and relive the experience of 2010, do come to a meeting after Evensong on Sunday June 17th.

Thinking of Time flying by, it will soon be time for our Patronal Festival, for which we will do things slightly differently, not having an orchestra at 10am as we have done for the previous 15 years, but celebrating with a band in the evening for Songs of Praise. Before that there will be a celebratory tea in the Hall (and garden perhaps!), and it should make for a lovely uplifting afternoon as we sing our favourite hymns! Around that time we shall also aim to have our day trip to Frinton! Then a few weeks later (6-9 August) we travel to Launde Abbey for more fun and fellowship – do touch base with Michael Smith about settling up and transport, or even - it’s not too late – to sign up.

When we return from that we shall be gearing up musically for the Choir and friends to sing Choral Evensong at Rochester Cathedral on October 27th. We’ll perhaps arrange a charabanc to get anyone who wants to come, there, which will be a special service commemorating the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Knights Templar, and we have been invited to form the choir and lead the music, which is a huge honour and opportunity. Rochester Cathedral is only slightly younger in foundation than Canterbury, and there is a castle nearby too, so it would be a great day out, and actually not that far away.

So, much fun and activities to anticipate (not forgetting the Walk and Barbecue!), but through it all we enjoy the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, through whom, in Christ, we unite as creatures of God the Father, made to live and love to his glory and praise.


From the Parish Registers

Holy Matrimony
12 May 2018
David Poulton and Emma Salt

29 April 2018
Malachi Omar Shyllon
6 May 2018
Samuel William Percy

8 May 2018
Stephen Llewellyn Fagg

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

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Sunday8:00 amHoly Communion
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St Mary's Meals for Mary's Meals

A couple of weeks ago Michael and I hosted the first meal for Mary’s Meals. After a couple of rum punches eleven of us sat down to a Caribbean dinner of jerk chicken and fish stew accompanied by lots of chat and laughter (oh, and a little wine too!). We really enjoyed having so many friends with us and I hope they all enjoyed it too. And we raised over £200 for Mary’s Meals, which was fantastic.

I’m pleased to say that the idea seems to be taking off and several people have offered to host something similar. We already have the next one in the diary. On Friday 20th July Chris Dey is ready to welcome four people to dinner in his flat. Chris is a young man quite new to our congregation so it’s lovely that he has offered to do this and I know you will support him. If you would like to attend then please see me as soon as I’m back from holiday and I will introduce you to Chris.

Then I think the next dinner will be in October, but more of that later once a date has been fixed.

And just a reminder that the first Dinner Money collection will be at the 10 o’clock service on the 10th June, so please bring along anything you have collected in your boxes. And don’t forget, if you’re a tax payer you can increase your donation by filling in a gift aid form.

Thank you for your continued support.

Judy Smith

June's Coffee Morning held 15 May

June extends a big thank you to everyone who made the effort to travel to Bush Hill Park for coffee and cake* - all 28 of you who also enjoyed lovely sunshine on the rooftop patio! The grand total of £271.60 was raised which will go to the organ fund.  

The next morning will be held at Laura & Ken's House on Tuesday 19th June at 10.45 as usual & they hope to see lots of you then.

Rita Barker

* I want to say June's cakes were absolutely fabulous - a real treat

Revised date for the Parish BBQ

The Parish BBQ will now take place on 14th July, following on from the sponsored walk.

Details of the walk arrangements are still being finalised

News from the Home Group

To all those who braved the last of April’s showers to come and join T.H.G’s party! Thank you very much! We enjoyed a cosy and intimate affair, with conversations as wide and varied as the selection of appetising edibles and drinkables, savouring a lovely time!

The following article is an expansion upon a topic briefly mentioned in a recent H.G. Owing to its length it’s a two-parter.

Part 1:

In my personal prayer time I find prayer diaries effective in supporting diverse issues of the wider community. Such as Open Doors “60 years of serving persecuted Christians” and the Bible Society’s “prayer in action”. This May’s B.S’s topic on “Open the Book” was, I found, particularly encouraging. A project that began in Bedford in 1999, specifically designed to offer primary school children, aged 5-11years, the opportunity to hear the stories of the Bible. By 2008 it had become a national organisation, joining B.S. in 2013. Trained volunteer storytellers from local churches use “The Lion Storyteller Bible” by Bob Hartman, colourful props and visual aids, to present a three year rolling programme of carefully crafted 10-15 minute presentations. Including 30 from Genesis to Ascension and 33 from the New Testament, designed for use in school assemblies and acts of collective worship.

Providing this act daily became a compulsory legal requirement in our state schools in 1944. Both Ken and I, along with many others I’m sure, clearly recall singing hymns and praying the Lord’s prayer through primary and secondary school.

For the first six years of our daughter Dawn’s school life, until Ken’s increasingly debilitating condition, rendered him housebound for the next eight years. I was fortunate and delighted to be provided with the opportunity to attend her school, in one voluntary capacity or another, most days of term. Including assisting in class, listening to children read, P.T.A. fund raising events, vice-chair on the school’s governing body and of course not to be missed exciting school trips! My incentive for helping out was not only a vested interest and belief of, being in the right place at the right time to do the right thing, but also a legacy for the future, theirs and ours. After all the students, by the time I reach retirement age, God willing, will be managing this country in one capacity or another. As our economic strength, social versatility and vitality are inextricably linked with the quality and variety of our nations children’s education, it’s important to invest in it. If not now, when?

We’d been warned of the local school’s troubled and bad reputation. However our conviction was to proceed in faith and apply for admission for Dawn. Especially as we’d prayed for, as many parents probably do, a home located within easy reach of suitable nearby schools. We had both infant and junior schools situated in the next street! When Dawn entered nursery, there was an excellent new teacher, who’s later career continued in private schools. Likewise there was another excellent teacher for Dawn’s reception class. Having been invited to serve on the school’s governing body by the head, it was my privilege to be strategically positioned to assist, when distressingly for the school and local community, it was placed in special measures. As if that wasn’t enough, it was also overshadowed by a looming spectre of closure, as the local council desperately wanted to sell the land for redevelopment. Not only the site of the primary but the junior too!

To discover what happened next and more in part 2, please ensure you either collect a copy of next months magazine or view on line at the church website.

Please remember that on the 19th it’ll be our pleasure to host and welcome you to the Coffee Morning. Should it be as memorable as last years, we’ll have a lovely time, looking forward to seeing you there!

Film Night on the 25th: “Joseph King of Dreams”. This U certificated, 2000 DreamWorks animated musical, boasts among its voice talents, Ben Affleck as Joseph and Star Wars Mark Hamill as Judah. Produced by the team of “The Prince of Egypt” this 72-minute feature retells Joseph’s story as told in the book of Genesis.

“This is family entertainment in the best sense of the term, for which many families will be immensely grateful.” Variety.

Fellowship News and Programme for 2018

June 20th Jackie Fish will be with us.

July 18th A bring and Share Picnic lunch in the Church Garden.

We don't meet in August.

September 19th Still TBA (hopefully Catherine).

October 17th Songs of Praise.

November 21st TBA.

December 19th We will be celebrating with our usual Christmas Lunch at a venue to be confirmed.

Coffee Morning dates

19th June ~ Laura and Ken Cope

17th July ~ Kate and Bob Bissett

21st August ~ Betty Buck

18th September ~ Bernard Quinn

29th October ~ Gordon Giles

20th November ~ Maureen and Keith Rew

18th December ~ Rita Barker

Please note that the date of the October Coffee Morning has changed to Monday 29th October.

Coffee mornings commence at 10:45 am.

Rita Barker

Lunchtime Recitals

A very appreciative audience attended the May recital. It was given by our Vicar Gordon Giles who played the flute and our friend Roddy Elmer at the piano. They presented a varied programme including many lollipops composed from the 17th to 20th  centuries. 

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday 13 June Catherine Leonard, an excellent young pianist will once again return to play for us. Ploughman’s lunch with salad will be available afterwards as the soup weather has hopefully past.

Eleanor Pritchard

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Retiring Collection
Ploughman’s Lunch £3.50, if required, in the Choir Vestry afterwards
Do come along if you are free. Ploughman’s lunch with hot soup will be available afterwards at the very reasonable price of £3.50.

Concert Programme For 2018

13th June Catherine Leonard ~ piano

11th July Sandra Sinclair ~ violin

August ~ no concert

12th September Bush Hill Recorder Consort

10th October Serafini Trio

14th November Michael and Marion Smith ~ organ and piano

12th December Carols from The Cambridge Carol Book


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Stapling Rota 2018

30 June 2018
Ju (Yezi) Len Zhen, Val Hayes, Shivane Woodger

28 July 2018
Ken & Laura Cope, Gill Bird

25 August 2018
Peter & Carol Lamb, Eleanor Pritchard

29 September 2018
Vic Harrington, Pam Hagan, Helen Clarke

27 October 2018
Ju (Yezi) Len Zhen, Val Hayes, Shivane Woodger

(10.00 am Saturday Morning in the Church or earlier as arranged)