Vicar’s Blog June 2018

Vicar's Blog ~ June 2018

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear Friends,

Suddenly summer is upon us, after what can only be described as a bumpy ride in! Which means we can turn our attention to the summer of 2020 – only 2 years away. Casting our minds back 8 years, we went with 50 others to Oberammergau, the Bavarian town where the famous Passion Play is enacted every decade, and we had a fantastic time of fellowship and fun, culminating with the powerful passion play. We stayed in Fuschl, Austria, near Salzburg, and finished with the Drama at the Festspielhaus. Now, it is time to launch our next trip, which will be August 5th-12th, 2020. We will be staying in the Tyrol in Austria and making a trip from there for one night, midway through, for the play, for which we will have premium tickets. The cost is £1565, which includes flights, B and B, dinners and excursions. It seems a lot and it seems a long time away, but if we sign up now and pay gradually, the time will fly and the cost will be found (-: If you would like to know more, and relive the experience of 2010, do come to a meeting after Evensong on Sunday June 17th.

Thinking of Time flying by, it will soon be time for our Patronal Festival, for which we will do things slightly differently, not having an orchestra at 10am as we have done for the previous 15 years, but celebrating with a band in the evening for Songs of Praise. Before that there will be a celebratory tea in the Hall (and garden perhaps!), and it should make for a lovely uplifting afternoon as we sing our favourite hymns! Around that time we shall also aim to have our day trip to Frinton! Then a few weeks later (6-9 August) we travel to Launde Abbey for more fun and fellowship – do touch base with Michael Smith about settling up and transport, or even - it’s not too late – to sign up.

When we return from that we shall be gearing up musically for the Choir and friends to sing Choral Evensong at Rochester Cathedral on October 27th. We’ll perhaps arrange a charabanc to get anyone who wants to come, there, which will be a special service commemorating the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Knights Templar, and we have been invited to form the choir and lead the music, which is a huge honour and opportunity. Rochester Cathedral is only slightly younger in foundation than Canterbury, and there is a castle nearby too, so it would be a great day out, and actually not that far away.

So, much fun and activities to anticipate (not forgetting the Walk and Barbecue!), but through it all we enjoy the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, through whom, in Christ, we unite as creatures of God the Father, made to live and love to his glory and praise.