Vicar’s Blog August 2018

Vicar's Blog ~ August 2018

The Rev'd Dr Gordon Giles

Dear friends,

All this sweltering heat we are having reminds me of the places in the world where I have been, where such temperatures are normal. Usually hot weather is associated with holidays - or pilgrimages - and for sure we have had Israeli and Jordanian and Egyptian temperatures these last few weeks haven’t we?!. So having to work in the heat has been strange. A BBC news website article recently invited us to spare a thought for those who have to wear ‘work clothes’ in the heatwave, and there were little features on builders, nurses, pizza chefs, bar staff and, yes, priests! It’s not just the robes, which can be multi-layered, but for many clergy, black is the colour of the clerical uniform. So, apparently. black cats, and vicars, feel the heat! You will no doubt have noticed that I do not always wear black!

On the other hand, I was in Beverley Minster a few days ago, enjoying the companionship and mental stimulation of the Hymn Society, and we visited that magnificent church, and one of the most memorable aspects of walking into it was the sensation of entering a chilled room. That is one cool church! Indeed it has been suggested that churches should market themselves as cool places to take refuge - sanctuaries for the sunburnt! Our own church of course was nice and cool a few weeks ago, but by now I fear, the stones have warmed up and are now retaining the heat. Perhaps this will be to our benefit in October!

We have had some hot air in church in July for sure, mostly breathed out in song. Removing the orchestra from the morning Patronal Festival on St Mary Magdalene’s day, and having an orchestral Songs of Praise festival after a sumptuous tea in the late afternoon instead, was great fun, and well supported and enjoyed. It was also a joy to have our dear friend Keith Beniston back to conduct the band.

Moving forward, permissions notwithstanding, the organ will be under repair from September. To some extent we won’t notice for a bit, but the various repairs and renovations will take until Easter. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has made and will continue to make this possible. Concerts, walks, coffee mornings, parish events, sponsorship events, have all got us across the starting line and we look forward to what will surely follow. But hopefully the heat will have calmed down before our organ builders have to don their overalls!!!!