Sponsored Bible reading

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We read 7 books – Mark, Lamentations, Daniel, Joel, Ezra, Song of Songs and Revelation – which is a total of 75 chapters and asked people to read at least one chapter and find sponsors for doing it. We started at 10 o’clock and finished around 6:00pm.

Coffee and tea were served in church throughout the day and included a lunch break when quiche and salad was available (to buy!). Many also came just to listen.

Bob Ludlam reading from Mark Chapter 3

Why were we doing this sponsored event?

St Mary Magdalene Church is a Grade 2* Listed Building. It is beautiful and an asset to the whole community, not just those who worship there. However, like all old and precious buildings it takes a lot of looking after. In recent years the congregation have worked hard to raise money to repair the steeple and the stonework around the porch, to restore the beautiful murals in the chancel and to completely refurbish the organ. None of this has been easy and we have welcomed the support offered from outside, not least our neighbours in the parish and wider community. Repairing a garden wall doesn’t sound too difficult in comparison to these more ambitious projects but it is nonetheless vital. Apart from any safety issues, bearing in mind a playgroup regularly uses the hall and garden, we also want to be good neighbours to those who live on the other side. Please, can you help us to raise the approximate £10,000 needed by sponsoring someone?

It’s not to late to donate to this cause. Please email parishevents@stmarymagdalen.church and we will provide the information. Thank you.