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Parish Magazine ~ July 2019

Dear friends,

It really began in the spring of 2017 when my nephew brought his fiancé to meet the family at my sister’s home in Berkshire. They told us that they planned to marry in May 2019 in Bali and they would be delighted (made up) if any of the family could be there. This got Malcolm and I thinking. My (Maureen’s) Aunt and Godmother lives in New Zealand and both Bali and Auckland were south of the equator, could we manage to ‘kill both birds with the same stone’, so to speak.

I had to start with Bishop Rob, who was encouraging, and then put it to Gordon, could I really have four weeks away at the same time? Yes, it was on. Next was to let 92-year-old Auntie know what we were thinking. Everyone in NZ was excited and very willing for us to come and visit. Even more, my cousin wanted me to baptise her seven-year-old daughter, Zarah. This was a huge event and not to be brushed off lightly.

Malcolm spent many hours in planning what for us would be the holiday of a lifetime, a visit on the North Island of NZ to meet the family, a tour of the South Island of NZ, an opportunity to baptise Zarah, and then the wedding in Bali. It seemed daunting for me who can neither sit nor stand for any length of time without intense pain in my back. However, with help of Airport staff, taxis and ground staff all working seamlessly, I got from A to B with no problems.

We spent two nights in Singapore recovering from the first 13-hour fight. Singapore appeared to be a huge shopping mall and we were sad to see that Orchard Row had changed from the IT Capital of the world into just another string of shopping opportunities. However, there was so much else to see, for example Mandarin Park with the huge Hotel that has a roof garden looking like a ship in the sky. We then had the flight to Auckland where at midnight we were met by Aunty Freda, Cousin Miranda and little cousin Zarah. A good night’s sleep and then came my nemesis, meeting the dog! Chew Backer, yes he looked just like the character from Star Wars, a huge longhaired German Shepherd. I had forgotten to tell Aunty I am petrified of large dogs, and she hadn’t told me they had replaced the one who had died since our last trip, in the 1980’s. More of the dog later; we spent a few days meeting up with everyone and then after Sunday Eucharist at St Aidan Anglican Church, we were off to the South Island and our grand tour.

We spent the next ten-days touring the South Island by train, coach and boat and it was fabulous. I will be telling much more in the October with a talk to the Fellowship Group, so hold tight for that.

On our return from Christchurch the expected baptism did not take place. My scatty cousin had not really got dad on board, and so after the minister, me, and Miranda (my cousin) had a meeting, we decided to go ahead with a Thanksgiving service instead. It was great, again more about that later.

Then it was on to Bali for the wedding, and a culture shock lasting a week. It was so good to meet my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, and of course his bride. I look forward to going into detail in October when I shall tell all at the Fellowship meeting.

With a huge thank you to you all for giving us time to enjoy four fabulous weeks we will never forget.


From the Parish Registers

9 May 2019 ~ Alice Isabella Smith

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

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Sunday8:00 amHoly Communion
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Organ Spectacular

The rebuilt organ

The organ was originally a Forster and Andrews organ and second hand when purchased. We are not sure whether or not it was installed by the dedication date of the church (1883) or in 1892, as that date is mentioned and soon after it was being serviced by Bishop and Sons. It could not have been in a brilliant state of repair at that time as in 1915 there was concern about the state of the organ, yet it seems nothing was done until 1920, then in 1921 money was being raised to pay the organ builder the final sum owed. The following extracts from the Parish Magazine in 1920 puts it all into perspective:

“We have the specification (from Messrs. Bishop & Son for the reconstruction of the organ) and it was our intention to reproduce it in this number of the Parish Magazine, but it is of such a technical character that we fear very few of the parishioners would be any the wiser…. We will therefore content ourselves with saying that the present organ, when brought to S.Mary’s over 37 years ago, was a second-hand, patched-up instrument; a great deal of money has been spent on it from time to time to keep it in going order, but most of the internal arrangements are now entirely worn out, and either a complete renovation or an entirely new instrument has become an absolute necessity. The cost of a new instrument is now prohibitive, so the specification provides for a complete renovation of the present instrument, and the bringing of it up to date in every feature. The cost of this, if put in hand without delay, will be £890. But if we delay the cost will probably be advanced.

There had been much fund raising by the choir and other members of the congregation and in 1922 the final payment was made to Bishop and Sons.

“A cheque for £840 has been sent to Bishop & Sons on account, £50 being retained in order that the new action may be tested by use, and against the probability that some adjustments may be found necessary.

(With thanks to Joy Heywood for her recent researches in past Parish Magazines)

It seems that from the beginning of the 1920s onwards the organ worked well with its 3 manuals, 30 pedals and 29 speaking stops, plus a swell tremulant. In the early 1970s there must have been trouble afoot and by 1976 it was becoming urgent. At that time there clearly were some particular funding problems as when work was carried out on the organ it seems it was damage limitation. The choir organ was disconnected but left in situ, the choir manual was removed and the tremulant was removed from the swell organ. While necessary work was certainly carried out on the leather work in the instrument and some other repairs and electrical works were undertaken, it is possible the weaknesses in the reed pipes was overlooked, so that while repairs were made to make the organ work efficiently again, deterioration was not stopped in pipework and other parts of the organ. So 1977 saw the organ reduced to 2 manuals, 30 pedals, one swell pedal (there had been a second for the choir organ), no tremulant and 21 speaking stops. It might have happened in 1977, but at some point the console of the organ was raised and the organist has for some years been raised around a foot off the floor with the organ stool unable to move back enough for some organists for fear of toppling off the plinth. For some there were also difficulties in climbing on the organ stool. The safety aspect of this change could not have been considered, but this may have been done so that the organist had a better view of the choir through the mirror and some of the choir could then see the organist directing from the console.

From the early years of this century it was becoming obvious that the instrument was beginning to fail as tuning was impossible on certain ranks of pipes, several of the reed pipes were collapsing, some completely folded in half, it was a wonder that most of the great trumpet still worked. Several other pipes were not speaking properly and while Ernest Shepherd and Sons have skillfully kept it going with holding repairs and tuning, the organists have coped with the problems and many of those listening have not noticed any difference, yet it was slowly grinding to point where it would not be usable. In 2015 the Vicar, The Reverend Dr Gordon Giles, grasped the nettle and began the long process of consultations and looking at what organ builders could offer us. With much help from my colleague of the time, Keith Beniston, as well as consultations with Dr. Alan Thurlow and Paul Hale, by 2017 there were various plans for extending the organ or restoring it to the original design.

2. Collapsing organ pipes

After much thought and many discussions the PCC went with the plan that would restore the organ to a 3 manual and pedals instrument with a few small additions that would make it more flexible, especially for accompanying larger choral works and for being used in general recitals and concerts. Specific things that have been added is a Trombone on the pedal, this has been accomplished by adding a chromatic octave to the bottom of the restored Great Trumpet, the Trumpet is also playable from the Choir organ and the pedals, the Choir organ had a gap for another set of pipes, into which has been place an Larigot rank. A tremulant has been restored to the Swell organ and added to the Choir organ.

Some extra stops only need an electronic connection to make them work on a different manual or on the pedals, thus the pedal organ now has 6 in stead of 3 speaking stops, the only pipes added are those at the bottom of the Trumpet for the Trombone, the other stops for the pedals are “borrowed” from other ranks of pipes. One important step has been to lower the console back to floor level so that the organists have a choice of sitting positions and there is no longer the danger of falling off the plinth. Now we have a video screen and can see the choir without a problem, it is also still possible for some of the choir to see a waving arm when some Direction is needed.

4. New Trombone

Overall there are lots of new electronics inside the organ and this gives the organist plenty of electronic memory so that for changing stops a small piston under the keyboard is pressed with a preset selection of stops, the change in sound is immediate. Each manual has 6 of these pistons as well as some for short cuts, such as adding the Swell stops to the Great manual or pedals. There are also 8 “General” pistons that change the stops on any of the manuals and 16 foot pistons above the pedals. We can also use a “Stepper” piston. This means we can press this piston and not worry about other pistons as it can have 100 or more changes of stops in its memory, we just have to keep pressing it – of course one has to make sure one does not press it twice by mistake in case a loud registration is expected, but the one after that might be very quiet, or vice versa!

The inside of the organ is now fuller than it used to be, partly because of the trombone pipes but largely due to the electronic equipment that has been installed. No longer can old keyboards, flower arranging stands and other paraphernalia be stored inside the organ as if it were a store cupboard.

The result of all this work is that we now have 3 manuals, 30 pedals and 32 speaking stops, this should make our organ into a flexible instrument suitable for any sort of accompaniment work and equally as useful as a solo instrument. We Thank David Stalley, and his team from The Village Workshop (Organ Builders), for all the care and attention they have given to the restoration of our instrument. The high level of workmanship they have put into this should guarantee that apart from any unforeseen small thing that might occur, such as an infestation of mice or a power outage/surge, the organ should be good for the next 50 years, at which time it is always recommended a pipe organ should be cleaned and inspected for wear and tear.

Jonathan Marten

Dinner Money

I have an apology to make to everyone collecting for Mary’s Meals through our Dinner Money scheme. There was supposed to be a collection on 2nd June which didn’t happen. I was away the week before so couldn’t advertise it and then unwell on the day itself. Sorry if you brought your money to church and had to take it home again.

However, we have rescheduled and the collection will now happen on Patronal Sunday, 21st July. This is a special day for our church so what could be better than to choose it to offer our donations to a most worthwhile charity.

Many thanks for your support.

Judy Smith

Social Events

If you weren’t there then you missed a treat, even if I say so myself. Of course, I’m talking about the Tea Dance. Although select in numbers, we all had a really good time. My team of ‘Nippies’ pulled out all the stops and produced a tea worthy of any fancy hotel and I would like to thank them on behalf of everyone who enjoyed their efforts.

So, my advice is - don’t miss out on the next event! It will be the Patronal Dinner on 20th July following the Organ Spectacular and drinks reception. They are both free and the dinner will cost you just £15 for a three-course meal with drinks. Bargain!

If you would like to come then please speak to Alison Reeve.

See you there

Judy Smith

Choral Evensong with Bishop Rob Wickham

News From The Home Group

Film Night, Monday, 29 July, 18:00

CS Lewis memorial BelfastWe begin a season on the life and work of one of the most commercially successful authors, whose thirty-eight books have never been out of print, with the documentary; The True Story Of The Author C. S. Lewis and The Chronicles Of Narnia. The amazing story of the legendary British writer.

DVD Back Cover Description:

“When C. S. Lewis, a mild-mannered Professor at Oxford University in the heart of England, sat down to write a story for children, not even his closest friend thought it would be a success. The fact that C. S. Lewis was a confirmed bachelor and the friend in question was none other than J. R. R. Tolkien, the much-respected author of The Lord of the Rings, did not bode well!

However, when The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe appeared in print, the reading public of Great Britain, quickly followed by the rest of the world, had other ideas. The magical realm of Narnia was truly captivating and proved to be extremely popular, and to this day The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is still an all-time favourite with each new generation of young readers. So enduring is this delightful tale of magic and mystery that even the Hollywood Film Industry has turned its attention to this remarkable children’s classic.

Step beyond the open door before you and enter the world of Narnia. Discover for yourself the origin of this enchanted land of ice and snow, where only a Lion’s roar can herald the coming of spring. Let your imagination restore the wonder of childhood as the power of Narnia works its eternal magic and the amazing true-life story of C. S. Lewis is revealed.”

Running time, sixty minutes.

God bless. Love Laura Cope.

Early Warning

It’s time for the Parish Concert once again. This year it will be on Saturday 28th September. Please volunteer to take part for a maximum of four minutes, if you can sing, play, dance, recite etc. There will be no concert with out people joining in, so have a word with me.

Eleanor Prichard

Found in the home of our host in Auckland

‘Read the Bible, it will scare the Hell out of you.’

And one for the children…

The Twelve disciples

Andrew, Peter, James and John followed Jesus on and on,

Matthew, Thomas, Philip too, and don’t forget Bartholomew,

Simon, Judas, and little James are eleven of the disciple’s names. Eleven good men, but one was not, his name was Judas Iscariot.

Mo Lunn

Patronal Dinner

Moving into the 21st Century

Have you ever been in the position where an announcement is made that a collection will be made for X Charity after the service only to find, when scrabbling through your purse, bag, pockets or wallet, a few low denomination coins lurking in the corners – but would like to give more? Well this could be a thing of the past. We have new technology available in the shape of a smart card reader – now you will be able to make the donation using your Credit/Debit card or payment enabled smart phone!

You may have noticed it at the back of church during May when we were trialling the device by collecting for Christian Aid Week; perhaps you saw it being introduced in the hall after a service, or are even one of those who used it?

It is very easy to use. It is pre-set for £5 donations but can easily be re-set for a single donation of between £3 and £30 with a tap and a swipe.

We will be able to use it for any donation to St Mary Magdalene, or one of the other charities we collect for like Mary’s Meals or Christian Aid. It will be made available at all services and special events and even in the hall after the service.

GoodBox image colour

If you would like more information or to be shown how it works please speak to Ken Cope, Paul Reeve or one of the wardens.

Ken Cope

Sunday Morning Coffee

We all enjoy our cup of coffee after the Parish Communion on Sunday mornings. This is prepared for us week by week by a dedicated team of Volunteers under the direction of Anneliese Fenwick. She needs more people to help her and if you feel able to join the ‘Team’ please speak to Anneliese.

Coffee Morning

Thank you to the 22 people and two children who attended our coffee morning on 18th June. We were able to sit in the garden and enjoy the sunshine - a bonus after all the horrible weather of previous days.

Almost £200 was raised to help with the restoration of the church wall or hall decoration, so a big thank you to everyone who contributed.

Carol and Peter Lamb

Coffee and a Concert

In June at the concert we were entertained by an excellent baritone who now lives on Stretton. He grew up in Enfield going to St Andrew’s school and Latymer. Jo Ramadam, another very good musician, played the piano with him.

At 12.30 pm on Wednesday 10 July, Jonathan Newby, a local musician, will play the piano for us. Do come along. We are so lucky that we are able to hear good music in our church. Coffee and cake will be on offer from 11.30 in the vestry.  All are welcome.

Eleanor Pritchard

11.30pm – 1pm

Retiring Collection

Coffee, tea and cake available in the Choir Vestry from 11.30 am

Concert programme for 2019

July 10 – Jonathan Newby: Organ

August – no concert

September 11 – Catherine Leonard: Piano
October 9 – Serafini Chamber Group
November 13 – Michael and Marion Smith: Piano and Organ
December 11 – Suzannah Knight: Oboe; Michael Lovejoy: Violin and Roddy Elmer: Piano

Another Concert

Southgate Symphony Orchestra will as usual present their summer concert at our church. It will be at 7.30 pm on Saturday 6 July.

The programme will include Beethoven’s ‘Egmont’ Overture, the popular Symphony No 8 by Dvorak and Saint-Saëns’ Violin Concerto No 3 to be played by Gavin Davies, a brilliant violinist who has played with us in the past.

On the door, if available, tickets will be £14.00, £12.00 for concessions and £5.00 for children. However, if purchased up to a week before save £2.00 on each adult ticket. Don’t leave it too late because we have had sell outs. I have tickets for sale.

Eleanor Pritchard

Fellowship News

Our speaker for the June meeting, unfortunately had to pull out, but at the last minute Jackie was able to bring her quiz forward. We are all grateful for her and all she does for us. Thank you, Jackie.

July 17: Bring & Share picnic lunch in our garden at 12.30pm.

August. No Meeting

September 18: Haven House Children’s Hospice. 2pm.

October 16: Mo will give a visual trip around Singapore, New Zealand and Bali, with a background of the ‘good, the bad and the ugly. 2pm

November 20: Making music together, Eleanor. 2pm.

December 18: Fellowship Christmas Lunch, 12.30- 1pm. Venue tba

Please encourage friends to join us, especially when something is of interest.

Coffee Morning

Coffee Morning Dates 2019

July 16: June Carr

August 20: Gill and David

September 17: Jackie Fish

October 15: Lilian and Colin

November 19: Gordon Giles

December 17: Rita Barker

The Parish Barbecue

Annual Church Barbecue

to be held at the home of Alison & Paul Reeve

Saturday 13th July,

Arrive from 3.30 onwards

Salads, bread and desserts will be provided as well as plates and cutlery.

You just bring whatever you want to cook, your favourite tipple
and a garden chair if you have one.

If you don’t like BBQ - bring a picnic.

There is lots of space for games and for sitting enjoying the sunshine.
Something for everyone, however young.

Ask Alison or Paul for any more information.

Magazine rota

(10 am Saturday morning in the Church or earlier as arranged)

27 July 2019
Vic Harrington/Pam Hagan

31 August 2019
Ken Cope/Gill Bird

28 September 2019
Peter Lamb/Carol Lamb

If you know of any lady or gentleman who would be able to help with stapling, or if you are unable to keep any of the above dates, please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale.


Items for the August edition to the editor by Sunday 14 July.

Please use the magazine section of the pigeon-holes or email to Documents should be in Microsoft Word or plain text. If you know of anyone who would be able to help with stapling or if you are unable to keep the above dates please contact either Michael or Janet Dixon or Janet Whelpdale

Frinton 2019Sign up for Fabulous Frinton

The date this year is Friday 26th July

We will travel there and back by coach and the cost will be £16 per seat which includes a tip for the driver.

If you would like to be included please let Alison Reeve know. You can bring any of your friends and family – grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, aunts and uncles...but children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is always a great day out and very popular. So Book Early!

Please pay before the day. If paying by cheque please make it payable to the church.

We will meet at the vicarage at 8.45am to leave at 9.00am

and leave Frinton at 4.00pm

Circle Time

Every Monday from 10am-1pm
(starting from 1 July 2019)
at St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Windmill Hill, EN2 7AJ.

Please contact Nadeen Stockhouse on 07445518246 if you have any queries.


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