Church spaces for hire

2019-09-23 Shallow Adelina YouTube

Church spaces for hire with Tutti

Book our Church, Hall or Vestry for photography, music, dance or drama rehearsals. We have a lovely church with good acoustic and grand piano and newly refurbished organ. We have two halls, the small one is suitable for a small ensemble and the large one for a larger group of singers or players. Choirs may prefer to use the church, but the Halls are also suitable. We have no car park, but street parking is free and permitted. All available for very reasonable rates.


To book please click on the Tutti image above.

Adelina and ‘Shallow’

One such musician, Adelina, liked our Church so much she used it as a backdrop for her music video ‘Shallow’, a cover of a song by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. You can see and hear it on YouTube here.

Beyonce – SPIRIT (The Lion King cover by Adelina)

Adelina came back to record a beautiful cover of Beyonce’s “Spirit” from the latest Lion King movie. Watch an listen on You Tube here.