Black Friday Goodness

Luke 23.33-43 I daresay you noticed that next Friday will be what has now become known as Black Friday. You may know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day, which in the United States is the fourth Thursday of November. It is a public holiday commemorating the first harvest celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers who had settled in … Read More

Quiz, Fizz and Pizza evening 2019


In spite of the weather everyone who had booked a place managed to turn up and enjoy the fizz, pizza and the fun quiz prepared by Elise, ably assisted by Bella and friend. The questions were a great mixture and just right – what a fabulous evening we had! Thank you Elise for being our quiz-master for the evening and … Read More

All Souls 2019 ~ Marking the end

Revelation 20:11-12; 21:1-8 When someone dies, one of the many realities that strike at the soul is the paperwork that is issued by civic authorities – the death certificate. It is a stark document, perfunctory and precise, stating simply that someone has died and that it is now official. It is also a necessary document, for without it funeral arrangements … Read More

All Saints Day 2019

Many years ago I recall seeing an article in a newspaper that had a graphic of a railway carriage seating plan, with passengers of various shapes and sizes, and above each seat was a price. The purpose of the illustration was to show that each person in the carriage had paid a different price for their ticket, even though they … Read More