Parish Notices 22 March 2020

Parish notices:

We will endeavour to have the church open from time to time. All formal acts of public worship are suspended.

The APCM is postponed and will be held in many months’ time. The PCC and Churchwardens remain in post.

There will be a virtual PCC meeting next weekend, members will be informed how we shall do this.

Keep reading the wonderful Lent Book. I think it is not wise to carry on meeting on Monday evenings. On Monday evening area prayer for those who are sharing the Journey of Lent at home.

We hope to issue a recorded version of the Passion Dramatisation that would have been performed on Palm Sunday. We will try to issue some spiritual sustenance each day in Holy Week.

The Weekly Intercessions will be issued by email (but not posted on the website), so please do let us know of anyone or thing we can all pray for. See below.

If you need anything, do not forget to ASK!