Parish Notices 05 April 2020

Holy Week and Easter


Holy Week is not cancelled – far from it!

On our church website you will find:

A liturgy, also recorded, of the blessing of the Psalms. Palms will be outside the Vicarage for collection. You can listen to the podcast of that blessing again while holding your palm if you like. Do keep it through Holy Wee, you will need it again. Let its frailty and simplicity be not only a reminder of Christ’s passion-journey and isolation, but of your own. There will also be candles – you might like to take one for Easter Day. Freely take for yourself and others from my front doorstep! There will also be candles, and a few copies ofmagazines and copies of the Palm Sunday material.

Online resources for Holy Week

Palm Sunday resources can be found here:

Do join in at 10am Sunday morning, or other time.

Further liturgies and resources will appear on the Church website The liturgy for Palm Sunday is attached to this email.

On Maundy Thursday (7.30pm), there is a ‘liturgy’ for celebrating an Agape meal at home yourselves. It works even for one person. It is not Communion, but it will unite us.

The Agape Meal material is here:

If you would like to join in the keeping of the Gospel of the Watch after supper on Maundy Thursday (9pm), then you will find the readings here:

Good Friday resources will be here: (11am or 5pm)

On Easter Eve (8pm) you can listen to some of the drama we have recorded and join in the blessing of the Pascal Candle:

Easter Day (10am):

With the permission of the BRF the Holy Week chapters of ‘At Home in Lent’ can be read and or listened to. You’ll find them here:

Some of this material is already there, some of it will appear in good time. Do not eat your Easter egg too early… Do not download Easter and use it too early! Thus we can keep the Holy Triduum (three days) together! The timings are suggestions, but if many of us keep them, we will thereby introduce discipline and fellowship into our observances.

The April Magazine exists online But I am aware that some people are not getting any of these communications because they are not online. We must not leave these folk behind. If anyone knows of anyone who is not receiving this material, either print it out and get it to them, or tell me and we will send them a Holy Week pack consisting of the magazine, palm cross, candle and the stewardship letter. Many of the have gone out already.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee wish to send everyone greetings and news, and the letter is here. If you would prefer to receive a letter in the post, then please say so. Obviously we want to keep costs down and speed up delivery, but we do not want to exclude or offend anyone. We will be posting to those whom we know not to have an email addresses, with a magazine and palm cross. So please tell me if there are folk who might be missing out.

Meantime, go well, keep well, sleep well and remember that ‘all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well’.