Stewardship Letter 2020

Stewardship letter 2020

Dear friends,

Two years have gone by and it is time to write to you again about Stewardship. It is, of course, the continued commitment of time, talents and money that you all give so freely and generously that allows us to survive and I thank you all for that.

We live, as the Chinese curse has it, in interesting times. If we are to believe the most extreme analyses of the current coronavirus pandemic, our way of life may be changed for ever. And more parochially, literally and figuratively, we face the prospect of a future without our good shepherd of the past 17 years, Gordon. Turbulent times indeed. So our Stewardship for the time being has a different emphasis, focussed as it is on support to each other through the ASK initiative introduced by Gordon and, as the Director General of the World Health Organisation has said through solidarity, humility and kindness. It is more important than ever that we should love one another as our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has bidden us to do, if we are to come out of this on the other side, to resurrection life if you will.

I would, of course, normally be asking you to consider increasing your giving to meet the ever increasing costs of the Common Fund and the maintenance of our beautiful church building. But this must be set aside for the moment. At present please just stay home, stay safe and stay well.

In good time the plan is that we will celebrate in church and with a celebratory feast, where we can thank God for his protection and goodness and in return we can think what our response should be in our renewed commitment of time, talents and money, the trinity of Stewardship principles. Do, please, keep giving, increase your giving if you wish, reduce it if that is necessary to protect yourselves financially and, if you pay through the envelope scheme, please try and find a way to get your money to us some other way while we are not at church - a monthly cheque through the vicarage door perhaps, or mine.

We are facing an interregnum, a whole year without a vicar to lead us. So we must come together even more closely and support each other like never before.

I know we shall do it.

Please keep well,

Michael Smith