Priest’s Blog: Ask Trinity 1

Priest's Blog ~ June 2020
ASK: Trinity 1

Dear friends,

I hope the past week has been good for you and that you remain safe and well. Apart from pounding the pavements of Bush Hill Park ours has been much the same as every other in this very strange time. But there have been a couple of little highlights.

On Monday we bumped into Vic and Pam and had a lovely conversation on the street. Keeping social distance of course. On Thursday we lit a candle to say goodbye to Billy and pray for his grieving family. Then on Friday we spent a couple of hours in the vicarage garden saying farewell to Gordon, Jessica and Maria. It struck me that from 3.15pm on Saturday Gordon will no longer be our vicar, gone but yet not gone. A present reality to be made complete in the future. A picture of God's Kingdom in miniature perhaps!

Late on Friday evening we watched a comedian who closed his performance with a short and serious phrase, I would like to share it with any of you who are finding life difficult now.

“If you’re struggling, it doesn't mean you’re failing.”

Finally keep on doing what you are doing. That is, loving and encouraging each other, and collectively sending our love and prayers with Gordon, Jessica and Maria, as they move on to a great adventure in Rochester. Bon Voyage dear friends.