Magazine August 2020

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Parish Magazine ~ August 2020

Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, the Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes.

Our Curate, The Rev'd Maureen Lunn, have been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here.

Trinity 4

Dear friends,

Friends old and new. Another week has rolled on and covid-19 is still very much with us, our guard must remain up. Please keep doing what you have been doing. That is keeping safe and well.

We can now see a return to Holy Communion on the distant horizon. Rochester Cathedral will hold its first HC on the 19th of this month but our PCC are advising us to wait a little longer. We must be patient because numbers would be limited to 30 and who could we discount?

The pubs and hairdressers are now open, have you been tempted to use either? Many of us will be too nervous to attempt either yet. The plan is to for us to take baby steps and that goes for a return to our usual worship too. Thanks to Ken for our online service for the forseeable future.

Be patient and stay safe.


Trinity 5

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, I wonder what these past four months, in very strange circumstances, have taught you about yourself? For myself I have become more tolerant  of me, procrastination, the thief of time and all that. With so much time available things never seemed really urgent. I have also made more of an effort to exercise. I never noticed before how prayer partners so well with walking. So there has been some benefit from the isolation.

As well as benefit there have also been losses. Many of us have lost loved ones during the lock down. Funerals have been even more sad. Weddings have had to be postponed. Some of us have been given a new diagnosis of illness. These have all happened but so too has an increase in a thirst for God. I urge you therefore to spend some time today thinking about what you have learnt about you in the past months and to thank God for it.

Keep safe and keep praying.



Trinity 6 - Patronal Festival

Dear friends,

Friends old and new,

today we are grateful to The Reverend Jackie Fish for her words of encouragement and her message on this our Patronal Festival Sunday. We are aware that our worship is not what we would usually enjoy, we cannot share the music or the fellowship of a joyous celebration as in previous years. But we at St Mary Magdalene are a resourceful church and so we focus on our prayer life, the care we offer in the delivery of food or medicine and the texts, emails and phone calls to the housebound, practical Christianity.

Time is drawing near when those of us who are vulnerable, including me, will be able to carefully come out of hibernation. I look forward to joining you in prayer, in church, and so face covering at the ready I am waiting for the advice to ‘open the door’.

Dear friends, keep doing what you have been doing, keep safe and pray for all those working to find a vaccine that will protect us all.


Trinity 7 – ‘It’s all in the metaphor’

Dear friends,

Friends old and new,

Stories are a wonderful way of telling a truth that is easily understood and readily stored in our memory. I wonder what your lockdown story will be, what you will tell your grandchildren when they ask “What did you do in the pandemic granddad/grandma?”

Mine will be: I did what I was asked to do, I loved my neighbour by following the advice. I read a lot of books and did a lot of walking.

Only five more days and I will begin to write my new story. God and his kingdom are the most precious gift we may ever be offered, but they do not come cheap. These past four months have cost us all, we have had to become something new, in a new normal. Hear God’s love for you in our new story.

Keep safe and keep well.


From the Parish Registers

If anyone is celebrating a birthday or anniversary and wishes to take up the elements please inform the churchwardens.

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Coffee Mornings 2020

If coffee mornings continue for 2020 here are the dates which we hope to see each other again!

August 18: Cancelled
September 15: Jackie Fish
October 20: Kate & Bob
November 17: Lilian & Colin
December 15: Rita Barker

as you all know March through to July were all cancelled and I do not think it would be appropriate at the moment for August to take place so that is cancelled. As you know the takings from the coffee mornings are to be used eventually for a new kitchen in the Vestry and because of the virus we have potentially lost £800. I was wondering if you could manage to put say £3 per person x 4 in a pot and eventually bring it to the next morning whenever that will be. I know times are hard but we should keep God’s house in good order and this would be a wonderful sign of our love for St Mary Magdalene’s.

Many thanks for all your past support, keep safe and love to everyone,

Rita Barker

Smile lines

Here are some excruciating one-liners...

What time of day was Adam created?
Just a little before Eve.

Who was the fastest runner in the race?
Adam. He was first in the human race.

Why are atoms Catholic?
Because they all have mass.

Why didn’t they play cards on the Ark?
Because Noah was always standing on the deck

Why didn’t Noah ever go fishing?
He only had two worms.

Did Eve ever have a date with Adam?
No — just an apple.

Does God love everyone?
Yes, but He prefers ‘fruits of the spirit’ to ‘religious nuts’.

Why couldn’t Jonah trust the ocean?
He just knew there was something fishy about it.

What kind of man was Boaz before he married Ruth?
Absolutely ruthless.

The good Lord didn’t create anything without a purpose.
Mosquitoes come close, though.

What’s so funny about forbidden fruits?
They create many jams.

Fellowship meetings for 2020

Cancelled until further notice

Coffee and a Concert

Lockdown permitting
12.30pm – 1pm

Retiring Collection

Concert programme for 2020

August – No Concert
September 9 – Catherine Leonard: Piano
October 14 – Marion and Michael Smith: Piano and Organ
November 11 – Jonathan Newby: Piano
December 12 – Lunch Time Carol Concert