Magazine September 2020

Parish Magazine ~ September 2020

Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, the Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes.

Our Curate, The Rev'd Maureen Lunn, have been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here.

Trinity 8: ‘Are you a feeder too?’

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, are you a feeder? Here at St Marys we are a hospitable lot, we love our parties, our coffee mornings and all those events when we gather around a table. If the call goes out for a plate to share, then two are provided. Jesus was certainly a feeder, over and above his religious duty to provide for the stranger. I feel really sad, as I write this on Friday, that our Muslim brothers and sisters in the north are not permitted to share their celebration of Eid. Usually they would have a veritable feast to share with family and friends but the virus strikes again. As we read and contemplate our gospel today about Jesus and those small barely loaves and two fish, we can reflect on God's overwhelming provision for us all in the Kingdom both here and in Heaven.

Have a wonderful week, keep safe and well.


Trinity 9: ‘Testing the Water’

Dear friends,

Friends old and new

This week we have seen the very best and the worst of human nature. We celebrated the 150th year of the British Red Cross and the power of kindness. We remembered the dreadful power of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended the war in Japan and so the 75th Anniversary of the end of WW2. We witnessed the explosion of confiscated chemicals in the Beirut warehouse and the devastation it caused. It was amazing to see the Red Cross, along with other charities already in the midst of rubble and glass within hours of the explosion.

If our week has been a trial then we need to remember the millions of people affected by those experiences. To thank God for the power of kindness, to be ready to test the water and play our part in sharing God's love.

Keep safe and well.


Trinity 10: “even the dogs eat the crumbs...”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, I have been thinking all week about what I might say to you this week. Mostly it went something like “if you can't stand the heat” but then we couldn’t vacate the kitchen, and the rain came, the sweet refreshing rain. We are told a vaccine will possibly come by the end of the year and it will be like that sweet rain. We must continue praying that it will prove to be safe and effective.

So we keep doing what we have all been doing, keeping safe and following the guidelines. Then we shall return to worshipping our Lord and sit at his table. May that come very soon.


Trinity 11: Matthew 16: 13-20

Dear friends,

friends old and new, today we have a real treat as our Bishop of Edmonton, Rob Wickham is preaching for us. Like you, I will be listening to his message in expectation of hearing God's word.

Our hearts go out to all the young people caught up in the exam results issue and pray for a resolution that befits their hard work and that of their teachers during these months of disruption due to the virus.

Keep well and remember to keep the rules.


Trinity 12: They had his name right but his identity wrong.

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, I have never been more grateful to be living in Britain than this week. We see people in Belarus out in the streets protesting that their votes had been stolen and demanding the President resign. We hear that President Putin will send in “police” to uphold the status quo if the situation there escalates. We hear President Trump declare that if the Democrats win the election in the USA it will be a fraudulent result. All three Presidents demonstrate what Power and Control can morph into. Jesus was very aware that Caesar and Rome were an illegitimate government. He had been in conflict with religious leaders for some time. He asks us “who do YOU say that I am?” Unlike the conclusions we draw from the three presidents in our news this week, we must stop defining Jesus by our twentieth century experiences but instead learn from him, then perhaps we’ll find our confession means more than it ever did and we will identify the Son of God, the source of all power and control.


From the Parish Registers

Sunday Services

We are pleased to announce that from Sunday 6th September we will be holding said Eucharist Services at 10:00am on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month. Of course, following Government and Church of England guidelines, we will be keeping social distancing and wearing of face masks is mandatory. There is limited space for these services – 54 individual spaces, so if you are a couple or are part of a family bubble, we can accommodate a few more. We will be adding a few more chairs to the church to allow for extra spaces. We expect the service to take around 45 minutes.

The 2nd and 4th Sundays we will continue to open for private prayer between 10am and 12noon.

Coffee Morning Rota 2020

If coffee mornings continue for 2020 here are the dates which we hope to see each other again!

15th September Cancelled
20th October Kate & Bob
17th November Lilian & Colin
15th December Rita

as you all know March to August were all cancelled, and I do not think it would be appropriate at the moment for September to take place so that is cancelled. As you know the takings from the coffee mornings are to be used eventually for a new kitchen in the Vestry and because of the virus we have potentially lost £1,200. I was wondering if you could manage to put say £3 per person x 6 in a pot and eventually bring it to the next morning whenever that will be. I know times are hard but we should keep God’s house in good order and this would be a wonderful sign of our love for St Mary Magdalene’s.

Many thanks for all your past support, keep safe and love to everyone,

Rita Barker

Fellowship meetings for 2020

Postponed until further notice

Coffee and a Concert

Lockdown permitting
12.30pm – 1pm

Retiring Collection

Concert programme for 2020

September – Cancelled
October 14 – Marion and Michael Smith: Piano and Organ
November 11 – Jonathan Newby: Piano
December 12 – Lunch Time Carol Concert