Magazine October 2020

St Mary Magdalene Church

Parish Magazine ~ October 2020

Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, the Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes.

Our Curate, The Rev'd Maureen Lunn, have been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here.

Trinity 13: We have a blueprint for dealing with conflict.

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, here we are this week beginning to take baby steps and reintroduce a Eucharist. It will not be the same as before COVID-19, there will be no singing of hymns, we will distribute the host at the chancel step and directly into your hands. I will not be permitted to come down into the nave for those who cannot come forward and everyone will need to continue to wear their face covering. Despite these new rules I hope you will find comfort and fellowship in receiving the body of Christ after so long and we are working with our bishops to ease restrictions when it is safe.

Our readings this morning give us tools to deal with conflict, both within the church and in our everyday lives. We have all been living during a stressful time, it is inevitable that conflict has become a problem for some of us. It was a problem for the disciples and Jesus gave us a pathway to reconciliation. I hope you will find it helpful as we negotiate the constant changes in the advice to keep us safe and well.

Keep doing what you have been and I hope to see you soon.


Trinity 14: Lord how often should I forgive? Matthew 18: 21-35

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, we had our first, experimental communion last Sunday and it went well. People felt safe and cared for. When we looked at the calendar it became obvious that we had chosen the wrong weeks for the communion because so many of the festivals fell on the second Sunday of the month. So after discussion we have decided to move the Eucharist to the second and fourth Sunday each month from November 8th.

It is sad that from tomorrow we have to take a step back in our social lives and the 'rule of six' becomes law. This will be difficult for those who have larger families, for example, I will be able to see one of our daughters and her family but not the other. It may be that this rule will stay in place until Christmas. I want to assure you that Christmas will not be cancelled, we will keep the rules and keep safe by doing what we have done since the beginning of the lockdown. When we can't meet in person we will meet online, Ken is doing amazing work in producing a real opportunity to worship.

Stay safe and well.


Trinity 15: Lord how often should I forgive? Matthew 18: 21-35

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, during the last few weeks we have looked at forgiveness firstly within the church, then at how often to forgive and today we look at God’s gift of forgiveness even for those who we don't believe deserve it. We need to challenge our sense of justice. We pray this week for our Jewish brothers and sisters as they celebrate their New Year, for all those in the northern regions who are in a local lockdown and for ourselves as we face the next few months with the possibility of more stringent rules to keep the virus under control. As we strive to “be the servant of all” keep up your spirits, love your neighbour and keep in touch with each other.


Trinity 16: Where does the authority lie?

Dear friends,

Friends old and new, we have been remembering the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain this week and the enormous loss of young lives. Some of our congregation will have personal memories of the war and I would encourage you to record these for posterity. Our own stories are important and as I was making recordings this week, many of my own memories surfaced. One of my abiding memories will be of visiting Audrey and John both at St Michael's Hospital and then at home. Audrey had so much love for young people, it was clear to me that her ministry was to teach. As we lay her to rest in our Memorial Garden today I hope you will remember her and pray for John and all the family as they say their final goodbyes.


From the Parish Registers

APCM Advance Notice

Dear all,

Our APCM was postponed earlier in the year due to the COVID19 Lockdown, the deadline for it being held is 31st October. We had all hoped that we would be able to hold our APCM in the Hall as is our custom. Unfortunately, this is not to be the reality.

Following recommendations from the Diocese the meeting will now be held on Zoom. The meeting will be open to everyone on the Electoral Roll and will take place on Friday 30th October opening at 7:00pm for a 7:30pm start. It is recommended that you join the meeting as close to 7:00pm as possible to become familiar with the interface if you are new to Zoom to allow the meeting to start promptly. Please note there are only 100 places in our Zoom Meetings account.

Access to the meeting is via a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone by following a link or phoning one of the numbers provided in an email that will be sent out closer to the date. The Annual Report along with the Finance Report will be sent out via email and be made available on the Parish website.

The PCC held their first meeting via Zoom this week. Overall, it was successful and a few lessons on hosting the meeting were learnt along the way. Please be patient with us as a Zoom meeting for the APCM is new territory.

More details will follow in an email that will be circulated nearer the time.

Fellowship meetings for 2020

Postponed until further notice

Coffee and a Concert

Lockdown permitting
12.30pm – 1pm

Retiring Collection

Concert programme for 2020

October 14 – Cancelled
November 11 – Jonathan Newby: Piano
December 12 – Lunch Time Carol Concert

Coffee Morning Rota 2020

If coffee mornings continue for 2020 here are the dates which we hope to see each other again!

15th 20th October Cancelled
17th November Lilian & Colin
15th December Rita

As you all know March to September were all cancelled, and I do not think it would be appropriate at the moment for October to take place so that is cancelled. As you know the takings from the coffee mornings are to be used eventually for a new kitchen in the Vestry and because of the virus we have potentially lost £1,400. I was wondering if you could manage to put say £3 per person x 6 in a pot and eventually bring it to the next morning whenever that will be. I know times are hard but we should keep God’s house in good order and this would be a wonderful sign of our love for St Mary Magdalene’s.

Many thanks for all your past support, keep safe and love to everyone,

Rita Barker