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Parish Magazine ~ March 2021

Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, the Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes.

Our Curate, The Rev'd Maureen Lunn, have been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here.

ASK: The Second Sunday Before Lent.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, God bless the NHS and Captain Sir Tom who died this week. If any one encapsulated God’s flesh at work in this world it was Sir Tom and all those who were galvanised by his walk to raise money for NHS charities. His work will go on in the Foundation he started. It is astonishing that more than 10 million, one in five adults have received their first dose of a covid-19 vaccine. Yet there are still people who are fearful to take it. Please keep assuring any you know that there is nothing in the jab to harm or control you. Tomorrow really will be a good day.

On a different note I need to let you know that all the February sermons were recorded by me, at home. They are not perfect, but the result of a steep learning curve. They underline the enormous debt we owe to Ken who week by week has made our online worship possible. If we look around us there are so many examples of “The Flesh” at work among us. We are all blessed indeed.

Keep safe and keep well.


ASK: The Sunday next before Lent.

“The Transfiguration of our Lord”

Dear friends,

friends old and new. Those disciples on the mountain had a glimpse of heaven. They saw an alternative reality and were moved. The past year has been an alternative reality for us, everything has been changed. We have not been able to hug our loved ones. The commute has been quieter. Shopping online and the supermarket shop have both been challenging, bagging a delivery or empty shelves at times. Children out of school and home learning. Not being able to mourn our loved ones who have ‘gone to glory’. But we have not lost our community. We have kept in touch by phone, facetime and zoom. We have risen above it all and many of us been given hope with the vaccine that we will be able to emerge from this strange time before too long. As the disciples were changed forever by their experience on the mountain, we too will be changed by COVID. Let us make our promise to God and each other to keep doing what we have been doing. To ASK, ask for help, pray for each other and keep helping where we can.

Stay safe and keep well.


ASK: The First Sunday of Lent.

“The Milestones of Life.”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, how we look forward to the milestone when the lock down can be eased. We have passed the milestone when 1/5th of adults have had the first jab and the awful numbers of those affected are beginning to come down. We look forward to getting back to worship together and in person and taking communion again. It won’t be too long now.

Today we begin the season of Lent, when we turn our faces toward the cross. Let us also look ahead at deepening our faith in the God who loves and cares for us all. He will bring us to the milestone of the resurrection, and a new life with COVID under control.

Keep safe and keep well.


ASK: The Second Sunday of Lent.

“If any want to become my followers.”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, what a relief we had this week. We now know how the exit of the current lock down looks and we can begin to make flexible plans. Please don’t make rash decisions and put yourself or others at risk.

I look forward to getting back to church, but not until it is safe. I look forward to weddings and baptisms and all the things we love. They will begin in the summer.

This week in Lent we look at the cost of being a Christian and not only a financial one. When we decide to follow Christ it has to be the first thing on our mind, because there is no half measure for Jesus. There are no half measures in following COVID regulations either because you cannot half contract the virus. So dear friends, keep safe and keep well, we are nearly there.


From the Parish Registers

Events for 2021

For the time being all regular church and home based events: Coffee Mornings, Fellowship, Lunchtime Concerts and Bible Study are, regrettably, cancelled. We aim to be hosting a monthly social evening via Zoom. Please check the weekly email for more information.

Jayne Buckland

It is with sadness that I have to let you know that Jayne Buckland has passed peacefully Tuesday afternoon (26 Jan) after a long battle with Leukaemia, her daughter and niece beside her. Jayne will be remembered in our prayers. Jayne's funeral was held on Tuesday 16th February at Christchurch Cockfosters. The order of Service is below.

Here is Isabelle’s post from Facebook:

Hi everyone this is Isabelle, Jayne’s daughter.

I’m sorry to say Jayne passed peacefully away on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, they mean so much to me and my family. I also know my mum was so thankful for your support through her illness.

We have set up a tribute fund in aid of Macmillan in memory of my mum. We’re so thankful for all the care they gave her. If you would like to donate here is the link:

Jayne Buckland Order of Service PDF

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