Magazine April 2021

Holy Week and Easter

Parish Magazine ~ April 2021

Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, the Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes.

Our Curate, The Rev'd Maureen Lunn, have been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here.

ASK: The Second Sunday of Lent.

“If any want to become my followers.”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, what a relief we had this week. We now know how the exit of the current lock down looks and we can begin to make flexible plans. Please don’t make rash decisions and put yourself or others at risk.

I look forward to getting back to church, but not until it is safe. I look forward to weddings and baptisms and all the things we love. They will begin in the summer.

This week in Lent we look at the cost of being a Christian and not only a financial one. When we decide to follow Christ it has to be the first thing on our mind, because there is no half measure for Jesus. There are no half measures in following COVID regulations either because you cannot half contract the virus. So dear friends, keep safe and keep well, we are nearly there.


ASK: The Third Sunday of Lent.

‘It was business as usual.’

Dear friends,

friends old and new, ‘business as usual’ has been very far from usual as we have lived with the pandemic over the past year. It is likely we will not return to ‘business as usual’ for several years, if ever. But as we move forward, leaving the legal restrictions behind, we will no doubt, begin to find a new normal very quickly.

As we look into the Gospel this week, we will see that Jesus was not into ‘business as usual’, quite the reverse. Jesus was all about shaking up the usual and showing us new ways of getting closer to God. Let us all move forward and work together in finding our new way. Then, as we wait for our new vicar and the adventure that waits for us in the summer, we will know that God has prepared a new ‘business as usual’ for us at St Mary’s. Thanks be to God.

Keep safe and well.


ASK: The Fourth Sunday of Lent – Mothering Sunday.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

Dear friends,

friends old and new, in Victorian times, on this Sunday in Lent, young people in 'service', would have a holyday and return to their home and church with a simnel cake. Or that is what we have been told. We are also told that it was to our Mother the Church and not our mum that we would have travelled. It was much later that our own Mother became the focus of today's celebrations.

I have wondered for a long time just where Jesus got his deep concern to care for people and so I share with you today my thoughts. I hope you will share in my gratitude to mums every where, for their nurturing and for being the best mum they could be with the tools they were given.

Keep safe and well.


ASK: The Fifth Sunday of Lent - Passiontide.

‘Not for after dinner conversation’.

Dear friends,

friends old and new, this weekend we can applaud all those involved in delivering the COVID-19 vaccine. They have now vaccinated half the adult population. Yes there will be glitches as we move on to the next cohort, but we will soon reach the point of ‘herd immunity’ when those who, for whatever reason, cannot be vaccinated, will be protected by us all who have. Also I want to urge you all to complete the 2021 Census. You will be ensuring a fair distribution of resources and better Local Government, NHS and Schools.

Our theme this Sunday is a difficult one, Death, ours and our loved ones. So many people have died before their time this year and so many families have been unable to mourn. Let us remember the best way to help the bereaved is to listen and not try to fix their grief. God is there, ready to give comfort, while we offer support. Stay safe and well, dear friends.


ASK: Palm Sunday.

“Hosana to the Son of David”

Dear friends,

friends old and new, the saviour rides in and the people look forward with excitement to freedom. I have just booked my second vaccine jab, I am, very much like everyone, looking forward to more freedom, but. Yes a huge BUT, not everyone has been vaccinated and so we must remain cautious. Let us remember the end of the first lockdown when people flocked to the beaches and the Country Parks, spreading the virus wide and free.

The people who waved their palms and branches disappeared within days. Hosanas quickly changed and became "Crucify Him". Let us not drop our guard and crucify the NHS with a new wave of desperately sick people. Easter is near but death comes before resurrection.

Stay safe dear friends and remain well until we meet again.


From the Parish Registers

Our church will be opening again from Easter Sunday

These are the dates of the said Eucharists:
4th April Easter Sunday
25th April Easter 4

9th May Easter 6
23rd May Pentecost. The first banns for Nick Rolland
30th May Trinity Sunday

13th & 27th June

2nd and 4th Sunday from then on.

25th July The first banns for Charlotte Jones

The other weeks in the month we will be open for private prayer between 10am and 12noon as before.

Electoral Roll

Dear all,

I trust this finds you safe and well.

As usual we are required to update the Church’s Electoral Roll prior to the Annual Parish Council Meeting (APCM).

It is our parish church’s register of electors. In the same way that being on the civic Electoral Roll allows you to vote in parliamentary and local elections, joining the Church Electoral Roll means that you can vote on Church matters, attend the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) and stand for election to the PCC.

So, the church’s Electoral Roll is the register of its voting members; it is a list of those qualified to attend and to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and gives an indication of the membership and strength of the church.

If you regard St Mary’s as your spiritual home please join our Electoral Roll.

If you are already on the Electoral Roll please let us know if any of your details have changed since last year’s revision (e.g. if you have moved)

To join the Electoral Roll or amend your details please complete the Electoral Roll Form which can be found on the website: or at the back of church.

If you have any questions, please ‘Contact the Electoral Roll Officer’ link on the website or send me an email at

Best Regards


Easter Greetings

Easter Blessings to all my friends at St Marys, and those far and wide, love and prayers, Wendy Dollimore.

Christ is risen,
He is risen indeed.
To all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter,
Sending love and every blessing, from Jackie Fish.

Wishing you a Peaceful and Joyous Easter. Looking forward to the day when we can all be together again. Keep smiling and stay safe. Love and best wishes Betty Buck.

I would like to wish everyone at St Mary's a happy, blessed Easter (not too many eggs mind) and hope and pray that soon we will be able to all meet together in our lovely church for prayers. Meantime keep safe/keep smiling and be sure we will all meet again one day. Love to all Rita Barker.

An Easter Blessing and our very best wishes to all at SMM from Mo and Malcolm Lunn.

A very happy Easter to all our church friends. With Spring in the air, there is so much look forward to! Love from Julia and Katie Smart.

As an ‘honorary’ member of St MM I welcome the opportunity to send everyone greetings at Easter ...long to be sharing the ‘Good News’ with you all again! Kitty Malleson.

From Ros and Jonathan Marten...

Ros and Jonathan Marten wish all members of the Parish a Happy and Blesséd Easter. We very much hope that it will not be too long before the choir is again able to beautify the worship with choral music and lead the whole congregation in singing the hymns we love to sing.

Sue and Dave Cockle wish all our parishioners a very Happy and Healthy Easter.

Happy Easter to all at St Mary’s Josie Andrews.

Easter greetings to you all! Margaret Oakley.

Sending warm Easter wishes to you and your families, take care, John Jenkins, Ruby Ludlam and Alison and Bob Ludlam.

Easter Greetings to all my friends at St Mary's from West Dorset. I miss my visits to see you all. I have been involved with our online services here in the Golden Cap Team under the leadership of a very enthusiastic new Team Rector and Team Vicar and will be back in action on Easter Sunday. I pray that your appointment of a new vicar will go well. Who knows you may yet have to put up with another of my Sermons in the future. My best wishes to Mo. Jim Pettifer.

Wishing all our friends at St. Mary's a peaceful Easter Our very best wishes to everyone from Janice and John Salmon.

Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water
Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea
Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently
By putting your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee.
Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter, love Ken, Laura and Dawn Cope.

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