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St Mary Magdalene Church Enfield

Parish Magazine ~ August 2021

Gathered for the Eucharist and nourished by the Bread of Life, we are a sign to the world of God’s redeeming love and his mercy at work among us. To many onlookers, we’re ordinary sinful people and the Church is just a flawed human institution; we’re prosaic and plain as bread. But God is present in the ordinary. It is with the very dough of our lives that his grace works like leaven to transform us and raise us up to share in his divine life. 

Yours, James

From the Parish Registers

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Regular Weekly Events

Sunday10am-11amSaid Eucharist Service
Tuesday10:00am - 10:30amMorning Prayer - Book of Common Prayer
Thursday10:30am-11:15amHoly Communion - Book of Common Prayer
Please see the Google calendar for any further information regarding future events

Coffee Mornings

Please put the following dates all at 11a.m. in your diary/calendar & hope to see lots of you all.

Tuesday 17th August - Rita Barker
Tuesday 21st September - Eleanor Pritchard
Tuesday 19th October - Pam Hagan
Tuesday 16th November - Gill & David Bird
Tuesday 21st December - Rita Barker

Best wishes to all - keep safe/keep smiling & keep carrying on - God bless - love & thanks Rita

Christian Aid Week

A big thank you to those who volunteered to deliver envelopes and to all who donated. We raised £451 in total. This is double that of last year and considering only 4 roads were covered is a positive result.

Parish trip to Frinton for children

Tuesday 10 August
Meet up at St Mary the Virgin Church opposite the beach at 2pm
Children to be accompanied by an adult

Vicars’ blog

The Vicar’s Blog can be found here: Vicar's Blog.

Parish phone number and James’ email

The Parish Office phone number is
020 3302 1010

James can be reached by email at:

Picnic 2021

Jokes from children to share in laughter and fun.

  • What do you call a cute door? Ador
  • Why can’t you play sports in the jungle? Because there are too many cheetahs.
  • What do you call a person with no nose and no body? Nobody knows.
  • If the invisible man shuts his eyes, he can still see because his eyelids are invisible!
  • Why is it when you deliver something on a ship it’s called cargo, but when delivered in a car it’s called a shipment?
  • Why is bacon called bacon and cookies called cookies when you cook bacon and bake cookies?

English is sometimes very perplexing.

Lunchtime Concerts

At last we are going to be able to return monthly recitals at our Church beginning at 12:30pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

We shall begin on Wednesday, 8th September when Catherine Leonard will play the piano for about half an hour. She has played for us annually since 2011 and has been very popular.

The concert will be in Church and preceded by coffee / tea and cake costing £2.50, served at the back of the Church from 11:30 onwards so that people can spread out. As usual there will be no charge for coming to the concert but there will be a retiring collection. Do come along and support.

Help needed

Ann and Alice have been loyal helpers for concert refreshments for some time but cannot help at the moment, so if a lady or gentleman could spare a couple of hours once a month, please speak to Carol Lamb or Eleanor Pritchard to find out what is involved. Thank you.

Eleanor Pritchard.

Churchwardens and PCC members

At the APCM in June Anneleise Fenwick and Alison Reeve were elected as Churchwardens. The PCC members are listed below along with the year they were elected. PCC members serve for 3 years.

Ken Cope
Joy Heywood
Alison Reeve
Judy Smith

Diane Coxon
Sally Elphick
Pam Hagan
Michael Smith

David Bird
Alison Ludlam
Paul Reeve
Aniru Shyllon

Deanery Synod
Colin Gibbens
Eleanor Pritchard

Various areas of responsibility
Vice-Chairman – Anneliese Fenwick
Secretary – Sally Elphick
Treasurer – Ken Cope
Treasurer Emeritus – Vic Smith
Electoral Roll Officer – Paul Reeve
Fabric Officer – David Bird
Independent Examiner – Harry Nicolaou
Stewardship Recorder – Chris Moon
Assistant Stewardship Recorder – Paul Reeve
Archivist – Joy Heywood
IT/Web Coordinator – Ken Cope
Hall Administrator – Sally Elphick
Children’s Champion – Alison Reeve/Alison Ludlam
Church Safeguarding Officer – David Bird
Christian Aid Representative – Alison Reeve
Charities Champion – Judy Smith
Events Co-ordinator – Judy Smith
GDPR and Data Protection – Aniru Shyllon

Shop with Amazon Smile and donate to St Mary Magdalene

Over the past few weeks we have been featuring free donations to St Mary Magdalene with Easyfundraising, but did you know you can also raise free funds for us by shopping on Amazon Smile? Amazon Smile is the charity donation site which is run by Amazon. Everything you can purchase on is available on The two sites are identical except for the Amazon Smile logo in the top left corner of the page.

To sign up for free donations for St Mary Magdalene please go here:

Now simply go to whenever you want to purchase something from Amazon and Amazon will send us a free donation based on a percentage of the purchase price. Why not add the link to your bookmarks?

Thanks to everyone who has used Amazon Smile when purchasing from Amazon, so far we have raised a total of £30.59 at the end of May. Let’s see how much this is by the end of the year!

God bless,


The status of filming the Sunday Service

Ken has been filming at the front pew for a while now using his own camera equipment and thought it prudent to let everyone know what is currently happening regarding the filming of the Sunday service. The camera is in a fixed position at the front pew on a tripod, panning, tilting, and zooming because this produces the best quality images. We are not livestreaming the service until the PCC meet to discuss the issue.

The congregation are not being filmed, only those leading and taking part in the service beyond the front pew. When Holy Communion is given to the congregation the camera is panned to the right and has an extreme close-up pointing to a prayer by the candles or it has an extreme close-up of the candles where only peoples’ hands lighting the candles are within the frame. No faces are filmed during Communion.

For the time being Ken has been working on the strength of the streaming signal to ensure streaming is viable and is now honing his camera and sound skills. The connection is consistently strong enough to allow for the picture and sound to be of good HD quality. It is hoped that, when the PCC meet and should they agree for the livestream to take place, others may be interested in filming so that a rota can be drawn up - Ken will provide training for those interested.

Streaming the Sunday Service on YouTube is currently set to ‘Private’, it is not ‘Public’ (is not available to watch as a livestream on our YouTube channel), until the PCC have agreed to do so. It is only in the ‘testing’ phase. Members of the PCC have been given links to the recordings to enable an informed discussion when the time arises.

The potential audiences for the streamed services are:

  • Our congregation: the housebound or those who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the service on any given Sunday.
  • Those who are looking for a church to attend and want to see what our services are like before walking through the door.
  • Those who are seeking God - as an outreach and evangelism tool.

The audio version of our weekly online service currently available on the website had on average 120 visitors per week while we were in lockdown and there were no services running. With our Sunday morning services running (attendance approx. 60 per week) we are still seeing an average of 50 visitors per week joining our audio service online. Our reach is going beyond our normal congregation even now.

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