Palm Sunday 2019

Palm Sunday

We began the Palm Sunday service by meeting in the Hall where we were each given palm leaves and palm crosses to carry, in procession, around the church to the West door and so into Church. This year we were joined by members of the Grand Priory of England and The Priory of Wales of The Order of The Knights … Read More

Palm Sunday Drama 2017

Palm Sunday ~ Drama Group PresentationThe Drama Group presentation for Palm Sunday 2017, a dramatised reading of the Passion of Jesus Christ, at St Mary Magdalene Church, Enfield. Cast Jesus~Aniru Shyllon Satan/Pilate~Laura Cope Judas~Colin Gibbens Peter~Mike Dixon John~Vic Harrington Soldier~Jackie Nugent Soldier~Alison Reeve Evangelist~Janet Rossiter Maid/Mary Magdalene~Pam Hagan Caiaphas/Pilate’s Wife/ Mary, mother of Jesus~Rachel Moon Priests/Witnesses/Bystanders~Cristyn Williams

Drama Group’s Macbeth

A couple of weeks ago we had a triumphant performance of Handel’s Messiah – one of the greatest works of music ever written, and a great joy to hear it under our roof. And then, hot on its heels came another amazing achievement directed by Rachel Moon as the Drama Group presented Macbeth – one of the greatest plays ever … Read More

2011 Toy Service

Our customary pre-Christmas Family Service took place on Sunday 11th December. The Cubs and beavers were out in force, and the Sunday School performed a Nativity Play – ‘A Christmas to Believe in’, put together by Katy Smart, Bella and Elise Horlick and Hannah Elphick. It was brilliantly done and much appreciated. Rory Thorndyke and Eleanor Pritchard co-ordinated the band … Read More

The New Church on the Hill

The New Church on the Hill. Is the moving story of the foundation of St. Mary Magdalene Church designed by the eminent Victorian architect William Butterfield and endowed by Georgiana Twells in memory of her husband Philip Twells. The production offers a fascinating glimpse into the Enfield of the 1880s and introduces a host of very different characters. There was … Read More