Come and Sing

Music at St Mary Magdalene

Music is very important to us at St Mary Magdalene’s. We seek to promote music at every level, entertaining fine choirs, hosting orchestral and choral concerts, and training musicians of all ages to grow in ability, confidence, and faith.

Our Choir: We have an anthem sung by the choir most weeks.

Coffee and Concerts: There is a monthly music recital provided by local musicians and schools. There is the option to come and join us for Coffee and Cake in the Vestry at 11:30am with the concert following on at 12:30pm.

Come and Sing: Regular Come and Sing events are a wonderful highlight to the year’s music timetable. Local musicians and extra singers boost our choir members to present an evening that is a ‘must not miss’ event. Past events include The Saviour by WLWebber and Handel's Messiah.

Our Hymn: Written by the late Paul Wigmore to commemorate the restoration of the Chancel in 2012.

The Organ: Has completed its restoration, having largely been rebuilt with reconnection of the Choir (disconnected in 1977) and the addition of a Larigot rank. Read more by clicking on the link above.

Songs of Praise: In 2013 Gordon and some of the congregation were featured on three Songs of Praise programmes.

And many special music events run by members of the community like Southgate Symphony Orchestra, Southgate Opera, Enfield Choral Society and Southgate Youth Opera.


Our Hymn by the late Paul Wigmore

Chancel Celebration Hymn by the late Paul Wigmore

On Sunday 21st October we sang the hymn written specially for the restoration of our chancel, for the first time. It has been written specially for us by Paul Wigmore – one of this country’s leading hymn-writers.

The Rev'd Gordon Giles writes,

"Paul Wigmore has so kindly written ‘our hymn’ – indeed struggled to some extent with it, given the rather unusual nature of what we are celebrating. As he himself said, ‘how do you write a hymn about paintings’.
Well, he did it, and it is ‘our hymn’, which is rather special. And now we’ve sung it for the first time.
It’s wonderful what a human spirit can create, inspired by the glory of God and in his service and praise.

The text for the hymn and a recording of the first rendition is below.

A hymn in celebration of the 2012 restoration of the century-old Chancel frescos in the church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Enfield.

We come to this place to remember and meditate,
  Speaking to God as we sing and we pray,
And lifting our eyes, we can see there a parable
  Beauty renewed in a shining array.

The paintings remind us of God and His way with us,
  Prophets and priests on the earth that we share;
And there go disciples, apostles and cherubim,
  Silently hearing our praise and our prayer.

They help us imagine the Lord and his suffering,
  Mary the Magdalene down by his tomb;
We picture the risen Lord seated among them all
  Breaking the bread in a quiet upper room.

Today we remember the work of those long ago.
  Giving these treasures for us as we praise;
Dear Lord we give thanks for their love and their thoughtfulness,
  Fruit of their faith in the Ancient of Days.

These pictures, once veiled in the wear of a century
  Cleansed and renewed with their beauty revealed!
And thus do our souls become veiled by our waywardness,
  Till, through God’s power to renew, we are healed.

All glory to God for his goodness and love for us,
  Glory to Christ, our Redeemer and friend,
To God’s Holy Spirit be glory for evermore,
  In every one of us, world without end.

O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

Link to musings over our hymn by Paul Wigmore - the Composer:


Songs of Praise

On Sunday afternoons June 9, 16 and 23rd, BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ broadcast 3 compilation programmes as follows:

9th June 2013 - Hymns for all Reasons
16th June 2013 - Hymns for all Occasions
23rd June 2013 - Hymns for all Seasons

Drawing on some of the musical and hymnological highlights of recent programmes, and containing footage from the beautifully restored church of St Mary Magdalene Enfield, these programmes each had a theme introduced by Pam Rhodes and Gordon Giles. Willard White, Russell Watson and various choirs featured.

Other members of the community: Jackie and Les Fish, Jessica and Maria Giles, Maureen Lunn, Michael and Janet Dixon, Pam Hagan, and Janet Reed were interviewed for the programme too. On the third programme, children from Forty Hill School were also featured.

Songs of Praise