Organ Manuals waiting to be fitted

The Organ

The Organ was originally built by Messrs. Foster and Andrew at the church's construction in 1883. It was extensively rebuilt in 1977 and is currently undergoing restoration again in 2019, when it will be augmented with a Larigo stop. The refurbishment is being carried out by The Village Workshop

The 1977 restoration disconnected the Choir section and removed the Manuals and stops for this section but in 2019 this has been reinstated so we now have three Manuals as in the original organ design. The Choir can be seen in the white box, top right and centre, in the photo.

The Organ was in need of some restoration! Pipes were badly damaged through the wear and tear of time - some parts had ceased working altogether and it could no longer be kept in Concert pitch, but tuned a semi-tone lower.

Listen to the organ, before restoration, being played by Keith Beniston:

We will have more audio examples of the refurbished organ below
The Organ during restoration

Photo by Laura Cope

The Restoration

Below are images taken during the restoration process. There was a gaping hole where the maunuals, pedals and stops were fitted. Electrics were updated to modern standards. The repairs to the pipework were carried out off-site by The Village Workshop. Photos by Gordon Giles and Laura Cope.