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Our faith...

... is a series of 13 short films looking some of the basics of the Christian faith.
The videos were made by The Church of England Digital Team.


Are there daily patterns that help you to follow Jesus?

Routine help us form habits and so it's no surprise that Christians find daily patterns in their life to draw closer to Jesus.

It's not always easy or possible, but finding ways to set aside time to give to God can help Christians in their faith.

What does it mean to love your neighbour as yourself?

"Do to others what you want them to do to you." You might know it as The Golden Rule?

Christians believe that how we treat others is really important, with Jesus being an amazing example of this. He died for each of us, showing us that love can win even in the darkest times.

What part of the bible do you value the most?

This big book called the Bible forms a central part of being a Christian. It gives an insight into how God speaks to and interacts with the world.

Listen to Christians talk about which parts that value the most and why.

When and where do you pray?

Prayer is probably one of the most important aspects of a Christian's life, but how do you pray and what does it actually involve?

Listen to people talk about when, where and how they pray.

What makes gathering together on a Sunday important?

Church - that building that people go to on a Sunday morning, but that's not what church actually is. It's about meeting together as a group of people and being a community together.

Hear how Christians think about church and what it means to them.

What line of The Lord’s Prayer stands out to you the most and why?

Our Father who art in heaven...You've probably heard this one somewhere before. What does it actually mean when Christians say these words?

Hear people explain what their stand out lines are from The Lord's Prayer and what it means to them.

When and how did you become a Christian?

Born into a Christian family or decided to go to church one day? Everyone's story about becoming a Christian is different.

Hear how some people became a Christian and what the experience was like for them.

How would you describe who God is?

God is a guy with a beard who lives in the sky right? Maybe we need to rethink that a bit...

Listen to Christians explain how they think about who God is.

How do you express your love of God?

How do Christians show their love of God in their day to day lives? What does it actually mean to follow Jesus and live out the Christian faith?

Listen to Christians explain how their express their love of God.

What are you looking for in life?

Why are we here? What are we searching for and what is our purpose?

Hear Christians talk about what they're seeking in their life and how their Christian faith makes at impact in how they live each day.

How should Christians respond to evil and injustice?

The world isn't perfect and sometimes it can seem that finding hope amongst everything going on is too difficult.

Hear how Christians respond to evil and injustice, practically and spiritually, and how they draw on their faith for support.

What is the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God sounds very formal, but what does it really mean?

It's about living in the way Jesus has called us to and making a difference in our world through simple yet powerful acts.

Do you have a sense of God's calling? What are you called to do?

What does it mean to be 'called by God?' and how do Christians respond to this?

Listen to people explain where they feel God is calling them in their life as a Christian.