Restoration: Week Eleven

Melanie from Highlands School came to visit as part of her Art Project. The restoration basically finished, and at the end of the week everything was varnished. The window sills were also completed and now look lovely.

ITN visited and made a short piece for ‘London Tonight’ which was broadcast on Thursday evening. Dr Ayla Lepine from the Courtauld Institute, who will be our lecturer in May, also came along to take a close up look. She described our paintings as some of the finest Victorian wall paintings she had ever seen. Graham Giles, who videoed the Drama Production, also paid a visit, and some of his photos are here.

James Horlick, our surveyor and member of the congregation then came and made a final inspection. Meanwhile we made some inscriptions to record our contemporary efforts and dedicating the project to the present Queen's Diamond Jubilee. A photo of the original workmen also turned up. And for posterity we photographed Paul and Marta who have been here most of the time doing the work, assisted by Amanda and various others.

The final touches...

The window sills were finished, and Dr Ayla Lepine visited from the Courtauld Institute and chatted with Paul, and the final varnish was applied.

ITN also made a short film for ‘London Tonight’ which was broadcast on Thursday 22nd.
Photos and top video © Gordon Giles | 'London Tonight' video © ITN News