Restoration: Week Two

Saturday Jan 21 2012

On Sunday 15th we managed to clean up sufficiently and set up an altar on the floor in front of the chancel. The choir had to sit in the front row, and communion was administered on the floor with the front pew used as a kneeling rail. It wobbled a bit, so we secured it later in the week. The choir sang the anthem from the chapel as the Quire was unusable because of the dust.

The scaffolding was completed on Tuesday 17th January. The conservators, led by Amanda, with 4 others arrived and began work on Wednesday 18th. Black flooring was put down over the chancel floor to protect the tiles. We were able to restore the Chapel to useable mode, and the Choir stalls were cleaned up and were useable by Friday.

On Friday 20th we had the funeral service of Sybil Clutton, 99 year old former Churchwarden (more details here). It was unfortunate, but also strangely fitting that her funeral took place surrounded by scaffolding. The conservators had to stop work for an hour or so while it took place, but this they did with good grace. They have begun at the high level, so we can but glimpse what they are doing through gaps in the scaffold, but even after a few days, there are delightful sights which promise wonderful, colourful things yet to be revealed.

Photos © Gordon Giles