Christian Aid week 2020 May 10-16

In the space of just a few months, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a seismic shift in society.

The outbreak has affected all spheres of life. It has brought suffering and uncertainty for so many, both here and overseas, taking centre stage in thoughts, conversations and prayers.

Since 1957 Christian Aid Week has brought communities together in action and prayer and while the coronavirus pandemic means that Christian Aid Week 2020 will be different, churches across the diocese are being invited to stand in solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable people.

Christian Aid Week manager Sophie Brightwell said: “Coronavirus is teaching us what it feels like to feel vulnerable, to fear, to be separated and experience scarcity.

“It is at times like these – testing and painful times – that we recognise we are all in this together. Coronavirus impacts everyone, but love unites us all. Christian Aid Week has always been a joyful celebration of what we can achieve together for the world’s poorest people and in this time of global crisis Christian Aid’s work is needed as much as ever before.

“The most vulnerable and marginalised people are at the greatest risk from coronavirus. In Sierra Leone there are no ICU beds and in Malawi there is one ICU bed for every one million people. In refugee camps, people are not able to keep socially distant from one other and 40% of the world’s population do not have access to soap and water. Now, more so than ever, Christian Aid Week provides an important opportunity to celebrate and share the life-saving work that brings hope to people the world over.

Not surprisingly, the Covid-19 situation has meant that much of this usual fundraising cannot go ahead for Christian Aid Week 2020 (10-16 May).


Christian Aid Week is NOT cancelled!

Now more than ever our gifts, prayers and action are desperately needed. However, in-person events, such as house-to-house collections will not go ahead this year for obvious reasons.

Christian Aid hopes that its dedicated supporters will be able to continue their support.

You can donate directly to Christian Aid (details below) or preferably through the St Mary Magdalene website using the buttons below. This way it goes through our books and we can keep track of what we raise.

Telephone and postal donations. Unfortunately under the current circumstances regarding Covid-19, we would rather not take any donations by post. Marked and sealed Envelopes may be put through the Vicarage letterbox during May, but please be aware that cheques may take a while to be cashed. Please give via the website where possible or call 020 7523 2269 to donate by telephone.

Please click on one of the preset amounts to donate to Christian Aid.