2020 Bible reading afternoon

Bible Reading Afternoon

Last Lent we enjoyed a fascinating and uplifting day of reading whole books of the Bible from cover to cover. This year we shall spend an afternoon reading 1 and 2 Corinthians and the book of Ruth. Hearing Paul’s whole correspondence with the Church in Corinth will be an eye-opener, and the Book of Ruth will lead us up to a shared tea in the hall nicely. Do come along and listen for all or part of the afternoon, beginning at 2pm with 1 Corinthians, around 3.30 for 2 Corinthians and around 4.30pm for Ruth. Alison has a list for signing up to read chapters, do please volunteer for some! I shall introduce each book briefly.

Gordon Giles


Mar 14 2020


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm




St Mary Magdalene Church
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