Holy Week and Easter Passion Plays

Recordings of Extracts from Dorothy L Sayers’ plays:
The King of Sorrows; The King comes into his own and The Man Born to be King.

St Mary Magdalene’s Church Drama Group had intended to perform these scenes on Palm Sunday and Easter Day 2020. In anticipation of this not being possible due to the Corona Virus measures, recordings were made before isolation restrictions were imposed, and while some of the characters are not always played by the same actor (notably Jesus and Judas), we offer this as a devotional aid during the Triduum and on Easter Day. It will be useful to understand who the characters are in each scene as some voices play different roles in different contexts (see below).

The sequence begins with a short scene on Holy Wednesday.

The Maundy Thursday scenes may be listened to in addition to, or as part of the Keeping of the Watch at 10pm for an hour, beginning with Scene Two, then a fifteen minute gap, then Scene Three, a ten minute gap, Scene Four, a ten minute gap, Scene Five, a ten minute gap, Scene Six.

Good Friday is divided into two parts, the first part is intended for the morning and the second for the evening. They can of course be run together.

The Easter Eve scene may be played immediately before the other Easter Day sections if desired.

There is also a single audio of the complete drama.


Holy Wednesday
Scene 1. At the High Priest’s House
Servant, Caiaphas, Judas

Maundy Thursday
Scene 2. The Upper Room
Peter, John, James, Andrew, Thomas, Matthew, Jesus, Judas

Scene 3. The Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus, Peter, James, John, Thomas, Judas, Captain, Malthus

Scene 4. The Courtyard of the High Priest
Peter, John, Porteress, Guard

Scene 5. Sanhedrin Court
Caiaphas, 1st Witness, 1st Elder, 2nd Witness, Jesus

Scene 6. Outside the Court
Judas, Elder, Caiaphas

Good Friday Morning
Scene 7. The House of Pontius Pilate
Flavius, Pilate, Sergeant, Slave, Caiaphas, Jesus, Crowd, Cheer Leader

Scene 8. The Road to Calvary
1st Soldier, Centurion, 2nd Soldier, 3rd Soldier, Simon of Cyrene

Scene 9. At the foot of the Cross
1st Soldier, 2nd Soldier, 2rd Soldier, Centurion, Jesus, John, Balthazar

Good Friday Evening

Scene 10. At the foot of the Cross
1st Soldier, Centurion, Mary Magdalene, John, Mary Salome, Joseph of Arimathea

Secene 11. At the Governor’s Palace
Pilate, Caiaphas

Easter Eve

Scene 12. At the Tomb on the Third Day
Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome

Easter Day

Scene 13. At the Lodging of the Zebedees
Mary Magdalene, John

Scene 14. At the Tomb
John, Peter

Scene 15. The Same
Raphael, Gabriel, Mary Magdalene, Jesus

Scene 16. At the Lodging of the Zebedees
John, James, Peter, Andrew, Mary Magdalene

Cast Members
David Bird, Michael Dixon, Gordon Giles, Jessica Giles, Maria Giles, Joy Heywood, Chris Moon, Aniru Shyllon

The Complete Drama