Swell E5


This is the thirty-first white note on the Keyboard – E5 and may be sponsored as a single note, as part of a chord of four notes, as part of a scale of eight notes, as part of an octave of twelve notes, or even as part of a tune.
If you are purchasing four notes please use the ‘chord’ coupon at the checkout; eight notes is ‘scale’ and twelve notes is ‘octave’. Thank you for your generosity.

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Notes for Notes

In this final push for the organ restoration, we are inviting individuals, families, or groups to sponsor a note or two… or three, or even a chord (four notes!). One note costs three notes and a chord of four notes costs five notes… Which is to say:

A note, ranging from C-G over four and half octaves (black notes included) on the three manuals: £30 a note, or a 4 note chord (major or minor!), for £100 (See diagram). Other combinations of notes are also available by negotiation, subject to availability…! Similarly it would be possible to buy your favourite hymn tune, as melody, or even full harmony. But remember the more notes you buy, the more notes you spend! Cwm Rhondda, for example has nine notes in the tune and so would cost £230. The bass part has 8 notes (£200), the tenor 6 notes (£160) and the alto 8 notes (£200). Or you could ‘own’ the complete hymn for £790. Which is, we grant you, rather a lot, good as the hymn is! A complete major scale would be £200 and a complete chromatic octave (12 notes) £300. The possibilities are endless. You could even write your own tune, or spell your name… To buy the great name of BACH is only £100 (‘H’ is B natural in German…)

Notes may be bought anonymously or openly, and a grid mapping which notes remain available will be on display in Church very soon. A form to indicate preference will be available in church. All donations are, of course, tax efficient where appropriate.

Gordon Giles