Nine Lessons and Carols 2019

O Lord, grant that what we sing with our lips, we may believe in our hearts, and what we believe in our hearts, we may show forth in our lives. Amen. You have probably noticed that at this time of year there is a very perceptible crescendo of carol singing as we approach Christmas Day. Radio stations have their sonic … Read More

Advent Sunday 2019

Romans 13:11-end – Matthew 24:36-44 It’s always difficult on a train not to overhear people’s conversations, even if one can only hear one side of it. On Wednesday while on a train I sat opposite someone who took a phone call from someone claiming to be a policeman, who was ringing to ask this person about someone called Bethany her … Read More

Christmas at St Mary Magdalene

2018 christmas services

Advent Carols December started with our candlelit Advent Carols Service to begin the new Church year, here are some of our church members lighting the candles before this service. Lunchtime Concert On Wednesday 12 December, at out Lunchtime Concert we were treated to a selection of Carols from the Cambridge Carol Book This year the Mayor of Enfield came to … Read More

Magazine December 2018

2018 Christmas services at St Mary Magdalene Church

Dear Friends, You may have seen Bishop Sarah launching the new app for Advent with Christian publisher SPCK: We all know how important it is for us to help our people to pray and reflect during the Advent season. So, on Christ the King this Sunday, why not encourage them to download the app and use this simple form of … Read More

Looking Forward With Mary

It seems like only a few weeks ago that a group of us went to the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth and stood outside it and sang ‘Gabriel’s Message’. Well yes, it was only a few weeks ago – well 19 weeks in fact. There we were in the sunshine of the middle east, singing a Christmas Carol: The … Read More

Eschatological Escapings

One can always tell Christmas is coming when complete strangers talk to Vicars unprompted. When I got off the bus the other day another man who was getting off saw my dog collar and said, ‘Big G’s having a hard time at the moment isn’t he?’. Assuming he was referring to events in Paris, Syria and so on, I said … Read More

Advent 4 2013

Last week I was travelling on a train, and because I’d booked way in advance, and someone else was paying, I managed to secure myself a First Class ticket. The advantage of doing so is that it is much easier to work – to write, to think, to read, because there are fewer people in the carriage, and one’s fellow … Read More

Advent 3 ~ Mandela

Our news has been full – perhaps overfull – this week with retrospective comment upon, celebration of and even veneration of Nelson Mandela. One news journalist I saw even went to describe him as something of a secular saint. I’m not sure what a secular saint is – or even if it is possible to be one – but the … Read More

O Come, O come, Emmanuel!

Got any ‘O’s? No, not ‘O’s, ‘O’s! So says Ronnie Barker in that immortal, voted funniest sketch ever from the Two Ronnies of 1976. Yes – 1976. And, yes actually, I have got some ‘O’s. Seven ‘O’s in fact. And great ‘O’s they are too. No, not two ‘O’s – seven ‘O’s. And yes, I even have four candles. 4 … Read More

Advent Carol Service 2011

The Choir will lead an Advent Carol Service with candlelit procession on Advent Sunday Evening, 27 November at 6:30 pm.