All Saints Day 2019

Many years ago I recall seeing an article in a newspaper that had a graphic of a railway carriage seating plan, with passengers of various shapes and sizes, and above each seat was a price. The purpose of the illustration was to show that each person in the carriage had paid a different price for their ticket, even though they … Read More

All Saints 2013

Now that the Vicar of Enfield – Mike Edge – has retired, there are a few things down in that parish that Jackie and I are helping out with. She is not with us this morning, because she is conducting baptisms there today. And one of the things that I‘ve taken on is to do a monthly assembly at St … Read More

Saints in Jordan

We have had a fantastic time! Everything went to plan – apart perhaps from the snow on the motorway to the airport last Saturday morning! We had a five- hour flight to our hotel in middle of Amman, Jordan’s capital. Most of us watched films all the way. On arrival we were met by our lovely and knowledgeable guide, who … Read More

The Big Perspective

Revelation 7.9-17; 1 John 3.1-3; Matthew 5.1-12 Tomorrow – October 31st – will see the birth of the 7 billionth person on this planet – most likely it seems, in Utar Pradesh in India. It is perhaps ironic – or apt – however you see it – that as we commemorate the consecutive festivals of All Saints and All Souls … Read More