All Souls 2019 ~ Marking the end

All Souls 2019 ~ Marking the end Revelation 20:11-12; 21:1-8 When someone dies, one of the many realities that strike at the soul is the paperwork that is issued by civic authorities – the death certificate. It is a stark document, perfunctory and precise, stating simply that someone has died and that it is now official. It is also a … Read More

All Souls’ 2018 – Hope

All Souls’ 2018 – Hope Readings: Psalm 23, John 14:1-7 The word ‘caravan’ has been in the news lately the caravan travelling through Mexico from Central America – all those people heading north to the United States in the hope of finding a better life in the wonderland that is Trump’s America. Whatever the wonders of Trump’s America may or … Read More

All Souls’ Service

St Mary Magdalene

All Souls' Service

We come together in church where the names of departed loved ones and those in our Memorial Book are read out. When their name is read out we go forward and light a candle in their memory. Some churches, including the Catholic Church, hold special services with music and prayers focused on All Souls’ Day on or around November 2 … Read More

All Souls’ Service 2016

All Souls 2016 ~ Genesis 7 – Romans 8:18-39Just under 2 weeks ago I watched a programme all about loneliness. Perhaps you saw it too. It was late on a Monday night, and it followed a documentary about the Aberfan disaster. You’ll no doubt have followed the half-century commemorations of that in the news in recent days – Carl Jenkins … Read More

All Souls 2013

All Souls 2013This service has been happening here for many years now – I inherited the tradition from my predecessor over ten years ago, and it was established by him. Some of you have been coming here for many years, each and every year coming to remember and light a candle. Others of you are perhaps here for the first … Read More