Easter 7 “Wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave,”

“Wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave,” Jesus gave the disciples these instructions: “wait,” “stay here,” “don’t leave”. Jesus had ascended, gone to be with his Father. The disciples were left in the middle of this incredible gap. They had witnessed the death of their beloved friend and teacher; experienced the death of all their hopes and dreams. Only to be astonished … Read More

Rising above it all

Easter 7 ~ Rising above it all – The Ascension of JesusActs 1:6-12Many of us were in here on Friday night for a fascinating, and funny evening with an actor and an actress playing out ‘The God Particle’. It was also thought provoking, exploring as it did the love-hate relationship between science and religion.Two characters, one a scientist, the other … Read More