Moulding our children’s future ~ Baptism and Brexit clay

Rough notes for the sermon: The Xian dichotomy: And what is a Christian? A Christian is someone who is a follower of Jesus Christ, who believes that there is always hope for the world, hope for communities and hope for us all, in this world and the next. And with this salvation, and this hope come Christian values, many of … Read More

Trinity 7 ~ Notes for a Baptism Sermon

I’m thinking of all those poor people in the village of Whaley Bridge I know it quite well…. They have had to move out – not able to return to their homes – everything they have is there, including pets. If the dam breaks, everything will be washed away or submerged in an instant. It’s happened before – the nearby … Read More

Baptism sermon

Hello! Well today is a very happy occasion! We have gathered to celebrate the baptism of a baby, with her parents, her grandparents, her Godparents and all her family and friends; and it’s a real delight for the Church to celebrate with you all! In baptism we aim to give children the best spiritual start in life that we can. … Read More

2nd Sunday after Epiphany

Have you seen the film ‘Flushed Away’? Released in 2006, it’s about a mouse called Roddy who lives in a posh London flat, unknown to the owners of course. One day a rat called Sid emerges through the sewers, and after a skirmish the rat flushes the mouse down the toilet. Consequently, Roddy the mouse finds himself cast into the … Read More

Baptism of Louis Buck

Today we are Christening/baptising Louis. Not everyone gets baptised these days. So I wonder if you are wondering, what are we doing, and why. And I ask this question because actually, it might not be me that has to answer it. It might be you… Nowadays, when people choose to have their children baptised, they might be making a decision … Read More