Moulding our children’s future ~ Baptism and Brexit clay

Moulding our children’s future – Baptism and Brexit clay ~ Trinity 12 Rough notes for the sermon: Pottery – anyone any good at it? Example of good/bad. I was no good. The Xian dichotomy: We believe we are created and loved by God We believe that we have free will to make our way in the world. With a baby … Read More

Trinity 7 ~ Notes for a Baptism Sermon

Notes for a Baptism Sermon ~ Trinity 7 I’m thinking of all those poor people in the village of Whaley Bridge I know it quite well…. They have had to move out – not able to return to their homes – everything they have is there, including pets. If the dam breaks, everything will be washed away or submerged in … Read More

Baptism sermon

No audio for this sermon Baptism Sermon Hello! Well today is a very happy occasion! We have gathered to celebrate the baptism of a baby, with her parents, her grandparents, her Godparents and all her family and friends; and it’s a real delight for the Church to celebrate with you all! In baptism we aim to give children the best … Read More

2nd Sunday after Epiphany

The Second Sunday after Epiphany 2017 ~ John 1.29-42Have you seen the film ‘Flushed Away’?Released in 2006, it’s about a mouse called Roddy who lives in a posh London flat, unknown to the owners of course. One day a rat called Sid emerges through the sewers, and after a skirmish the rat flushes the mouse down the toilet. Consequently, Roddy … Read More

Baptism of Louis Buck

No audio available for this sermon Trinity 12 ~ Baptism of Louis BuckToday we are Christening/baptising Louis. Not everyone gets baptised these days.So I wonder if you are wondering, what are we doing, and why. And I ask this question because actually, it might not be me that has to answer it. It might be you…Nowadays, when people choose to … Read More