Magazine October 2016

Barn Dance 2016

Parish Magazine ~ October 2016 Wren Academy at Enfield Free School Application Having been approved by the Department for Education (DfE) to proceed to the pre-opening phase, Wren Academy and London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) are continuing to prepare this new secondary school for opening in September 2018. Location of the School Enfield Council has confirmed to DfE that … Read More

Magazine September 2016

Fauré Requiem Come and Sing

Parish Magazine ~ September 2016 30, The Ridgeway, Nowadays, when people choose to have their children baptised, they might be making a decision that other people do not understand or respect. And they say that someone like me is a relic of the past, promoting something unbelievable and offering an event that is completely irrelevant in modern society. We live … Read More

Magazine November 2015

Parish Magazine ~ November 2015 As we begin November we celebrate the feast of All Saints – the illuminating, eternal life affirming festival of gratitude for the lives and ministries of all the saints, with whom we are in communion on a constant basis. That festival which has been turned to dark, death-savouring mockery by the Americanised, trivialized trick or … Read More