Magazine January 2017


Parish Magazine ~ January 2017 Dear friends, Christmas is not over – it has just begun! I expect you have taken down your decorations by now and the home might be looking a bit bare. But whether you have (or whether you leave them up until Candlemas!), the Epiphany Season is just beginning. Epiphany is the Cinderella season – it … Read More

Magazine December 2016

Christmas Services 2016

Parish Magazine ~ December 2016 Dear friends, You may have noticed that we have increased the cover price of the magazine, for the first time this Millennium… I’m sure everyone understands that twenty pence isn’t what it used to be, and with those funny edges on the small coin that it is, it’s doesn’t roll as far as it used … Read More

Magazine January 2016


Parish Magazine ~ January 2016 Dear Friends,Happy New year! Christmas is not over though, indeed it has barely begun, and the month of January encompasses the Christmas Season, which evolves into Epiphanytide, taking us to Candlemas on February 2nd.Perhaps you remember the Christmas adverts, some of which I talked about in my Christmas sermons this year. The John Lewis one … Read More