“When the Son of Man comes in his Glory…” – Christ the King

“When the Son of Man comes in his Glory…” Matthew 25.31-46 “When the Son of Man comes in his Glory, and all the Angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory…” Amen. Aged just four years my first memory of a news headline was of four women, faces draped in black, clustered together and united … Read More

Black Friday Goodness

Black Friday Goodness Luke 23.33-43 I daresay you noticed that next Friday will be what has now become known as Black Friday. You may know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day, which in the United States is the fourth Thursday of November. It is a public holiday commemorating the first harvest celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers who … Read More

Christ the King ~ Sheep and Goats

The Last Judgement by Michaelangelo The Sheep and the GoatsMatthew 25: 31-40What happens when you die? Are we ‘going’ to heaven, or hell? The notorious cult murderer Charles Manson died this week, and the American media have swiftly and ignominiously despatched him to hell, just as the British press did when both Myra Hindley and Ian Bradley died in recent … Read More

Christ the King 2015

Christ the KingOn 9th April 1940 Hitler’s Germany invaded Denmark. It was the shortest engagement of the Second World War, lasting a mere six hours. During the ensuing German occupation, all Jewish people in Denmark were told to identify themselves by wearing armbands with yellow stars of David. The King did not defy the orders, but rather had every Jew … Read More

Nadim Nassar ~ Christ The King

On Sunday 25th November we welcomed the Rev’d Nadim Nassar to preach at our 10:00 am Parish Communion. There is no text for his sermon, but a recording is available below. Nadim Nassar is an Anglican priest and the director of the Awareness Foundation. He was born and raised in Lattakia, Syria to a Christian family. He studied in Beirut … Read More