Magazine May 2020

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Parish Magazine ~ May 2020 Due to the Coronavirus ‘Lockdown’ of March 2020 onwards, th Parish magazine is published mainly online and only a few copies printed for archival purposes. The Vicar has been writing by email to members of the congregation, and the content appears here. Holy Week: Dear St Mary Magdalene Family, In order to slow down the … Read More

Magazine August 2019

Parish Magazine ~ August 2019 Dear Friends, Well what a Patronal weekend we had! A stunning and well-attended Organ Spectacular at which John Rippin, Keith Beniston and Jonathan Marten played wonderfully, including a topically themed improvisation on ‘Blue Moon’ by Keith. After delightful fizz on the lawn, we adjourned to the Hall, where Judy Smith had prepared a bumptious dinner … Read More

Magazine May 2019

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Parish Magazine ~ May 2019 Dear friends, Happy Easter! You will know that we have been spending time and money on the organ, and while we had hoped it would be ready for Easter Day, it wasn’t quite ready, but it very soon will be. The weekend of 18/19 May will be the time to celebrate its inauguration, and we … Read More

Magazine April 2019

Parish Magazine ~ April 2019 30, The Ridgeway Dear friends, We must congratulate the ladies on the choir, who have now been singing with us for a hundred years! In the Parish magazine of April 1919, our predecessors reported: “An innovation has been introduced into the services at S.Mary’s by the admission of ladies into the choir in place of … Read More

Magazine May 2018

Parish Magazine ~ May 2018 APCM Vicar’s report – 29/4/18Dear Friends,This time last year I had left for the United States on my study leave, and I managed to be a very long way away from the APCM! You managed admirably without me, and indeed, assisted by Jackie and Mo, the whole three months of my absence was looked after … Read More

Magazine April 2018

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Parish Magazine ~ April 2018 It’s not every year that the magazine is published on Easter Day. And certainly not every year that the first Sunday of April is not only Easter Day but April 1st, All Fools’ Day! In fact that hasn’t happened since 1327*. That was the year Elizabeth de Burgh died. She was the wife – Queen … Read More

Magazine March 2018

Parish Magazine ~ March 2018 Dear Friends, This year we began Lent on St Valentine’s Day, and will end it on April Fools’ Day, and we have not had a year like this since 1945! It means we began the season with a secular focus on love and will end it on foolishness. Both of these lie at the heart … Read More

Magazine June 2017

Parish Magazine ~ June 2017 My Dear Friends, I’d like to share with you all, if I may, my Easter 2017 – ‘Resurrection’ moment; but before I proceed I should say that I do have the person’s permission whom this involves, to tell this true story … One day during Lent I was walking up Windmill Hill when a middle … Read More

Magazine May 2017

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Parish Magazine ~ May 2017 Dear Friends, As you read this, I shall be a very long way away, in the USA, beginning a period of study leave which Bishop Rob and the Diocese have kindly granted me. This becomes possible every ten years or so, in fact it is ten years since I last had a sabbatical in 2007. … Read More

Magazine May 2016

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Parish Magazine ~ May 2016 Dear Friends, 2015 was in many senses a sad year for our parish family. We all know that, so I’ll start with it. Early in the year we buried Stan Mabey’s ashes, and then in April we had the first of several funerals of those from among our midst: Ian le Geyt. Then, soon after … Read More

Magazine April 2016

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Parish Magazine ~ April 2016 Christ is Risen, Alleluia!He is risen indeed, Alleluia! Dear friends, We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song… We have walked the walk and talked the talk, we have sung the songs and prayed the prayers and at least attempted to keep the Lenten Faith. I don’t know whether your 46 days of Lent … Read More

Magazine April 2015

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Parish Magazine ~ April 2015 Friends, Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers, the many cards, presents and good wishes. I have been overwhelmed and uplifted by it all. Today (as I write) I will preside at the Lord’s Table both at 8am and 10am, a privilege and a joy I hardly dared to dream of three … Read More

Magazine March 2015

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Parish Magazine ~ March 2015 Dear Friends,There are what I call the 3Rs of Lent. Rather than reading, writing and arithmetic – I propose regret, repentance and resolution. These are three Lenten Rs. And these three Rs might help us to navigate through the foggy shades of grey that immerse our world in the dense mist of moral ambiguity which … Read More

Christian Aid ~ Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Congratulations to Maureen Rew who, at the end of January, was presented with a Long Service Award from Christian Aid at Interchurch House, their headquarters in London. Maureen has been organising St Mary Magdalene’s contributions to Christian Aid Week for fifteen years, as part of our church community’s rising to Jesus’ challenge to love our neighbour. This has involved … Read More