Christmas Eve 2019: The Father is Born

Christmas Eve 2019: The Father is Born Somewhere at home you have probably got your Birth Certificate. It might be buried in a drawer, kept safe, or it might be lost in the mists of time! Someone else might even have it. In any event, everyone has a birth certificate issued when their birth is registered with the state in … Read More

Vicar’s Blog January 2019

Vicar’s Blog ~ January 2019 Dear friends, It has been another good Christmas, for which we welcomed congregations of our usual increased numbers for Crib and Carol Services, and had a wonderful orchestral carol concert with readings too. As always, feedback is useful in terms of what we do in future years, although I cannot see us changing our hugely … Read More

Christmas Eve 2018

Christmas Eve 2018 What’s your favourite Christmas Carol? The Calypso Carol, the Cowboy Carol, the Donkey Carol perhaps? Or the old favourite, the Laundry Carol, ‘While Shepherds washed their socks by night’, which we all know and love. My favourite last year was the Gorilla Carol – do you know it?: ‘King Kong merrily on high’. Best sung on top … Read More

Christmas Eve ~ O Little Town of Bethlehem

Christmas Eve ~ O Little Town of BethlehemO little town of Bethlehem,   How still we see thee lie!Have you ever been to Bethlehem? On December 30th 1865, at the age of 30, the American Bishop Philips Brooks went there and wrote these words to his father:Last Sunday morning we attended service in the English church, and after an early dinner … Read More

Midnight Communion Christmas Eve

Midnight Communion Christmas Eve 2016 – John 1Christmas – Morrisons makes it…Have you seen that advert? It’s quite a bold claim really, but of course, we know what they mean. They mean that if you don’t shop in their supermarket, your Christmas will be diminished, incomplete, your Christmas puddings will go flat, the turkey no good and Christmas generally unmade, … Read More

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve Service 2015Do you enjoy the Christmas Adverts? You may have seen some this very evening. They seem to have become something of a 21st century Christmas tradition – Marks and Spencers, John Lewis, all the supermarkets – they are all trying to sum up Christmas in a slogan and persuade us that they should have a fair, or … Read More

From Paddington to Kings Cross

From Paddington to Kings Cross ~ Christmas Eve Sermon 2014Have you seen the new film of Paddington Bear? It took half a century to make I reckon, but I’m delighted. I was brought up on Paddington Bear, and he was the best marketing tool for British Rail they could have wished for. Although everyone rather conveniently overlooked the fact that … Read More

Talking Turkey at Christmas

Christmas Eve ~ Talking Turkey at ChristmasSo it’s Christmas again: Time to talk turkey. And I don’t mean, ‘gobble gobble’. Why do we say ‘gobble gobble’? It’s not the noise turkeys make, but rather what we do to them.We gobble them up, and we’ve been doing so since 1519, when they were first introduced to Spain, and have fanned out … Read More

Christmas Eve ~ Christmas Tweets

The First Christmas Card Christmas Eve ~ Christmas TweetsLet me take you back to 1843, the year Christmas was invented…The first 2050 Christmas cards were landing on doormats. They had cost a shilling each, and had been sent using the Penny Post, introduced only three years earlier. Nowadays the stamp costs more than the card, but in 1843, the card … Read More